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Taylor Wane – Porn Update

I am so busy working day and night to rebuild
I have taken full control over my site again and I am working very hard at making the best its ever been.
You are going to be very happy with the changes that will be made and available once LIVE.

I am using a content management system that will ensure that updates will never not be made available and everything on the site will be searchable and top quality.

I will be sharing at least 50 brand new Taylor Wane hardcore sets plus my 20 year archive of Taylor Wane movies and photos.
I am so excited about it I can barely sleep at night because I just want to keep working at the site to make it available as soon as possible πŸ™‚

Until then I hope my blog will keep you somewhat tittilated until my site is OFFICIALLY LIVE and ready to view.

There will be so many sexy, hardcore videos of me to view doing all the naughty things you want to see.
Squirting, 3 ways, cat-fighting, cock sucking, girl on girl, Fem Dom, anal play, masturbation and so much more.

Meanwhile, enjoy the blog and don’t forget to tune into my radio show

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Taylor Wane – Office Antics

In the realm of fantasies Office hook-ups are high on the list. Maybe its the stiff collars, perhaps its Boss/Secretary combination or that it just seems very inappropriate to hook up with a co worker at the Office. Whatever the case may be, Office Sex Romps are Hot!

Sex at the Office….
Where do you or would you want the dirty to happen? In the copy room, The Canteen, Or under a desk?
Office Antics happen often because well, you have a great excuse for where you are. You’re at the OFFICE working!!

Here’s the Scenario.

You are the boss and you get to choose who you hire and who you fire. It just so happens that you kinda like having Secretaries with Big Tits and Nice round bottoms πŸ™‚ It makes for great eye candy to pass the boredom of the day.

You work way too many hours and when big deals are cooking you get super stressed out. There never seems to be time to relax or go have a massage after work so you make a plan to make the work place work for you.
Secretary after secretary and they all end up the same. They actually want to do a regular job, no office frisky business just work. After one long stressful day you decide that you are gonna spoil yourself and go to a local strip club. You sip on a cold mixed drink while the strippers wiggle and gyrate their hips and bodies on the stage. It gives you a great barrier between your day at work and just going back to an empty house to rest and get ready for yet another long, boring day at the Office.
A tap on your shoulder jerks you out of your fog, as you swing your chair around your eyes are met with another set of big green eyes. Quickly you scan the female in front of you. Slender, athletic body with large round tits and big full lips covered in red lipstick. She leans in closer to you and asks if you would like a lap dance, and just to seal the deal she does a very slow twirl so you can survey the whole canvas. As she turns you gaze upon her firm, round ass and tiny little g string snuggled between her ass cheeks. Just as your eyes are getting fixed on her ass, she looks you in the face again. “Lap dance”?, she asks again. Um, yes please.

She seductively wiggles and moves her hips in front of you, then crawls on top of you to slowly brush her huge tits up against your face. You catch a whiff of her Scent…
“Love Spell”?, you ask. She laughs, “Of course”., smiling and continuing to move her body in all directions over yours.

You are intrigued by her and start to chat a little. You find out during that dance and a few more that she has been working at the club part time but wants to get a regular job and get out of this scene before it becomes her. This gets you to thinking, you do need a new secretary and she wants to stop stripping. You bring up the idea to her and you are very happy to hear she actually went to secretarial college. What a bonus! You tell her to come interview with you tomorrow and give her all the info.

As you lay in bed that night thinking about her, you can’t help but stroke your cock. She was hot, her tits were big, her ass tight, and her lips.. Well, you would like to slide your cock between those big lips… Both sets if possible. You keep stroking that hard cock, her image etched in your mind, it isn’t long before you start to cum and so hard. Now you are hoping you can sleep tonight, feeling kinda excited like a school boy for work tomorrow to interview this girl.

Twelve noon and it seems to be the slowest morning you have ever had. Why did you tell her 12 noon, why not 8am!
Noon sharp there is a knock at the door, and there she is. Looking a bit different, not worse and possibly better if that is possible. She is dressed in a tight blue pencil skirt that hugs her figure and a crisp white shirt that seems to be fighting with her boobs to stay closed. Shiny patent leather stiletto heels and what looks to be pantyhose or stockings, of course you can’t tell right now but you can imagine that they are stockings with garter belts and a tiny little g string barely covering up her juicy pussy and tight asshole. Her hair is in a up do and a lot less makeup. Wow, you couldn’t have imagined that this is even sexier than dressed up as a stripper, but it is.

