Power Play- who is really the BOSS in the Bedroom?

Taylor In charge..

Taylor Wane - Bossy Bitch in Charge

Power Play-Who is really the BOSS IN THE BEDROOM?
Whether you are really the boss or not, sometimes you either want to be in charge or give up your power every now and then….. Well, in the bedroom at least.
The creature with the loudest roar isn’t always the meanest or toughest in the jungle.
Sometimes that Roar is just there to ward off possible threats by bluffing.
Power exchange is age long and just plain basic Human Nature.
It can be exciting and thrilling to pretend to be in charge and demand or instruct your lover to do as you wish.
“A little” resistance from your partner could be fun, even perhaps tying them up with your neck tie to the bed while seducing and controlling them further.
Who wants Vanilla Sex all the time, it serves a purpose, it gets the job done but it doesn’t insight the kind of adrenaline you get when you are faced with the unknown. Role-Playing is a fun, erotic, generally safe way for couples to explore their sexuality..
So many role you can take on, whether you are a Cop arresting your partner and performing a “strip-Search’ and cavity search or Doctor/patient. It goes on and on, so many erotic, fun games you can play with your lover.

Today I wanted to play WHO’S THE BOSS and not with Tony Danza!

After a long tense day my lover had called and said they were coming over. I was in the mood for a little playful power play and I wasn’t going to warn my lover what I had in mind.
He knew better than to not imagine what was in store for him. Depending on what I’ve done in the day my imagination can run wild.

I went to my closet and found a skin tight black skirt and tight white, business blouse complete with Red tie.
I took from my draw some Lacey Black Lingerie, with garter-belt and stockings. I slipped on my silk stockings one dainty foot at a time, hooked them to my garter belt, and put on the bra and panty. I got into the skin tight business skirt and shirt and fixed my tie.
I pinned my hair up a little to really bring him the business look, and painted my full lips with a deep, rich, lip color.

My lover arrived and I opened the door, the buttons were undone deep into my cleavage, showing my full breasts mounted on the lacy bra.

His eyes grew large and he held back a smile. I invited him in and instructed him to go to the bedroom. When he got to the bedroom I commanded that he get undressed until he was completely naked, which of course he did.
I then told him to get on the bed and take the oil on the side table and stroke his cock for me. He complied.
He rubbed the oil all over his cock, and his cock swelled and grew quickly. I told him to massage it into his balls as well and then bend over so I could inspect him. He reluctantly bent over but fulfilled my request any way.
I took some oil and started to rub the warm oil up and down his ‘taint’ and massage it into his balls. I reached down and grabbed his hard cock and stroked it while I placed my mouth on his asshole. It was quite humiliating for him to be bent over in this ‘bitch’ position and several times he tried to rise out of it but I quickly ‘demanded’ he return to his bitch position or I would Punish him in ways he will not forget.
His cock was fully erect and his asshole looks sweet. I put my big lips on his asshole and my tongue searched his sweet hole. His body tense, he fought how good it felt having me use his body like my plaything, meanwhile uncomfortable at the position he had taken for me.
My tongue wandered exploring his anus, and testicles, I licked up and down his cock, teasing him.
I told him to flip over and lie on his back.
He lay in front of me, naked and hard. I slowly began to undress. Taking off my tie first, then unbuttoning my shirt, and slipping out of my tight skirt.
I pulled my panty over to the side and then mounted his face. I pushed my pussy onto his mouth and demanded he tongue fuck my hole. His tongue sank deep into my cunt hole and I grinded my hole on his mouth until I squirted into his mouth.
I raised up my sopping wet twat and slipped it down onto his hard shaft.
I lowered my pussy down on his cock his I my pubic bone hit his. He was balls deep in my soaking, wet pussy hole. I grabbed his wrists and held him down as I fucked his cock.
I put my mouth on his and licked his tongue, tasting him from every hole and angle. I continued to fuck his cock with my pussy hole, as I dangled my huge tits in his face. His tongue flicked out of his mouth wanting to lick my tits. I pushed a nipple into his mouth, telling him to suck on my tits while I milked his dick with my cunt. As he sucked on my tit, it sent tingles down my body to my pussy hole. My pussy was so wet, and I was as aroused as I have ever been.
I de-mounted him and bent over, I was so turned on I wanted his cock in my asshole.
I reached back and stretched my ass cheeks and fingering my asshole to ready it for his huge cock.
I looked back at him and taunted him to show me what a big, strong man he was. It was time to teach this bossy bitch that you are the Alpha dog!

He leaned over spat on my asshole, and then pushed his cock up against my A hole.
I held my breath in anticipation…… Nothing came right away…
Then he grabbed me threw me over, and pinned me down. Quickly he took my tie and tied my wrists to the bed. then he found something to tie my legs open on the bed and blind fold me.
I was so mad! I had wanted that fucking cock, and now he does this shit!
He changed his demeanor and told him he was now in control. he was going to do whatever he wanted with my body.
He then put a piece of tape over my mouth so I couldn’t talk. He proceeded to pinch, finger, touch, grope and squeeze every part of my body. My tits, my pussy, asshole, he explored them all. He took out some of my dildos from my draw and rubbed oil all over my body so every inch of me was slick and covered in hot oil. He penetrated my pussy and asshole with the dildo’s taunting me as he did. He spread my holes and examined them, stretching them open, putting his tongue inside of them, then his fingers or cock or sex toy. He fucked my pussy and asshole then shot his cum deep in my asshole, then stretching it open and letting it drip out and then immediately pushing them cum back into my hole with his finger.
He took my Hatachi wand out of the draw of my bedside table and started to stimulate me again, he put the wand on my clit while rubbing my pussy hole with his fingers. In seconds I came so hard it almost hurt, but he didn’t stop! He continued to make me come, again and again and again…..
My pussy ached as it kept pumping and pumping, cumming and cumming.
He started to stroke his cock again, and told me how he was going to cum up inside my pussy hole, at this point I longed to feel his cock inside of my cum drained pussy hole.
He slipped his rock hard cock inside of my cunt and fucked it hard as he could, I could feel his cock throbbing, and then as he shot his hot load inside of me… He pulled his cock out of me and I could feel the cum dripping out and running down my ass crack and thighs. I lay there, blind folded and tied to the bed, plus gagged!
I heard nothing, it seemed he left. I was shocked, mad, a bit scared but helpless….

I waited and waited, then I felt him again. fingering my asshole and pussy, fingering it really hard, making me squirt and shoot out of my hole. He then began rubbing more oil on my huge tits, then I felt him put his cock between them and fuck them, squeezing them hard around his cock. Every now and then he would slap his hard cock on my nipples and all over my tits, then go back to fucking them.
A quick yank and he had removed the tape from my mouth, but just as I tried to speak he shoved his cock into my mouth, gagging me again. He fucked my mouth, and throat and every now and then pulling it out to slap me across the face with it, then before I could speak he gagged me with his cock again.
His cock was so swollen and I could barely breath while he fucked my face without concern. He unleashed his hot, thick jizz into my throat and mouth and all over my face. He continued all night long to fucked my holes, cuming again and again in every hole until he was completely drained and me also as he forced me to orgasm over and over, while all the while he kept me his fuck doll, tied up and gagged, helpless and vulnerable.

Once he released me I was too tired to be mad and I was fully satisfied and drained of cum..
I must admit I did plan on being THE BOSS, but I admired his spunk in letting me have my way for a while, but finally showing me who really is BOSS….

A lesson I am happy to learn 🙂
Spanks and Wanks,
Miss Taylor Wane

Sirius/Xm 103– Wed 9-11pm p.s.t. 1800-774-2388

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