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New Year… New Hair Color…

“why did you decide to change your hair color?”. Wow, I never realized that changing my hair color would promote so much chat about why the change… No major reason other than I fancied a change and was so scared for years to do it. Finally, last week before the AEE and AVN In Las Vegas I took the plunge.
At first I had red hair remorse… LOL… Well, only in the mornings but now I LOVE IT!! It’s fun and exciting to me… Everything has to be different, different choices for colors of clothes, different ways to way my hair, lipstick.. It is so fun 🙂

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Vegas was super fun this year. Instead of the Convention being in the same Sands Convention Center, this year they moved it into THE JOINT… AT the Hardrock Hotel.
It was amazing! Jammed packed with fans and girls. I had so much fun.
The first night I got there was the Playboy Radio (staff) Dinner/Party at Tao.
My gorgeous Gal pal Jessica Jaymes came to my hotel and we both went over to Tao.
The dinner was awesome as the food is always good there.
Me and Christy Canyon got a bit cheeky with the waiter and kept flashing our boobs and pussy at him.

Ya, we got great service and as much sake and food as we wanted. LOL.

Later we all went to the Tao nightclub and drank Champagne into the wee hours.

Friday came around and it was time for me to get to the convention to sign. I could have never have realized how busy it would be…
Me in Latex at the LA direct Models booth

I had a dinner after the show at Johnny Smalls, which is a really cute little restaurant in Hardrock with a fab menu 🙂
However, I was so tired and dehydrated from the convention I went for a nap and didn’t wake up til the next morning 😦 Missing the Direct Models Agency Party and the Brazzers Party and red carpet.

Saturday was even more busy at the show and I had to squeeze so many interviews into the signing time also.

I did a spot on AEBN/AVN Vitual show with Jessica Drake and Zoe Holliday.
The interview needed a blond (Jessica), a brunette (Zoe) and a red hair. haha.. that was me… Felt strange I was being asked to do it to talk about how it is to be a red head.

After the convention I went to 35 STeaks for a nice dinner before the Awards show.
My steak looked very much like a cock and balls. Lol.. hmmmm. how did that happen?
cock steak anyone?

Jessica Jaymes came to meet me to go to the Awards show, the carpet took forever, but once we got inside the show it was so much fun…

Sunday I got up early to have a lovely lunch with Jessica Jaymes before she hit the road home and I stayed another night to unwind and enjoy Las Vegas.

Monday morning I got up 6 am, and then met my gorgeous Gal Pal Anneli for breakfast.
After breakfast I drove back to LA.. It was so nice to get home, I relaxed for the weekend thankfully as I have a crazy week ahead.

Relaxed this weekend except for taking time to have a dinner with Jessica Jaymes and then Sunday went to the LA Fitness Expo to visit my friends at BODYROCKSPORT.COM
And said a brief hi to Jenna Jameson who was there with her man Tito Ortiz.
I was pleasantly surprised by seeing my Fit Idol Jamie Easton there 🙂

and also said hi to
Jay Cutler

It started off with a really, really fun LIVE GONZO SHOW FOR LIVEGONZOLIVE.COM

I worked with Erik Everhard and we had a super hot sex session LIVE for the viewers 🙂


Tuesday is always SPICE RADIO. SIRIUS/XM 103. Call in live. 1800-774-2388
7pm-11pm pst.

More later this week 🙂

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Kicking off 2012 in High Gear :)

Big changes for 2012…. Is UNDER CONSTRUCTION and I’m back at the Helm taking over the site again to make it bigger and better than ever.

I’ve been working on the New BLOG.. right here

And rebuilt

I’ve been shooting like crazy so I can add lots of new content to when it relaunches.

Meanwhile this weekend past was A/N/E Adult Novelty Convention in Burbank.


and check out lots of new fun sex toys 🙂

Kat and I – Nasstoys booth

ANE Convention…Burbank, CA


X.BIZ AWARDS was also hot on the tail of ANE, in Santa Monica.

A night of champagne and cupcakes and lots of titties :-))

Spent Yesterday shooting with my sexy friend Jessica Jaymes

and this weekend packing and getting ready for next week



Its gonna be fun!


Taylor Wane


SIRIUS/XM 103… The Jerk Box on Spice Radio. 1800-774-2388


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Taylor gives a complete Stranger a blowjob…And takes a load on the face

My girlfriend asked me over to her place to shoot a few photos for our sites.

I needed some new photos and quite honestly I wanted to have her pussy in my face… lol..

when I got there she told me she had a friend from another country visiting her and it would be kinda hot if I

give him a POV blowjob for the site.