It takes you no time at all to hire her and show her all her duties. You let her know that if she is good and works hard there are bonus’s and even other benefits. She nods, smiles and gives a little wink.
“What was that wink”?, you think. You meant it, but she obviously heard something else. This could get interesting.

The next day comes and 8 am sharp she is at work, dressed in an equally sexy Secretary outfit. A skin tight pencil skirt with a split up the front, a very tight white button up blouse and what certainly looks to be stockings and garter belt.

She comes into your office holding some coffee. “Coffee”, she asks and you nod, still frozen looking at how sexy she is.
She slowly walks over to your desk and leans over, her boobs almost spilling out of the blouse. You feel a twitch in your pants as you stare at her blouse, the buttons stretched to their limit trying to hold the fabric closed. Her nipples are quite visible through the fabric of the blouse and they are hard. You feel that twitch again.
She stands up and then starts to walk around to the front of your desk, you are mesmerized by her movements. She sits on the edge of the desk, as she does the split in her skirt opens and reveals she is wearing stockings and garter belt as you imagined but what you did not imagine was that she would be wearing NO panties! You can’t help yourself but look. You feel your eyes widen to look and make sure you are not imagining that you can in fact see her pussy. She parts her legs a little more, and you know for sure that she is in fact NOT wearing panties. Her pink pussy lips are slightly parted revealing that she is already a little moist. “How do you like that coffee”, she asks, “more sugar?”. You just nod, not even really aware of what she just said. Not in your wildest fantasies did you think this would ever happen. Her fingers caress the top of her stockings, and then roam up to her blouse, she unbuttons it a little and her boobs spill out, revealing her hard nipples and ample clever age. Now you are not sure where to look, you love those big tits but you still can’t believe her pussy is out. One of her hands caresses her hard nipple while the other hand still fondles her thigh and then makes its way to her pussy. She starts to rub her clit and then as it swells she parts her pussy lips and shows me the little, wet hole. “You know if you want some more sugar, then I’ve got all you need right here”, she seductively tells you as she spreads her thighs wider and slips a finger into her twat. “Wanna taste my sugar?”. You fall to your knees in front of her and she juts out her pussy to your face, both hands spreading open her cunt hole. “Go on, put your tongue inside my honey pot, dig deep baby, the deeper you tongue fuck me, the sweeter the sugar”, she winked.

Your face is buried deep in her thighs and your tongue penetrating and fucking her cunt hole. She is so wet your face is covered in her juices. She keeps rubbing her clit and demanding you tongue her more. A wave of pussy juice and squirt shoot out of her hole and cover your face. Her twat is dripping wet and it is running down her thighs. She pushes you back into your chair and crawls under the desk. She pulls your chair into the desk so that she is hidden under there and instructs you to call in one of the other office workers to give them instructions on what you need done today. As your door opens and another employee walks in, she unzips your pants and pulls out your cock. You can’t react!!! So you try to focus and tell the employee the things you need done, as you are talking her wet, full lips are covering your hard, swollen cock. She rubs your balls while the other hand strokes your cock into your mouth, pushing it to the back of her throat so you can throat fuck her. Her tongue wanders to your nuts and licks and sucks on them as both hands masturbate your cock. You try to not react so the employee you are talking to does not know someone is under the desk. She strokes and sucks, your cock can’t take it and you explode into your mouth. She continues to suck, drinking and swallowing your huge load of jizz. You finish talking to the person in the room and tell them they are excused. You feel your new secretary push your cock back into your pants, and zip you up. She pushes out your chair, rises to her feet, buttons up, pulls her skirt down and wipes her mouth.

“Anything else”, she asks with a smirk. You just shake your head and off she goes.

Hiring this new secretary might be by far the greatest idea you have ever had. Now you can’t wait to get to work tomorrow! Who knew the Office would be so exciting?

Miss Taylor Wane

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