New Year… New Hair Color…

“why did you decide to change your hair color?”. Wow, I never realized that changing my hair color would promote so much chat about why the change… No major reason other than I fancied a change and was so scared for years to do it. Finally, last week before the AEE and AVN In Las Vegas I took the plunge.
At first I had red hair remorse… LOL… Well, only in the mornings but now I LOVE IT!! It’s fun and exciting to me… Everything has to be different, different choices for colors of clothes, different ways to way my hair, lipstick.. It is so fun 🙂

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Vegas was super fun this year. Instead of the Convention being in the same Sands Convention Center, this year they moved it into THE JOINT… AT the Hardrock Hotel.
It was amazing! Jammed packed with fans and girls. I had so much fun.
The first night I got there was the Playboy Radio (staff) Dinner/Party at Tao.
My gorgeous Gal pal Jessica Jaymes came to my hotel and we both went over to Tao.
The dinner was awesome as the food is always good there.
Me and Christy Canyon got a bit cheeky with the waiter and kept flashing our boobs and pussy at him.

Ya, we got great service and as much sake and food as we wanted. LOL.

Later we all went to the Tao nightclub and drank Champagne into the wee hours.

Friday came around and it was time for me to get to the convention to sign. I could have never have realized how busy it would be…
Me in Latex at the LA direct Models booth

I had a dinner after the show at Johnny Smalls, which is a really cute little restaurant in Hardrock with a fab menu 🙂
However, I was so tired and dehydrated from the convention I went for a nap and didn’t wake up til the next morning 😦 Missing the Direct Models Agency Party and the Brazzers Party and red carpet.

Saturday was even more busy at the show and I had to squeeze so many interviews into the signing time also.

I did a spot on AEBN/AVN Vitual show with Jessica Drake and Zoe Holliday.
The interview needed a blond (Jessica), a brunette (Zoe) and a red hair. haha.. that was me… Felt strange I was being asked to do it to talk about how it is to be a red head.

After the convention I went to 35 STeaks for a nice dinner before the Awards show.
My steak looked very much like a cock and balls. Lol.. hmmmm. how did that happen?
cock steak anyone?

Jessica Jaymes came to meet me to go to the Awards show, the carpet took forever, but once we got inside the show it was so much fun…

Sunday I got up early to have a lovely lunch with Jessica Jaymes before she hit the road home and I stayed another night to unwind and enjoy Las Vegas.

Monday morning I got up 6 am, and then met my gorgeous Gal Pal Anneli for breakfast.
After breakfast I drove back to LA.. It was so nice to get home, I relaxed for the weekend thankfully as I have a crazy week ahead.

Relaxed this weekend except for taking time to have a dinner with Jessica Jaymes and then Sunday went to the LA Fitness Expo to visit my friends at BODYROCKSPORT.COM
And said a brief hi to Jenna Jameson who was there with her man Tito Ortiz.
I was pleasantly surprised by seeing my Fit Idol Jamie Easton there 🙂

and also said hi to
Jay Cutler

It started off with a really, really fun LIVE GONZO SHOW FOR LIVEGONZOLIVE.COM

I worked with Erik Everhard and we had a super hot sex session LIVE for the viewers 🙂


Tuesday is always SPICE RADIO. SIRIUS/XM 103. Call in live. 1800-774-2388
7pm-11pm pst.

More later this week 🙂

Miss Taylor Wane (under construction- new exciting stuff soooooon) – discount DVD’s and collectibles.

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