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Sex in the Great Outdoors

Sometimes it is very necessary to switch it up, no doubt it is very comfortable and easy to do the ‘Dick Dirty’ in your own bed but every now and then you have to change location.
Location, location, location…
This is never a more true statement, sometimes the location is the key element in Arousal for some folks.
At times the Desire for Public sex may be more than just being bored of doing it in the bedroom, it can be related to being an ‘Exhibitionist’. Exhibitionism refers to a desire to show or expose certain naughty parts of ones body – specifically the genitals (man or women) or the breasts of a woman – in a public or semi-public places to either complete strangers or friends.
In many places this is illegal to do so, and if the ‘flasher’ continues to do so even though it is now beyond just a thrill but a public offense, then it may be a compulsion, which is a condition sometimes called ‘Apodysophilia’.

However, in most cases some couples just like to be a bit naughty and have sex while others see them or just the thought that they ‘MAY’ get caught is enough to intensify the thrill of having sex.

To what degree does someone consider ‘outdoor’ sex. This varies greatly, when asking many callers about sex outdoors Im told of stories of the back seat of a car. Technically, this is outdoors if we are being very specific about being OUTSIDE of the HOUSE but I really don’t consider the back of a car outdoors.
Lets be a little more adventurous than that.
Let’s think of some places that are REALLY outdoors….
The Wood, the beach, a park, a remote hiking spot, the community jacuzzi or pool, a parking lot, a truck stop, gazebo, a sports field, a hammock, an alley,outdoor movie theatre, a balcony, a Sex Club/Swingers club,a Barn, a boat on a lake, to name a few. Some say public restroom, but that only makes me think of pooping and peeing and not sanitary so I’m leaving that place OFF my list of places to try. !!

Now that you are decided to get out of the house and try some Outdoor Naughty Activity, here is the fantasy..

Me and my lover decided we wanted to have a little sex adventure. We went over a few options of places we thought might be fun and both decided that we wanted to go have a picnic in the woods. I had read an erotic story once about a sexy adventure in the woods and it has aroused me so much that I wanted to experience something like that myself.
We packed up a little basket full of goodies, whipped cream, strawberries, champagne, chocolate spread, some lubes and sex toys and a nice big blanket. We set off to find our perfect location. We wanted to be outdoors, and the idea someone might see was exciting but we really just wanted to get outdoors and naked so my lover found a nice, remote woodsy spot where very few people go. We walked deep into the thick of the woods so it was nice and private. After finding the perfect spot I laid out the picnic stuff and poured some champagne. We relaxed and drank for a while, and then the making out began. I loved the making out part, it feels so innocent to just kiss and let your hands wander. The kisses were deep, wet and lots of tongue. I could feel my pussy getting wet just from kissing his mouth, and feeling his hands roam all over my tits and then down to my skirt. His hand slipped up my skirt to my panties, at first he just rubbed the outside of my panties, making my clit swollen in anticipation. His tongue continued to slip into my mouth while his fingers rubbed my moist pussy through my panties. I reached down to feel his cock through his pants, it was nice and hard and just finding it already hard made me even more excited. We decided it was time to get naked as we had planned. It was a little scary taking off all of our clothes out there, in the woods, but we did. As my lover stood there naked with his hard cock exposed, I dropped down to my knees and grabbed his cock, stroking it at first then sliding it in and out of my wet mouth. He was standing against a tree, with his hand on my head looking down at me naked on my knees with his cock fucking my face. In between sucking his man meat, I fondled and sucked his balls and expressed my pleasure at seeing his manhood exposed for me.. his cock rock hard and engorged, he grabbed me and pulled me to my feet. He gently pushed me up against the tree, and split my legs. At first he kissed the back of my neck while his hand fondled and roamed my asshole and pussy. His fingers slipped in and out of my holes, first my pussy hole, getting them very sticky and wet, then to my asshole. One of his hand grabbed my breast and squeezed it hard while finger fucking my cunt. My nipples were hard and my holes ready and wet. He got down behind me and with both hands spread my ass cheeks to expose my little, rosebud. His tongue slowly making its way inside my asshole, making it loose and wet. I knew what this meant, and reached down to rub my clit and pussy to prepare myself for his hard dick to split my butt hole. He kept spreading my cheeks wide and tongue fucking that hole, it was so juicy and ready. He stood up and eased his meat into my tight hole slowly, I rubbed my clit and pussy fast and hard, breathing heavy in anticipation of his cock entering my little rosebud all the way. He continued to bite and kiss the back of my neck while his cock slipped every so slowly into my hole, until I felt his balls hit my ass. His cock was sunk completely inside of me, and my pussy was so wet. He grabbed my ass and kept it spread while he watched his cock slide in and out of me. I jutted my ass out to meet his cock fully, and let him go to town, fucking me as hard as he wanted. The harder he fucked me, the more aroused I became and then couldn’t hold back my passion. I let out a big scream as I started to come. As my pussy throbbed, so did my asshole, masturbating his cock inside of me until he blew his whole load deep in my A hole. I could feel the warm, throbbing sensation and it felt incredible. As both our orgasms died down, he slowly pulled his cock from my hole and grabbed me again, made me get to my knees and clean his cock off. I sucked and licked it until it was completely clean and we both continued to enjoy our picnic for a while.

