Cougar TaylorWane takes on Young College Boy Seth Gamble

My student Capri had told me about her young boyfriend Seth. Capri isn’t the best student in the world, smart girl but not great at giving her full attention to her school work.
Therefore she trades me sexual favors for better scores. Im a single, horny women. I like men and women, I figure what’s the big deal in helping the girl out if she helps me out.
Capri even brough over her young boyfriend to help satisfy my sexual needs, its was amazing, but I really liked that young stud Seth and wanted him all to myself.  I contacted Seth and invited him over to my place for some fun. I was already in the bathroom, I had just taken a long, hot bath to get nice and clean for him.
After my bath I slipped into some sexy lingerie, just to make sure I got his young cock, nice and fired up right away.
Sexy black fishnet stockings, garter belt, lacy bra and panties. That should do the trick.
Seth showed up and was cuter than I even remember. Young and handsome I couldn’t wait to get his cock out and suck it.
I was pleasantly surprised when he got down between my legs and started to lick my pussy, and he was so good at it. His tongue sinking deep into my honey hole. He was making my cunt so fucking wet, licking my pussy hole and asshole, he certainly was a naughty young man.
After  spending some time eating and licking my twat, making her swollen and wet, Seth stood back up and pulled out his rock,  hard cock. Showing it to me, teasing  me, letting me know how much I had him turned on. Well, it works both ways, I was so horny and wanted that stiff prick inside my hot mouth asap.
My fingers played and fondled his nuts while my wet mouth washed over his cock, up and down the shaft, taking in every inch. I loved sucking that cock, pushing it deep to the back of my throat, having him fuck my face, almost choking me…..
My tongue roamed down to his balls, licking and sucking them while My hand stroked his manhood…. He may be young, but at this moment he was all man.

I bent over the bath, and he penetrated me from behind, spreading open my ass cheeks and pussyhole, he slide his hard meat deep  into my cunt hole. My pussy juices eased his cock in and out. He fucked me with long, hard, deep strokes, making me yelp. His fingers touched my asshole, and then roamed to my clit, rubbing it and making it swell.

We both got down on the floor and spooned. He kissed the back of my neck, giving me goose-bumps, while his cock slipped in my pussy, fucking me so good, making me even more wet and horny.  I squeezed my tits hard, pulling on my nipples. I loved that cock stretching my cunt and fucking me. I climbed on top of seth, tits in his face, I cow-girled him, moving my pussy lips up and down his shaft, jerking off his cock with my cunt.

He squeezed and sucked my huge tits, while I pumped his cock for cum……

Finally, right after I creamed my load all over his cock, he pulled it out of my pussy and shot it in my mouth, letting me taste my rewards…. His cum was sweet and his cock was spent.

After Seth left, I couldn’t help masturbating and imaging his young cock fucking my tight little asshole… Maybe next time

After my bath I slipped into some

sexy lingerie, just to make sure I got his young cock, nice and fired up right away.

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