Scott Styles takes Taylor Wane in Exotic Outdoors Steamy Sex Session

It was a gorgeous summer day and I had slipped into my power blue bikini to go lay by the pool and catch some sun. I had been lounging in the sun for a while and my mind always wanders to sex while lying in the sun, getting hot.. My pussy was wet from thinking about naughty things…. suddenly I heard the door bell, I hadn’t invited anyone over but got up to check out who was there.
I slipped on a little blue lace cover-up although it didn’t cover much at all.
My old friend Scott Styles showed up and said he was just in the neighborhood.  He must be a mind reader because I was just thinking about his hot body.
Scott spends quite a bit of time in the gym and it pays off. He is very muscular and manly. So sexy, and has a very lovely cock.
I invited him to come lounge by the pool with me. It was a little hot and mid day, so we moved over into the shade. Scott didn’t waste any time letting me know why he had dropped by.
He came up behind me and ran his hand up and down my body, kissing my neck and giving me shivers up and down my spine
Scott styles and Taylor Wane getting ready to fuck
He slipped my cover-up off me and turned me around so he could feel and touch my ass. I popped my boobs out and loved how his big manly hands felt squeezing my huge tits. My nipples got so hard, and he was making me so wet already.

Scott Styles undress’s Taylor Wane, seducing and Teasing her
He slipped my panties off and I kneeled down in front of him, grabbed his thick cock and slipped it into my mouth.  His cock stretch my lips and he grabbed my head and fucked my throat, his cock swelling even more. I wanted it inside of my wet pussy hole. I straddled him and rode his cock hard in every position I could think of.
taylor Wane Straddles Scott Styles Cock Cowgirl style
He is so big and strong, he picked me up and fucked my cunt until I came all over it.
Taylor Wane getting her wet pussy fucked in a standing doggy by Scott Styles big cock
I could feel that he was ready to cum. His cock was throbbing and swelling, his ball sack getting higher and tighter.
I got down in front of him and jerked his cock until It exploded into my mouth and all over my face.

His cum was sweet and there was so much of it it went everywhere including covering my tits…..
Taylor Wane takes a huge wet sticky load of cum from Scott Styles fat cock all over her face and titsTaylor Wane takes Scott Styles Big cock standing doggy
Hmmmmmm… sometimes I love these surprise visits from special friends.


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Hot Sex Outdoors

Scott Styles takes Taylor in the garden for a steamy Sex session

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