We certainly had picked a good location and we beyond turned on by what had taken place.

Maybe it was time to make a list and check them off one at a time 🙂

Keep it sexy!
Miss Taylor Wane

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Breaking the Boredom- Intimacy wtih your lover should never be anything but #1

There is no doubt SEX/INTIMACY is by far one of the most wonderful, incredible, endorphin providing, emotional and psychological feel good activities of our lives.
In the biological make-up of every human being, Intimacy/Sex is one of the Basic Functions of the human existence. Not only for procreation but also for feeling a sense of security and well being. We not only need to nourish our bodies with food and water, we need to sleep, exercise and to have companionship and love. Many studies have shown that couples who are married or co-habitating are much healthier and happier than their single friends (no matter how much the single folk boast it is soooo great to be single).
Even in our most difficult times we can feel a little better with some intimacy and orgasms, especially with someone we love.

Personally I think the better we know someone and the closer we are with that person the better the sex gets. You know each other, you are comfortable to do and say things that you want (Or hopefully you are!!!). You can explore each others bodies without guilt because this is your partner and your friend.

However, even the closest of people get a sticking point some where along the line. Maybe too many every day problems get their minds all clouded. Even the best of us have to make an effort sometimes to dig ourselves out of the sexual block we can fall into.

I’ve spoken before about how in general people feel that relationships once they are established can go onto auto pilot. This is not true and if you choose to believe that once you are in an established union you don’t have to try anymore or still “court’ your partner then you may run into some intimacy problems or a feeling of dis-connect later in the union.

Everyone desires passion and the feeling of being desired. Even more so by the person they love. It is all too important to express yourself to your partner at all times. Don’t assume that ‘ Well, you know how I feel”. Ok great, maybe they do, but they still want to hear it. They still want to see you make an effort.

So, this brings us to ‘Breaking the Boredom”.
Don’t let the title mis-lead you, I am not suggesting that for one minute that even if you do Missionary every night that you don’t both orgasm and enjoy the sex and I applaud any couple that is having a continuous fulfilling playtime with their lovers.

Don’t forget that every now and then you should mix it up, surprise your lover, do something a little special every now and then, so that you both still get that Adrenaline rush when you know sex is gonna happen 🙂

Sex should never be a chore or a part of the relationship you know you have to do it, so lets get it done and get on with more pressing things like doing the dishes or laundry.

WTF!!! There are other things more important in your relationship than making sure the connection between you are your lover is always #1 on the list!
If you have a strong bond and connection with your partner, then everything else in life will be easier to deal with. It’s when you put that emotional security on the bottom of the things that need to be done in the day that everything else seems harder.

Let’s get to work at making your intimacy #1 on the list.

Ask yourself if you really want your relationship to start to crumble and fall apart. If the answer is NO, then its time to take care of business and ‘court’ your lover continuously throughout the relationship.

It’s so simple….
It takes a little effort and thought. Every now and then a nice dinner somewhere different or special. Flowers or chocolates for NO reason. Buying some lingerie or other sexy items you know he would like and just wearing it out of the blue when he comes home to get his motor running. A trip out of town or stay in a hotel for a night or weekend away from your family so you can really re-connect and be super naughty.


