Two is great, but IS Three a crowd or just MORE fun?

Throughout our lives or relationships our desires can change and we have to accept that not everything stays the same.

At one point or another almost everyone has thought about having a three-some.
How someone configures that changes from person to person depending on what their sexual preferences are.
The average person assumes every guy wants two chicks at once but that is not always the case, we all have very clear idea’s of what we desire and they are not always that obvious to everyone else.

Your fantasy 3 way may depend on whether you are a Voyeur or an exhibitionist.

Voyeurism; If you like to watch people you may desire seeing your partner engaging in sex with someone else whether it is the same sex as you or the same sex as them. Watching other people having sexual pleasure, especially when one of those people is someone close to you may heighten the excitement even more for the Voyeur. The Voyeur doesn’t felt left out, they are included by being able to watch at close quarters at the other people engaging in the sex acts.

Exhibitionism: When a person seeks attention, a compulsion to show genitals to others. Getting attention while being naked, having sex or showing genitals causes an Exhibitionist to obtain sexual gratification. Exhibitionist are stimulated and aroused by others watching them.

If you are in a relationship and your partner suggests a 3-way you may be confused or hurt by their desire to include another person in your sex life.
However, you may want to just hear them out. It is a natural first instinct to feel some type of rejection or insecurity but that is not always the case, it doesn’t mean your lover is bored of you but we still have fantasies and desires even though we may have a fantastic sexual relationship with our partner.

Your partner may have fantasies of seeing YOU pleasured more than the fact they want to have sex with someone else. Or they may just be aroused by the idea of having sex with you and someone being there to see them have sex.

This is not to rule out the possibility that your lover MAY just want some added excitement and they think they can get this from adding another person.
If this is the case and it concerns you, then talk to your partner and perhaps suggest some other methods of adding spice before adding another person. Whether its sex toys, role play, maybe visiting a Swing club so you can both have sex with each other but in a room of other people.

Try not to take this information and think your relationship is over. That isn’t necessarily the case, we naturally become curious and idea’s get into our heads. If the idea gets stuck in someones head and they start obsessing about it, they may have the over whelming urge to try it out. It is far more dangerous to your relationship to completely deny your partner the opportunity of having some of their fantasies met. Usually people want what they can’t have, so to tell them they CANNOT have it will make the urge possibly more intense and they might find their fantasy fulfilled else where if you don’t at least meet them half way on their desires.

So in short, the best method of having the healthiest relationship possible is to listen to your lover and try to accommodate them in which ever way you can. Being understanding and not judging their thoughts and desires will make for a happier, healthier union than to shoot them down.

The Fantasy….

Your guy has brought up in passing several times the idea of a 3 way. You kinda thought he was kidding but now that you’ve heard it a few times you are starting to believe it may be what he wants.
You have wondered to yourself what kind of 3 way, so you throw it out. “Oh yeah, and if you got your wish.. How would that play out?”. You ask..

“Oh, you and some other chick that you find hot, do a little show for me while I watch for a while and then maybe you can give me a little attention if you are into the idea”, he confesses.

You think about it for a while and then wonder how the heck you will find another chick, and a chick that isn’t gonna be more interested in your guy than you. Most the time people worry that their lover is gonna be more attracted to the other implant so they get worried about even getting involved in this kinda of thing.
It’s his birthday soon and you had been thinking about what to get him…. What if you hire an escort for an hour to come and make this fantasy happen and then at least you know after an hour this other woman is leaving and you can be pretty safe!!
It starts to sound like a great idea to you so you go on a search for hiring a girl for this.
It takes quite a bit of research but you come up with what you think is the perfect girl and perfect situation.
The young ladies ad says she Loves both Men and Woman and is a ‘girl-friend’ experience. You don’t fully understand that but it sounds about right.

His birthday comes and you tell him you have a special surprise for him.
After sitting him down in a chair, handing him his favorite drink you go off and get dressed into a very sexy out fit that you know he will like.
As he sits in his chair with his drink in hand you strut into the room looking all slutty and horny. His face lights up and you strut over their wiggling and gyrating in front of him, giving him a mini lap dance, but with deep kisses and then some very sloppy, wet head for him…
As you are entertaining and arousing him, the door bell rings. He looks a bit “put out” thinking someone is going to interrupt his spectacular birthday treat.
You leave to go to the door and walk back in with this gorgeous, sexy stranger. He just sits there saying nothing. You tell him you have invited a friend for a little while and would he like to sit and watch for a moment or two.
He nods, but with a lot of excitement in his face.
The young lady starts to get undressed, and rub her body up against yours. Your nipples rub together and get very hard, both of you reach down and rub each others pussies.
The girl/girl show moves to the floor right in front of your man.
In a very sexy 69, you and the sexy gal both pleasure each other orally. Your pussy is so wet from her sexy mouth, you spread your legs wider and reach down to spread open your pussy lips wider so her tongue can get into your pink slit and really get your wetter.
As your pussy swells and gets even more juicy you urge your man to come and slip his cock into your pussy and interchange between your pussy and her mouth.
He puts his cock into the girls mouth at first to get it (even) harder than it is…
She sucks and licks his dick, and spits on it right before telling him to fuck your pussy.
His cock is so hard and he pushes it into your cunt nice and deep. While his cock is fucking your wet hole, her tongue is licking your clit and licking his cock as well.
Your tongue is tongue fucking her wet cunt hole, and she grinds her pussy onto your mouth, obviously enjoying your oral talents.
After you have been fucked for a while, you change positions. You tell your man to lie down on his back and then you ask the girl to straddle his face with her pussy, so he can taste her while you fuck his cock.
She sits down on his face and spreads her juicy pussy across his mouth. Meanwhile, you are stroking his hard cock and then slowly ease your pussy down onto it, taking in every inch of his manhood. As you bounce hard up and down on his cock, the girl reaches over and squeezes your tits hard. You keep fucking his cock until you squirt all over him.
His cock is throbbing, you know he wants to shoot his load too.
You take out a condom and slip it on his cock. You tell the other girl to bend over and you spread her pussy and ass cheeks, telling him to take her from behind. His eyes are as big as you have ever seen them, as he slides his hard man meat into this young hotties wet cunt hole.
As he fucks her pussy, you wiggle underneath her so you can lick his balls, and lick his cock as it slips in and out of her.
while you are underneath there, you reach up and spread her ass and pussy so he can get a good look, and your tongue explores his genitals.
He fucks as long as he can before he screams out he has to come…
You come up and as he pulls out of the girl, you pull off the condom and jerk his cock off into your mouth, taking in all of his hot, sticky semen.

Any drops that splattered on the young lady, you lick off.
As he goes to the bathroom you discretely lose the girl….

He comes back and you suggest a nice, long, relaxing massage for him to end this amazing evening.
He eventually falls into a very deep, relaxing sleep… Very happy and very stimulated.

You are happy that you arranged this for him, it will be a night you both won’t forget any time soon…. And hey, your birthday is coming up soon right???

Happy Adventures in SexVille 🙂
Miss Taylor Wane

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