Taylor Traveling during the Holidays and getting Naughty

It’s been very hectic over the holidays. First I left for Jolly Ole England, where I visited friends in London and then took the train up to Newcastle to visit my family. The weather was freezing, but I was having an amazing time. If only I could catch all the naughty things I get up to on camera!
While I was in London I bumped into an old lover. Of course he wasn’t expecting me to be in London for christmas knowing I lived in California. As we met in the street that same old chemistry we used to have was obviously still there. I almost felt like a teenager again as I realized I was blushing. He asked if I had time to grab a drink. Of course I did, I was on vacation and it just so happened outside my hotel. We bustled out of the cold and into the hotel bar. It seemed time slipped away as we laughed, drank and talked about old time. We had both got quite tipsy so I suggested we go to my room and have one more drink there before he leaves.

No sooner did we enter the room that he grabbed me and started to kiss me passionately. I remember those kisses, firm, passionate but at the same  time so erotic and sweet. As his lips pressed against mine, he started to pull off my clothes and I his.   We wrestled to the bed and started to explore each others bodies and Oh how I loved his body. Firm, hard and his tight ass made me want to eat it.

He slid down mine to my pussy and spread open my thighs, his fingers gently spread my pussy lips and his tongue wiggled it way inside my pussy hole. I squirmed with pleasure as his tongue explored my pussy and asshole. I was soaking wet and I caressed my breasts as his fingers penetrated my hole. As he fingered my twat his tongue caressed my clit, making it swollen and hard, then he took his soaking wet fingers from my honey pot and slipped them in my ass. I felt dizzy from excitement as he finger fucked my asshole and tongued out my cunt.

Now that I was wet and ready, my holes prepared for cock, he raised up and slowly pushed the head of his cock inside my tight little asshole, I reached down and rubbed my clit and pussy as he penetrated me all the way to his balls.  He pumped my asshole every so slowly at first, spreading it open, taking it easy, making sure he eased every inch of his thick cock up inside of me. My pussy was dripping with twat juice, feeling it cock fuck my ass hole. Once he felt he had stretched me enough then he started to fuck my ass long and hard, sliding his big cock in and out of that ever so tight little asshole. I screamed out with passion and he fucked me harder the more I screamed.  Even though he fucked that hole for quite some time, the time slipped away so fast, and he let out a yell as he shot his hot cum up inside my ass. I could feel the warmth of his cum deep  inside, and as he pulled out his cock, the cum drizzled out of me, mixing with my cunt juice and dripping off of me. I demanded he get down and lick me clean, a little hesitant he looked at me but complied. His tongue, just like a wash cloth cleaned the juices and cum out of my cunt and asshole making me cum right in his mouth. He raised himself up to me and kissed me deeply, our tongues searching each others mouths.

As he left my room, I felt a little sad but oh so happy that I had gotten to revisit a lover that I had enjoyed so many


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