Breaking the Boredom- Intimacy wtih your lover should never be anything but #1

There is no doubt SEX/INTIMACY is by far one of the most wonderful, incredible, endorphin providing, emotional and psychological feel good activities of our lives.
In the biological make-up of every human being, Intimacy/Sex is one of the Basic Functions of the human existence. Not only for procreation but also for feeling a sense of security and well being. We not only need to nourish our bodies with food and water, we need to sleep, exercise and to have companionship and love. Many studies have shown that couples who are married or co-habitating are much healthier and happier than their single friends (no matter how much the single folk boast it is soooo great to be single).
Even in our most difficult times we can feel a little better with some intimacy and orgasms, especially with someone we love.

Personally I think the better we know someone and the closer we are with that person the better the sex gets. You know each other, you are comfortable to do and say things that you want (Or hopefully you are!!!). You can explore each others bodies without guilt because this is your partner and your friend.

However, even the closest of people get a sticking point some where along the line. Maybe too many every day problems get their minds all clouded. Even the best of us have to make an effort sometimes to dig ourselves out of the sexual block we can fall into.

I’ve spoken before about how in general people feel that relationships once they are established can go onto auto pilot. This is not true and if you choose to believe that once you are in an established union you don’t have to try anymore or still “court’ your partner then you may run into some intimacy problems or a feeling of dis-connect later in the union.

Everyone desires passion and the feeling of being desired. Even more so by the person they love. It is all too important to express yourself to your partner at all times. Don’t assume that ‘ Well, you know how I feel”. Ok great, maybe they do, but they still want to hear it. They still want to see you make an effort.

So, this brings us to ‘Breaking the Boredom”.
Don’t let the title mis-lead you, I am not suggesting that for one minute that even if you do Missionary every night that you don’t both orgasm and enjoy the sex and I applaud any couple that is having a continuous fulfilling playtime with their lovers.

Don’t forget that every now and then you should mix it up, surprise your lover, do something a little special every now and then, so that you both still get that Adrenaline rush when you know sex is gonna happen 🙂

Sex should never be a chore or a part of the relationship you know you have to do it, so lets get it done and get on with more pressing things like doing the dishes or laundry.

WTF!!! There are other things more important in your relationship than making sure the connection between you are your lover is always #1 on the list!
If you have a strong bond and connection with your partner, then everything else in life will be easier to deal with. It’s when you put that emotional security on the bottom of the things that need to be done in the day that everything else seems harder.

Let’s get to work at making your intimacy #1 on the list.

Ask yourself if you really want your relationship to start to crumble and fall apart. If the answer is NO, then its time to take care of business and ‘court’ your lover continuously throughout the relationship.

It’s so simple….
It takes a little effort and thought. Every now and then a nice dinner somewhere different or special. Flowers or chocolates for NO reason. Buying some lingerie or other sexy items you know he would like and just wearing it out of the blue when he comes home to get his motor running. A trip out of town or stay in a hotel for a night or weekend away from your family so you can really re-connect and be super naughty.


You know your lover well, you know what they like and don’t like (if this is not true, then its time for you to start to get to know your lover!).
So, on the down low, you find out their schedule and then you aline it with yours. You want to be totally alone with them and do Oh so Naughty things 😉
Time is a problem, you both have jobs, kids, and other obligations but you find a weekend that you both have a day/night off and then you go about arranging someone to take care of the kids.

After a little research on the internet you find a cozy little hotel not too far of a drive from home but far enough away that you can’t be tempted to go check on things.
It’s been a while since you dressed up in a sexy outfit for him and remember how hot he would get on your honey moon when you wore bikini’s for the beach.

You find a little Sex store that carries lingerie and swimsuits, Yeah, the kind STRIPPERS WEAR!! Not the full back boring family friendly stuff that ‘Wal-Whateva’ carries. You pick a color you know he will like and find some super sexy heels that might just make this bikini look even better on you!
Then you book the hotel room and tell your man that you have some things you need fixing at the home and to make sure he keeps “that day/night’ free because you really need for him to help you.
On that day you pop out for ‘groceries’ but really drive to the hotel to set the mood and pre-check in.
You make sure you have the right music, booze, candles, massage oil, toys, the bikini and the slutty heels you are going to be wearing.

Once everything is in place in the hotel then you grab the kids and take them to the in-laws or whomever.
It’s now late afternoon and you tell your man that you need help picking things up and he needs to come with you, and you are driving.
BE CREATIVE… Even if you don’t tell lies, use your imagination to get him out of the house, into the car and off to your destination..