You know your lover well, you know what they like and don’t like (if this is not true, then its time for you to start to get to know your lover!).
So, on the down low, you find out their schedule and then you aline it with yours. You want to be totally alone with them and do Oh so Naughty things 😉
Time is a problem, you both have jobs, kids, and other obligations but you find a weekend that you both have a day/night off and then you go about arranging someone to take care of the kids.

After a little research on the internet you find a cozy little hotel not too far of a drive from home but far enough away that you can’t be tempted to go check on things.
It’s been a while since you dressed up in a sexy outfit for him and remember how hot he would get on your honey moon when you wore bikini’s for the beach.

You find a little Sex store that carries lingerie and swimsuits, Yeah, the kind STRIPPERS WEAR!! Not the full back boring family friendly stuff that ‘Wal-Whateva’ carries. You pick a color you know he will like and find some super sexy heels that might just make this bikini look even better on you!
Then you book the hotel room and tell your man that you have some things you need fixing at the home and to make sure he keeps “that day/night’ free because you really need for him to help you.
On that day you pop out for ‘groceries’ but really drive to the hotel to set the mood and pre-check in.
You make sure you have the right music, booze, candles, massage oil, toys, the bikini and the slutty heels you are going to be wearing.

Once everything is in place in the hotel then you grab the kids and take them to the in-laws or whomever.
It’s now late afternoon and you tell your man that you need help picking things up and he needs to come with you, and you are driving.
BE CREATIVE… Even if you don’t tell lies, use your imagination to get him out of the house, into the car and off to your destination..

Once you arrive outside the hotel you some how get him to go in with you, even at this point you tell him you have a surprise for him.
Once inside, he will get the point. Booze, candles, music…. You tell him to relax on the bed, while you get comfortable. You slip into your bikini and slutty heels and doll up your hair and makeup..

You slink into the room, all sexy and feeling naughty and offer him a drink. You slowly pour the drink, bending over and teasing him in your outfit.
You occasionally give him a little look back while pouring the drink and tell him to get undressed.
With two drinks in hand you slowly walk over to him, using your sexiest, super vixen look you can muster up.
You hand him the drink and ask if he would like a nice massage to loosen him up.
He is laying on the bed, face down and you warm the oil in your hand first then place your hand on his body. Slowly but firmly rubbing his body, his shoulders and back, not speaking, just the music playing softly in the background.
You get into the rhythm of the massage, breathing and stroking him being as sensual as you can.
Every now and then you let your breasts rub up against his back and down to his ass.
Your hands run down his spine, and to his ass cheeks, firmly kneading and massaging them.
Every now and then you plant little kisses on his skin, in between stroking and rubbing him everywhere. You ask if he would like to turn over, and of course he would.
As he lays in front of you and you rub his chest and stomach for a while, you stop to rub some oil slowly on yourself, giving him a little show. Your breasts fall out of the bikini top… OOOPs.. and then you start to use your boobs to rub him all over. As your nipples harden, you run them over his cock, letting him know you are turned on.
You pull your bikini bottom to one side to reveal your pussy. Your oily hands rub your pussy and clit and he is visually aroused. Seeing his hard cock in front of you just makes you want to lick it and suck it. So, you take hold of his cock and start to stroke it with one hand and fondle his balls with the other. His veins swell and his cock is engorged and ready for some action. You run your wet tongue up and down his cock and balls, and then slip it into your warm, wet mouth. As you suck his cock your hands continue to fondle and caress his balls and cock. Your pussy is so wet from seeing how aroused your lover is. You reach down and touch your pussy to find she is dripping. You climb on top of him and slowly lower your cunt onto his hard man meat. Your tits are still out of the top and bobbing back and forth over his face as your pussy masturbates his dick. He grabs your tits and starts to squeeze and suck on them, making your pussy even more wet from the extra stimulation. His cock is penetrating you so deep you start to ooze and squirt all over it, moaning and quivering. You want more, hard, deeper, faster…
So you raise up and then bend over with your ass high in the air, reach back and spread your ass cheeks to let him know you want him to fuck you. “I want your hard fucking cock deep in my wet pussy hole baby”, you tell him…
He grabs your ass cheeks and spreads them wide, aiming his cock for your pink, wet twat hole. As it sinks into your hole, you moan and groan with such pleasure. “Fuck your cock feels so good”, I want it deep baby, fuck me hard, make me scream”.
He sinks that hard man meat into your sopping wet twat, pounding you and fucking you like you both just met.
“Oh, I want it harder, give me every inch of that fucking cock”, you scream…
You reach under neath and start to rub your swollen clit, as he pounds your cunt. You can feel his cock swell as his nuts fill with cum, ready to explode wherever he wants. You rub your clit as hard as you can, wanting to cum as he orgasms.
You can feel it building in his cock as his meat throbs and pulsates. “Yes, fuck me hard baby, fuck that fucking cunt”! You tell him. “I want you to fuck that cunt hole until you squirt every drop of your jizz in your cunt, on my cunt, wherever you want it baby”.
You reach back again spreading your asshole and pussy, so he knows that when he is ready to cum he can just unload that hot, sticky cum all over your pussy hole and asshole. He lets out a deep groan as he pulls it from you and starts to shoot his load on your open wet holes.
You both collapse in a heap of sweat and body fluids….
“Well, we have the hotel and I’ve cleared our schedule so we can do this all night long”, you gush with excitement.

