Naughty Young Male Student Mikey gets taught a Lesson in S.E.X

School Mistress Taylor Wane took her job very seriously. Teaching was what I wanted to do my whole life.
I always made to dress just the way I would expect to see a professional woman. Tight pencil skirt, white button up shirt, stockings, heels and well, underneath…. sexy lingerie of course, just in case I got lucky 😉
While teaching class I noticed my student Mikey was nodding off!! Was I boring him with the history lesson?
Had the wayward young man stayed up all night drinking and fucking girls? Is that why he could focus in my class?

How dare he?
Now my mind wandered…..Had he been fucking all night? How did he look without his clothes?
Did he have a big cock?
Oh my, I had become so distracted myself now, I couldn’t possibly continue the class.
I marched over to Young Mikey’s desk and tapped on the desk to wake him up. He lifted his head and apologized.
He was a handsome young man, but too young for me and a Student no less.
However, I had become aroused and curious as to what his cock looked like. I decided to seduce my young student.
I kissed his mouth, he didn’t resist for a second. He kissed me back, passionately so much so I could feel the crotch of my panties getting moist from just kissing him.
He took it upon himself to unbutton my shirt and remove it, stroking and kissing my big breasts. He then unzipped my skirt and slipped it off me. His fingers moved my panties to the side and fingered my already wet pussy hole, while his mouth covered my nipple.

Young Student Mikey fingers my wet pussy while sucking on my nipple
I couldn’t resist now…..
He was so forceful and confident for a young man. He knew exactly what he was doing!
I moved in for a deep kiss pushing my tits up against him and rapping my leg around his waist and he squeezed my ass cheek.

School Mistress Taylor Moves into give young Student a DEEP kiss

I pulled his shirt off him and unzipped his pants. I was right! His cock was big, and it was fat….. And already hard as a rock…mmmmmmm.
I slipped that fat dick between my lips and sucked, my other hand fondling his balls and the other stroking his shaft.

School Mistress Taylor Wane sucks the huge cock of Young student

His cock felt so good in my mouth, I jerked and rubbed his cock,making it even harder and stiffer.
My pussy was throbbing, yearning for that meat pole to slit it apart.
I bend over the desk, lifting one knee, and reached back and spread my ass and pussy…
He slowly eased his fat hunk of man meat into my soaking wet pussy…

Young stud Mikey slips his massive cock into School Mistress Taylor Wane

It was so thick and spread my lips wide open, he pushed it in so deep I could feel his balls pushing against me…As he fucked my cunt his nuts slapped my huge, swollen clit. I slipped a finger into my asshole and fingered my ass as he fucked my twat. It felt good to have both holes spread and penetrated.
That hot young stud fucked me in every position all over the desk and on top of the desk. Pumping his cock over and over into my throbbing pussy hole, making me cream and soooo juicy.
I could feel it when he was getting ready to come, his cock swelled even more, and throbbed. I pulled myself away from him turned around, grabbed his meat and let him unload his creamy load all over my face and mouth.

Young student Mikey unloads his creamy jizz all over his school teachers face

Wow, he was my favorite student ever and definitely getting an A+ all year through 🙂


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