Sex in the Great Outdoors

Sometimes it is very necessary to switch it up, no doubt it is very comfortable and easy to do the ‘Dick Dirty’ in your own bed but every now and then you have to change location.
Location, location, location…
This is never a more true statement, sometimes the location is the key element in Arousal for some folks.
At times the Desire for Public sex may be more than just being bored of doing it in the bedroom, it can be related to being an ‘Exhibitionist’. Exhibitionism refers to a desire to show or expose certain naughty parts of ones body – specifically the genitals (man or women) or the breasts of a woman – in a public or semi-public places to either complete strangers or friends.
In many places this is illegal to do so, and if the ‘flasher’ continues to do so even though it is now beyond just a thrill but a public offense, then it may be a compulsion, which is a condition sometimes called ‘Apodysophilia’.

However, in most cases some couples just like to be a bit naughty and have sex while others see them or just the thought that they ‘MAY’ get caught is enough to intensify the thrill of having sex.

To what degree does someone consider ‘outdoor’ sex. This varies greatly, when asking many callers about sex outdoors Im told of stories of the back seat of a car. Technically, this is outdoors if we are being very specific about being OUTSIDE of the HOUSE but I really don’t consider the back of a car outdoors.
Lets be a little more adventurous than that.
Let’s think of some places that are REALLY outdoors….
The Wood, the beach, a park, a remote hiking spot, the community jacuzzi or pool, a parking lot, a truck stop, gazebo, a sports field, a hammock, an alley,outdoor movie theatre, a balcony, a Sex Club/Swingers club,a Barn, a boat on a lake, to name a few. Some say public restroom, but that only makes me think of pooping and peeing and not sanitary so I’m leaving that place OFF my list of places to try. !!

Now that you are decided to get out of the house and try some Outdoor Naughty Activity, here is the fantasy..

Me and my lover decided we wanted to have a little sex adventure. We went over a few options of places we thought might be fun and both decided that we wanted to go have a picnic in the woods. I had read an erotic story once about a sexy adventure in the woods and it has aroused me so much that I wanted to experience something like that myself.
We packed up a little basket full of goodies, whipped cream, strawberries, champagne, chocolate spread, some lubes and sex toys and a nice big blanket. We set off to find our perfect location. We wanted to be outdoors, and the idea someone might see was exciting but we really just wanted to get outdoors and naked so my lover found a nice, remote woodsy spot where very few people go. We walked deep into the thick of the woods so it was nice and private. After finding the perfect spot I laid out the picnic stuff and poured some champagne. We relaxed and drank for a while, and then the making out began. I loved the making out part, it feels so innocent to just kiss and let your hands wander. The kisses were deep, wet and lots of tongue. I could feel my pussy getting wet just from kissing his mouth, and feeling his hands roam all over my tits and then down to my skirt. His hand slipped up my skirt to my panties, at first he just rubbed the outside of my panties, making my clit swollen in anticipation. His tongue continued to slip into my mouth while his fingers rubbed my moist pussy through my panties. I reached down to feel his cock through his pants, it was nice and hard and just finding it already hard made me even more excited. We decided it was time to get naked as we had planned. It was a little scary taking off all of our clothes out there, in the woods, but we did. As my lover stood there naked with his hard cock exposed, I dropped down to my knees and grabbed his cock, stroking it at first then sliding it in and out of my wet mouth. He was standing against a tree, with his hand on my head looking down at me naked on my knees with his cock fucking my face. In between sucking his man meat, I fondled and sucked his balls and expressed my pleasure at seeing his manhood exposed for me.. his cock rock hard and engorged, he grabbed me and pulled me to my feet. He gently pushed me up against the tree, and split my legs. At first he kissed the back of my neck while his hand fondled and roamed my asshole and pussy. His fingers slipped in and out of my holes, first my pussy hole, getting them very sticky and wet, then to my asshole. One of his hand grabbed my breast and squeezed it hard while finger fucking my cunt. My nipples were hard and my holes ready and wet. He got down behind me and with both hands spread my ass cheeks to expose my little, rosebud. His tongue slowly making its way inside my asshole, making it loose and wet. I knew what this meant, and reached down to rub my clit and pussy to prepare myself for his hard dick to split my butt hole. He kept spreading my cheeks wide and tongue fucking that hole, it was so juicy and ready. He stood up and eased his meat into my tight hole slowly, I rubbed my clit and pussy fast and hard, breathing heavy in anticipation of his cock entering my little rosebud all the way. He continued to bite and kiss the back of my neck while his cock slipped every so slowly into my hole, until I felt his balls hit my ass. His cock was sunk completely inside of me, and my pussy was so wet. He grabbed my ass and kept it spread while he watched his cock slide in and out of me. I jutted my ass out to meet his cock fully, and let him go to town, fucking me as hard as he wanted. The harder he fucked me, the more aroused I became and then couldn’t hold back my passion. I let out a big scream as I started to come. As my pussy throbbed, so did my asshole, masturbating his cock inside of me until he blew his whole load deep in my A hole. I could feel the warm, throbbing sensation and it felt incredible. As both our orgasms died down, he slowly pulled his cock from my hole and grabbed me again, made me get to my knees and clean his cock off. I sucked and licked it until it was completely clean and we both continued to enjoy our picnic for a while.

We certainly had picked a good location and we beyond turned on by what had taken place.

Maybe it was time to make a list and check them off one at a time 🙂

Keep it sexy!
Miss Taylor Wane

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  1. I love your body and Tmtepk very cool I think your body is not like we have here in the Middle East as a whole
    I watch movies
    Greetings and good luck.

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