Now, just taking the time to arrange a surprise SEXY ENCOUNTER with your lover, wasn’t that worth it and gives you both something to think about for some time until the next little Intimate Encounter you or he arranges.

Break The Boredom, Keep the Intimacy alive by never putting your relationship on Auto- pilot.

Kisses and Spanks,

Miss Taylor Wane

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Two is great, but IS Three a crowd or just MORE fun?

Throughout our lives or relationships our desires can change and we have to accept that not everything stays the same.

At one point or another almost everyone has thought about having a three-some.
How someone configures that changes from person to person depending on what their sexual preferences are.
The average person assumes every guy wants two chicks at once but that is not always the case, we all have very clear idea’s of what we desire and they are not always that obvious to everyone else.

Your fantasy 3 way may depend on whether you are a Voyeur or an exhibitionist.

Voyeurism; If you like to watch people you may desire seeing your partner engaging in sex with someone else whether it is the same sex as you or the same sex as them. Watching other people having sexual pleasure, especially when one of those people is someone close to you may heighten the excitement even more for the Voyeur. The Voyeur doesn’t felt left out, they are included by being able to watch at close quarters at the other people engaging in the sex acts.

Exhibitionism: When a person seeks attention, a compulsion to show genitals to others. Getting attention while being naked, having sex or showing genitals causes an Exhibitionist to obtain sexual gratification. Exhibitionist are stimulated and aroused by others watching them.

If you are in a relationship and your partner suggests a 3-way you may be confused or hurt by their desire to include another person in your sex life.
However, you may want to just hear them out. It is a natural first instinct to feel some type of rejection or insecurity but that is not always the case, it doesn’t mean your lover is bored of you but we still have fantasies and desires even though we may have a fantastic sexual relationship with our partner.

Your partner may have fantasies of seeing YOU pleasured more than the fact they want to have sex with someone else. Or they may just be aroused by the idea of having sex with you and someone being there to see them have sex.

This is not to rule out the possibility that your lover MAY just want some added excitement and they think they can get this from adding another person.
If this is the case and it concerns you, then talk to your partner and perhaps suggest some other methods of adding spice before adding another person. Whether its sex toys, role play, maybe visiting a Swing club so you can both have sex with each other but in a room of other people.

Try not to take this information and think your relationship is over. That isn’t necessarily the case, we naturally become curious and idea’s get into our heads. If the idea gets stuck in someones head and they start obsessing about it, they may have the over whelming urge to try it out. It is far more dangerous to your relationship to completely deny your partner the opportunity of having some of their fantasies met. Usually people want what they can’t have, so to tell them they CANNOT have it will make the urge possibly more intense and they might find their fantasy fulfilled else where if you don’t at least meet them half way on their desires.

So in short, the best method of having the healthiest relationship possible is to listen to your lover and try to accommodate them in which ever way you can. Being understanding and not judging their thoughts and desires will make for a happier, healthier union than to shoot them down.

The Fantasy….

Your guy has brought up in passing several times the idea of a 3 way. You kinda thought he was kidding but now that you’ve heard it a few times you are starting to believe it may be what he wants.
You have wondered to yourself what kind of 3 way, so you throw it out. “Oh yeah, and if you got your wish.. How would that play out?”. You ask..