Once you arrive outside the hotel you some how get him to go in with you, even at this point you tell him you have a surprise for him.
Once inside, he will get the point. Booze, candles, music…. You tell him to relax on the bed, while you get comfortable. You slip into your bikini and slutty heels and doll up your hair and makeup..

You slink into the room, all sexy and feeling naughty and offer him a drink. You slowly pour the drink, bending over and teasing him in your outfit.
You occasionally give him a little look back while pouring the drink and tell him to get undressed.
With two drinks in hand you slowly walk over to him, using your sexiest, super vixen look you can muster up.
You hand him the drink and ask if he would like a nice massage to loosen him up.
He is laying on the bed, face down and you warm the oil in your hand first then place your hand on his body. Slowly but firmly rubbing his body, his shoulders and back, not speaking, just the music playing softly in the background.
You get into the rhythm of the massage, breathing and stroking him being as sensual as you can.
Every now and then you let your breasts rub up against his back and down to his ass.
Your hands run down his spine, and to his ass cheeks, firmly kneading and massaging them.
Every now and then you plant little kisses on his skin, in between stroking and rubbing him everywhere. You ask if he would like to turn over, and of course he would.
As he lays in front of you and you rub his chest and stomach for a while, you stop to rub some oil slowly on yourself, giving him a little show. Your breasts fall out of the bikini top… OOOPs.. and then you start to use your boobs to rub him all over. As your nipples harden, you run them over his cock, letting him know you are turned on.
You pull your bikini bottom to one side to reveal your pussy. Your oily hands rub your pussy and clit and he is visually aroused. Seeing his hard cock in front of you just makes you want to lick it and suck it. So, you take hold of his cock and start to stroke it with one hand and fondle his balls with the other. His veins swell and his cock is engorged and ready for some action. You run your wet tongue up and down his cock and balls, and then slip it into your warm, wet mouth. As you suck his cock your hands continue to fondle and caress his balls and cock. Your pussy is so wet from seeing how aroused your lover is. You reach down and touch your pussy to find she is dripping. You climb on top of him and slowly lower your cunt onto his hard man meat. Your tits are still out of the top and bobbing back and forth over his face as your pussy masturbates his dick. He grabs your tits and starts to squeeze and suck on them, making your pussy even more wet from the extra stimulation. His cock is penetrating you so deep you start to ooze and squirt all over it, moaning and quivering. You want more, hard, deeper, faster…
So you raise up and then bend over with your ass high in the air, reach back and spread your ass cheeks to let him know you want him to fuck you. “I want your hard fucking cock deep in my wet pussy hole baby”, you tell him…
He grabs your ass cheeks and spreads them wide, aiming his cock for your pink, wet twat hole. As it sinks into your hole, you moan and groan with such pleasure. “Fuck your cock feels so good”, I want it deep baby, fuck me hard, make me scream”.
He sinks that hard man meat into your sopping wet twat, pounding you and fucking you like you both just met.
“Oh, I want it harder, give me every inch of that fucking cock”, you scream…
You reach under neath and start to rub your swollen clit, as he pounds your cunt. You can feel his cock swell as his nuts fill with cum, ready to explode wherever he wants. You rub your clit as hard as you can, wanting to cum as he orgasms.
You can feel it building in his cock as his meat throbs and pulsates. “Yes, fuck me hard baby, fuck that fucking cunt”! You tell him. “I want you to fuck that cunt hole until you squirt every drop of your jizz in your cunt, on my cunt, wherever you want it baby”.
You reach back again spreading your asshole and pussy, so he knows that when he is ready to cum he can just unload that hot, sticky cum all over your pussy hole and asshole. He lets out a deep groan as he pulls it from you and starts to shoot his load on your open wet holes.
You both collapse in a heap of sweat and body fluids….
“Well, we have the hotel and I’ve cleared our schedule so we can do this all night long”, you gush with excitement.

Now, just taking the time to arrange a surprise SEXY ENCOUNTER with your lover, wasn’t that worth it and gives you both something to think about for some time until the next little Intimate Encounter you or he arranges.

Break The Boredom, Keep the Intimacy alive by never putting your relationship on Auto- pilot.

Kisses and Spanks,

Miss Taylor Wane

Wed 9-11pm pst.

One thought on “Breaking the Boredom- Intimacy wtih your lover should never be anything but #1

  1. Hi Taylor Wayne I just want to tell you my wife is from the UK and she is gone while we wait for a visa for her to come to the states. All I want to say is lisining to your sexy english accent talking about being fucked is what makes me make it till she gets here in a couple months
    thanks my babys big piglet

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