Taylor Wane Hooks Up with a Black well Hung Stud from Memphis….

Taylors pussy is spread wide open by a HUGE black cock

He wasn’t the kind of Texan I thought I was meeting. When the “Blind Date” service said he was a Tall, Dark Man from Texas I was thinking JR Ewing. LOL.. When Flash walked in the door he was everything they had said…. Tall, Handsome, young and Dark… Real Dark. In fact Black….
I hadn’t expected this and although I was a little taken a back his smile and warm hello melted away my apprehension. Sensing that I was nervous Flash came over to me and put his big hand on the small of my back and pulled me to him. His soft lips kissed me and as he pressed himself against me I could feel his cock was either huge or already hard in his pants. He kissed me passionately and guided my hand down to his crotch. As my hand touched the outside of his pants I came to realize that it was not only hard, but very big!!! Now I was a little nervous…
He undid my dress and slipped it down my body, unhooked my bra and pulled down my panties. As he slipped the panties down over my pussy his mouth pressed against my public bone and then his tongue slowly licked it way down to my pussy. He tongued my clit and pussy while I squeezed my tits, and wanting more. I asked him to take off his pants and show me his cock, which he did quickly. It was big, very big… I grabbed it with my hand and placed my lips around it.

Sucking on That big cock

It grew very hard and big quickly, and I slipped it in and out of my mouth, pushing it deep into the back of my throat, rolling my tongue up and down it. It felt so yummy and big between my lips, and made my pussy so wet just sucking on it.

Sucking That big cock was making my cunt so wet

I lay down on my back and spread my pussy hole open for him to see how wet he had made me.
I slipped my fingers inside my cunt hole and fingered myself for him, while he stroked his cock and watched. My pussy hole was so sticky and wet, and very ready for his huge cock to spread it open and sink inside deep.
He pushed the head of his cock up against my hole, slowly pushing it into my cunt, inch by inch. I grabbed my huge tits and squeezed hard, my nipples hard. He pushed that long, black cock deep into my cunt. It felt so good, it was making me cum all over it just having him fuck me deep and slow. I loved being in this missionary position, so I could see him fuck me…
I wanted it deep and hard.
We tried every position we could think of, I wanted that cock to fuck my cunt in every position we knew, making me cum over and over.
Finally he slammed it hard into me doggy style, fucking me so hard that he had to blow his load, I wanted to taste it so I whipped around as he pulled out of me and jerked it into my mouth, tasting his sticky, sweet cum, stroking his cock, milking it for every last drop….
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