Taylor Fucks Young HUNG Stud Justice Young

One horny afternoon I was in need of some good loving…. I mean the Big, hard type of loving…
I knew that Hung Stud Texas Born Justice Young was up for an afternoon delight.
So, after a few phone calls I threw some lingerie in my bag and I was off for some hot cock.
Justice greeted me with a long sexy smooch… His tongue licking my lips and working their way down my neck and to my breasts.

Longing for some Texan Loving

I couldn’t wait to whip out that big cock and slide it between my lips and suck on those swollen balls.
His cock tasted good, and it was thick! I licked and sucked it hard, he grabbed my head and started to fuck my throat, making me almost choke! I gasped for breaths but keep on sucking it, I loved running my tongue over his swollen balls and up and down the shaft of that big, hard cock.

I loved that hard cock in my mouth

He told me he wanted to taste my pussy, and lay me down on the couch. He spread open my thighs, and then my pussy lips. His tongue sank deep into my hole, and his fingers spread my lips and rubbed on my clit.
He made my pussy so wet, and I wanted to feel that hard cock inside me. He brought his face up from my pussy, and then pushed his cock up against my twat, sinking it deep into me, at the same time he grabbed my throat and squeezed a little while he fucked me. At first I was taken aback by his aggressive action, but then it turned me on, and I wiggled in ecstasy as he fucked me so hard but I couldn’t barely make a noise with his hand pressing down on my throat. He pulled his cock out and practically picked me up and turned me around into doggy. He wasted no time in sinking his cock into my pussy, fucking me so hard, but spanking me at the same time. I felt dizzy just from breathing so hard. He was making me so wet, and I couldn’t believe how good his stiff dick felt up inside me….

I love it Doggy…. Deep and hard
He fucked me until he worked up a load worthy of spraying across my face and tits.
He grabbed me and made me kneel in front of him with my mouth open. I pushed my tits together and opened my mouth wide, waiting for his sweet load to feed me…
His cum squirted out, spraying me in my mouth, hitting me in the eyes, all over my tits, it was everywhere.
So much cum I had to giggle coz i couldn’t open my eyes…..
Ummmm, now that was an afternoon delight 🙂


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