I am always in the mood to suck some cock, so the young stranger who’s name I didn’t even catch

pulled out his cock and his camera…

He had a beautiful big cock and I rolled my tongue up and down the shaft enjoying every inch of it.

He grabbed my head and began fucking my face, all the while I fondled his balls with one hand and fingered my wet cunt with the other.

He slipped his cock in and out of my wet mouth and I used one of my hands to stroke his shaft and the other to massage and gently tug on his nuts.

I could feel that huge piece of meat throbbing in my mouth, i sucked harder and took it deeper until my eyes watered..

I could feel his nuts get high and tight, and his cock pulsate.

He grabbed my hair pulled  my head back and told me to open wide as he shot his creamy load into my mouth…

Hmmmm, he was a tasty stranger and that was the best meal I had all day..


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Taylor Traveling during the Holidays and getting Naughty

It’s been very hectic over the holidays. First I left for Jolly Ole England, where I visited friends in London and then took the train up to Newcastle to visit my family. The weather was freezing, but I was having an amazing time. If only I could catch all the naughty things I get up to on camera!
While I was in London I bumped into an old lover. Of course he wasn’t expecting me to be in London for christmas knowing I lived in California. As we met in the street that same old chemistry we used to have was obviously still there. I almost felt like a teenager again as I realized I was blushing. He asked if I had time to grab a drink. Of course I did, I was on vacation and it just so happened outside my hotel. We bustled out of the cold and into the hotel bar. It seemed time slipped away as we laughed, drank and talked about old time. We had both got quite tipsy so I suggested we go to my room and have one more drink there before he leaves.

No sooner did we enter the room that he grabbed me and started to kiss me passionately. I remember those kisses, firm, passionate but at the same  time so erotic and sweet. As his lips pressed against mine, he started to pull off my clothes and I his.   We wrestled to the bed and started to explore each others bodies and Oh how I loved his body. Firm, hard and his tight ass made me want to eat it.

He slid down mine to my pussy and spread open my thighs, his fingers gently spread my pussy lips and his tongue wiggled it way inside my pussy hole. I squirmed with pleasure as his tongue explored my pussy and asshole. I was soaking wet and I caressed my breasts as his fingers penetrated my hole. As he fingered my twat his tongue caressed my clit, making it swollen and hard, then he took his soaking wet fingers from my honey pot and slipped them in my ass. I felt dizzy from excitement as he finger fucked my asshole and tongued out my cunt.

Now that I was wet and ready, my holes prepared for cock, he raised up and slowly pushed the head of his cock inside my tight little asshole, I reached down and rubbed my clit and pussy as he penetrated me all the way to his balls.  He pumped my asshole every so slowly at first, spreading it open, taking it easy, making sure he eased every inch of his thick cock up inside of me. My pussy was dripping with twat juice, feeling it cock fuck my ass hole. Once he felt he had stretched me enough then he started to fuck my ass long and hard, sliding his big cock in and out of that ever so tight little asshole. I screamed out with passion and he fucked me harder the more I screamed.  Even though he fucked that hole for quite some time, the time slipped away so fast, and he let out a yell as he shot his hot cum up inside my ass. I could feel the warmth of his cum deep  inside, and as he pulled out his cock, the cum drizzled out of me, mixing with my cunt juice and dripping off of me. I demanded he get down and lick me clean, a little hesitant he looked at me but complied. His tongue, just like a wash cloth cleaned the juices and cum out of my cunt and asshole making me cum right in his mouth. He raised himself up to me and kissed me deeply, our tongues searching each others mouths.

As he left my room, I felt a little sad but oh so happy that I had gotten to revisit a lover that I had enjoyed so many


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Taylor Wane and Capri Cavalli fuck Hot stud Johnny Castle

Ive been so excited about the relaunch of my site and working like a busy bee to shoot new sexy content for you.

I invited over Johnny Cash, a strapping sexy Young man whom I had met on another porn set. Even though I wanted Johnny all to myself I really wanted to taste Capri Cavalli hot little muffin. Once I had made a phone call to Capri telling her I had Johnny in my bedroom, so arrived at my house in no time. She was feeling very horny also this particular day and fucking me and Johnny sounded just like what the doctor ordered.

Capri Cavalli, Johnny Cash and Taylor Wane
Me and Capri wasted no time  in undressing Johnny and he was obviously very excited about getting both of us.

We all started to kiss, taking turns between me and johnny, Capri and Johnny and me and Capri. We made Johnny very hard, so we both went down on him taking turns to slide his hard cock into our mouths. While Capri sucked on Johnnys cock, I licked his balls, he moaned with pleasure.