“Oh, you and some other chick that you find hot, do a little show for me while I watch for a while and then maybe you can give me a little attention if you are into the idea”, he confesses.

You think about it for a while and then wonder how the heck you will find another chick, and a chick that isn’t gonna be more interested in your guy than you. Most the time people worry that their lover is gonna be more attracted to the other implant so they get worried about even getting involved in this kinda of thing.
It’s his birthday soon and you had been thinking about what to get him…. What if you hire an escort for an hour to come and make this fantasy happen and then at least you know after an hour this other woman is leaving and you can be pretty safe!!
It starts to sound like a great idea to you so you go on a search for hiring a girl for this.
It takes quite a bit of research but you come up with what you think is the perfect girl and perfect situation.
The young ladies ad says she Loves both Men and Woman and is a ‘girl-friend’ experience. You don’t fully understand that but it sounds about right.

His birthday comes and you tell him you have a special surprise for him.
After sitting him down in a chair, handing him his favorite drink you go off and get dressed into a very sexy out fit that you know he will like.
As he sits in his chair with his drink in hand you strut into the room looking all slutty and horny. His face lights up and you strut over their wiggling and gyrating in front of him, giving him a mini lap dance, but with deep kisses and then some very sloppy, wet head for him…
As you are entertaining and arousing him, the door bell rings. He looks a bit “put out” thinking someone is going to interrupt his spectacular birthday treat.
You leave to go to the door and walk back in with this gorgeous, sexy stranger. He just sits there saying nothing. You tell him you have invited a friend for a little while and would he like to sit and watch for a moment or two.
He nods, but with a lot of excitement in his face.
The young lady starts to get undressed, and rub her body up against yours. Your nipples rub together and get very hard, both of you reach down and rub each others pussies.
The girl/girl show moves to the floor right in front of your man.
In a very sexy 69, you and the sexy gal both pleasure each other orally. Your pussy is so wet from her sexy mouth, you spread your legs wider and reach down to spread open your pussy lips wider so her tongue can get into your pink slit and really get your wetter.
As your pussy swells and gets even more juicy you urge your man to come and slip his cock into your pussy and interchange between your pussy and her mouth.
He puts his cock into the girls mouth at first to get it (even) harder than it is…
She sucks and licks his dick, and spits on it right before telling him to fuck your pussy.
His cock is so hard and he pushes it into your cunt nice and deep. While his cock is fucking your wet hole, her tongue is licking your clit and licking his cock as well.
Your tongue is tongue fucking her wet cunt hole, and she grinds her pussy onto your mouth, obviously enjoying your oral talents.
After you have been fucked for a while, you change positions. You tell your man to lie down on his back and then you ask the girl to straddle his face with her pussy, so he can taste her while you fuck his cock.
She sits down on his face and spreads her juicy pussy across his mouth. Meanwhile, you are stroking his hard cock and then slowly ease your pussy down onto it, taking in every inch of his manhood. As you bounce hard up and down on his cock, the girl reaches over and squeezes your tits hard. You keep fucking his cock until you squirt all over him.
His cock is throbbing, you know he wants to shoot his load too.
You take out a condom and slip it on his cock. You tell the other girl to bend over and you spread her pussy and ass cheeks, telling him to take her from behind. His eyes are as big as you have ever seen them, as he slides his hard man meat into this young hotties wet cunt hole.
As he fucks her pussy, you wiggle underneath her so you can lick his balls, and lick his cock as it slips in and out of her.
while you are underneath there, you reach up and spread her ass and pussy so he can get a good look, and your tongue explores his genitals.
He fucks as long as he can before he screams out he has to come…
You come up and as he pulls out of the girl, you pull off the condom and jerk his cock off into your mouth, taking in all of his hot, sticky semen.

Any drops that splattered on the young lady, you lick off.
As he goes to the bathroom you discretely lose the girl….

He comes back and you suggest a nice, long, relaxing massage for him to end this amazing evening.
He eventually falls into a very deep, relaxing sleep… Very happy and very stimulated.

You are happy that you arranged this for him, it will be a night you both won’t forget any time soon…. And hey, your birthday is coming up soon right???

Happy Adventures in SexVille 🙂
Miss Taylor Wane

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