My First on Camera Anal…

I remember when I decided to do my First ON CAMERA Anal scene. I was a bit scared.
I hadn’t do a ton of Back Door action period let alone on Camera.. But I really wanted to do it
and found the perfect partner for it.

I love dressing as Naughty Nurse Taylor…. So i set up the scene, I was Nurse Taylor and I was taking care of a patient who had been in a serious accident and broke his arms and ribs…. He was bandaged from top to bottom and here I was his caretaker and couldn’t help notice when I gave him a bed bath that his cock was getting very stiff.

Just the sight of that cock getting hard make my pussy wet. I know Im suppose to be responsible but whats a girl to do when she sees a throbbing cock?  I could only do what I felt necessary to alive his possible “discomfort”.
I unwrapped some of the bandages and slipped his cock out of the dressing.,.. It was thick and hard… I started to slowly stroke it, changing the pace and speed, he moaned but said nothing.  I dripped a little baby oil on his cock and stroked it some more, watching it getting stiffer and stiffer but I wanted it so bad inside of me so I had to make sure not to stroke it too long or for sure he would pop his load.  I climbed up  on the bed and pulled my nurse dress up and pushed my lacy  nude panties to one side. My pussy was ready to go, wet and horny. I slowly lowered my twat onto his cock, slipping it slowly between my lips until the whole cock was inside of me. I moved slowly at first, up and down on his shaft, masturbating his dick with my pussy lips. He just moaned while I ‘handled’ this hard on for him.

It felt so good spreading my cunt and getting beating against the walls of my pussy, I could have almost creamed myself, but wanted to last a little longer. I slipped my pussy up off his cock and started to suck it, licking my own juices off it, sucking hard on the head, running my tongue up and down the shaft, licking and fondling his balls.

I helped him up off the bed and lay myself down on the bed in front of him. I spread open my legs and started rubbing my clit, it was so swollen and my pussy so wet. I fingered my pussy hole and then rubbed the juices from my pussy onto my asshole. I slipped a finger  into my ass and his eyes fixed themselves on my asshole.

In a gentle, seductive voice I asked him to slip his cock slowly into my tight little ass hole. He looked up at me and then back down at my ass.

He slipped  his fingers inside my twat and finger fucked me for a while, getting his finger soaking wet from my pussy, he then stroked his cock, covering it in my juice to help slide it into my asshole. He pushed the head of his cock up against my rose bud, and then pushed, all the time I rubbed my clit and fingered my pussy. His cock slipped into my ass, all the way and he started to fuck me deep and hard in the ass. It felt so good and so naughty. I grabbed my huge tits and squeezed them hard.   I could feel myself cumming as his cock pounded my asshole. My pussy squeezing the cum out, made my asshole squeeze his cock. almost making him cum. He pulled his cock out and I told him to get back up on the bed. I lowered my ass onto his cock again, and squatted on top of it while taking every inch of him inside of me. I wanted to jerk off his cock with my asshole, and have him cream his load deep in my ass.

I kept squatting up and down onto his cock, I could hear his moaning get loader, and harder. He never said he was cumming, but I could feel it, squirting inside of me, warm and wet…. I raised my ass off his cock and the cum dripped out of my asshole…..

Now both my holes were full of cum, My pussy full of my cum and my ass full of his… Feeling particularly dirty, I sat on his face and made him lick my twat clean… Tasting the fruits of his labor.


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