Then I slide  his big cock down my throat, enjoying every inch of it, and she sucked on his swollen balls.I told Capri to go sit on Johnny’s face so he could eat out her twat while I slid my cunt on his cock. Capri pushed her tight little muffin onto his face, and his tongue slid right up inside her hole, while I slowly slipped his hard, swollen cock deep into my tight, wet pussy. It made me so hot watching johnny licking out her cunt hole, the juices from my pussy were dripping down his cock, I was soooo wet. Her pussy looked so tasty and juicy too, I wanted to have it in my mouth.

I told Capri to come and sit on Johnnys cock, so i could lick her twat while he fucked it. She sat on his cock, and while he slipped it slowly in and out of her hole, my tongue explored his balls, and then up the shaft of his cunt covered cock, and up to her twat. I let my tongue wander up to her tight little asshole, and tongue her out while she  got fucked. She screamed out with glee. I had the taste of everything on my lips, ass, pussy, cock, my fingers were fucking my own honey pot, while I let my mouth service their holes. He pulled his cock out of her cunt, covered in her juices and I sucked it all off, and then slipped it back inside of her.  I wanted her to taste it too, so i went and kissed her mouth, letting her taste her own cunt juice. My pussy was soaking wet, and I wanted his tongue up inside of me, so I sat on johnnys face and rode it until I creamed in his mouth.  Me and Capri both agreed we wanted Johnnys cum in our mouths, so we kneeled on the floor in front of him and both sucked him off until he exploded all over us. His cum was as sweet as honey….. Check out our scene in Members section.

Cougar TaylorWane takes on Young College Boy Seth Gamble

My student Capri had told me about her young boyfriend Seth. Capri isn’t the best student in the world, smart girl but not great at giving her full attention to her school work.
Therefore she trades me sexual favors for better scores. Im a single, horny women. I like men and women, I figure what’s the big deal in helping the girl out if she helps me out.
Capri even brough over her young boyfriend to help satisfy my sexual needs, its was amazing, but I really liked that young stud Seth and wanted him all to myself.  I contacted Seth and invited him over to my place for some fun. I was already in the bathroom, I had just taken a long, hot bath to get nice and clean for him.
After my bath I slipped into some sexy lingerie, just to make sure I got his young cock, nice and fired up right away.
Sexy black fishnet stockings, garter belt, lacy bra and panties. That should do the trick.
Seth showed up and was cuter than I even remember. Young and handsome I couldn’t wait to get his cock out and suck it.
I was pleasantly surprised when he got down between my legs and started to lick my pussy, and he was so good at it. His tongue sinking deep into my honey hole. He was making my cunt so fucking wet, licking my pussy hole and asshole, he certainly was a naughty young man.
After  spending some time eating and licking my twat, making her swollen and wet, Seth stood back up and pulled out his rock,  hard cock. Showing it to me, teasing  me, letting me know how much I had him turned on. Well, it works both ways, I was so horny and wanted that stiff prick inside my hot mouth asap.
My fingers played and fondled his nuts while my wet mouth washed over his cock, up and down the shaft, taking in every inch. I loved sucking that cock, pushing it deep to the back of my throat, having him fuck my face, almost choking me…..
My tongue roamed down to his balls, licking and sucking them while My hand stroked his manhood…. He may be young, but at this moment he was all man.

I bent over the bath, and he penetrated me from behind, spreading open my ass cheeks and pussyhole, he slide his hard meat deep  into my cunt hole. My pussy juices eased his cock in and out. He fucked me with long, hard, deep strokes, making me yelp. His fingers touched my asshole, and then roamed to my clit, rubbing it and making it swell.

We both got down on the floor and spooned. He kissed the back of my neck, giving me goose-bumps, while his cock slipped in my pussy, fucking me so good, making me even more wet and horny.  I squeezed my tits hard, pulling on my nipples. I loved that cock stretching my cunt and fucking me. I climbed on top of seth, tits in his face, I cow-girled him, moving my pussy lips up and down his shaft, jerking off his cock with my cunt.

He squeezed and sucked my huge tits, while I pumped his cock for cum……

Finally, right after I creamed my load all over his cock, he pulled it out of my pussy and shot it in my mouth, letting me taste my rewards…. His cum was sweet and his cock was spent.

After Seth left, I couldn’t help masturbating and imaging his young cock fucking my tight little asshole… Maybe next time

After my bath I slipped into some

sexy lingerie, just to make sure I got his young cock, nice and fired up right away.

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