The High Roller. What happens in Vegas….


Peter was a tall self-made black man who made a lot of money in rap music. Peter had style and taste and plenty of bling bling. His good looks attracted all the women he wanted. When he rolled into Vegas The Bellagio Hotel gave him the VIP service as he was well known in the city for his slick, high holing ways. It was largest most decorated room with a Jacuzzi and an awesome view of the strip. Sure he liked his room but was already looking forward to driving his silver Aston Martin Vanquish around Las Vegas checking out the bright lights and the hustle and bustle of all the party goers and tourists.

It was late in the evening when he slipped into his car and drove to the Rio Voodoo Lounge. Dressed sharp in a black suit and a crisp white shirt. While waiting for his drink at the bar he glanced around the club. It wasn’t long before he spotted a foxy big busted, sexy green eyed beauty tearing up the dance floor. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was so hot. She was dressed in a skin tight, short cut dress with sky high platform heels. The dress was almost see-thru and it was more than obvious that she wasn’t wearing any panties or bra. Her breasts swayed back and forth as she wiggled and gyrated. Her skin a little wet with sweat and her nipples hard and pushing their way through the fabric of the sheer dress. With a glance anyone’s eyes would be drawn to her full sexy breasts. After take few sips of courage Peter strolled over to meet this sexy beauty.

Taylor was in Las Vegas to party and have fun. She had her pick of the guys and though many asked her dance she was unimpressed. Most them could dance but they often looked like their mom had dressed them or they just didn’t have the right swagger to impress or catch her attention. When Peter came towards her she had to smile. Here was a man who had style, good looks and a gate that said he know who he was and he knew how to use what he had. No momma dressed this man. Peter stepped up behind Taylor and asked her if she like to dance. Taylor said she’d love to. Peter was good dancer and Taylor loved the feeling of his hard chiseled moving up against her. After few dances and a few drinks Peter found out that Taylor was staying at the Rio. After a couple of hours had passed Peter asked her if he could show her around Las Vegas. She smiled and said sure why not. They slipped out of the crowded club to his ride and both slipped into the plush leather seats and looked over at each other with a sly smile as they buckled themselves in.

She loved the car. She had seen it in a James bond movie “Die Another Day” and was very impressed by it.

He headed for the strip and asked Taylor where she’d like to go first. Feeling hungry she asked if they could have a late night dinner, he suggested a fancy steak house in one of the hotels but she had a better idea. “How about we dine in the room, very cozy and we will not be disturbed”, she said with a gleam in her eye. Soon they got to talking it felt as though they had known each other for years. Conversation came easy and laughter even easier. she was a little taken a back that he was being such a gentleman and not already making a move, that intrigued her more and she became very aroused by his sense of security and NON desperate approach to the situation. As she turned to look around the room she saw in one corner a Jacuzzi. Oh how she loved to take long, hot, steamy baths. It was near a window that over looked another part of the city. The kingsize bed stood in the center of the room. It had a dark red satin bedcover with rose trim and next to this bed was a bouquet of beautiful red roses on the night stand. Looking back to the Jacuzzi she noticed a bottle of fine wine chilling in a bucket of ice.

He had wanted the room to be perfect and had taken a moment to call room service before leaving the club. It wasn’t long before Taylor and Peter began to make them self comfortable. The Jacuzzi was just too tempting and so they each began to undress the other. As soon as Taylor entered the water she reached over and kissed him on the lips. The fire of desire they had both been holding back was now too hot to control. Peter pulled her a closer and started kissing a path along her throat to her lips. She
returned his kissing passionately and her hands wandered over his broad shoulders and then his chest and then slid down to his hard cock. His hard stiff cock twitched and pulsated at her touch. He laid back in the hot Jacuzzi as she slipped down between his legs and began sucking and licking on his hard, thick cock. As beautiful as the view and the room was it all melted away as soon as his eyes closed and he was aware of nothing but the pleasure that was searing through him. His hips rose to meet her every stroke and he moaned. She felt her pussy getting wet and she wanted to ride him, that thick, hard, swollen cock was calling her name and she couldn’t barely wait to slide that wet twat down onto it. She slipped on top and gasped as his hard black cock thrust into her tight wet pussy. Slowly she rode up and down feeling it brush against her clit. When she arched her back he wrapped his hands around her bouncing tan boobs. Pinching her perky nipples as she rode him .. faster, faster, her pussy getting more and more wet with every thrust. Taylor loved the his hard cock sliding up and down in her and moaned out loud as she was riding him in a haze of pleasure. She loved doggy style, and wanted to bend over sticking her ass in the air so he could spread those ass cheeks and slip his dick deep into her, as his cock slowly entered she moaned and reached underneath to rub her swollen clit. That cock was thrusting so deep and she moaned and yelped as it hit bottom, she squeezed and slapped her ass and fucked her as hard she her could as she begged for more. The feeling his balls slapping her cit just made it more arousing and his cock kept sinking deeper in a sea of juices .. deeper she begged, more she wanted. She slips her hand beneath her and touches his cock as it thrusts inside. She meets each thrust … quicker.. quicker. It felt so good it was almost unreal, and she could feel his orgasm rise which just turned her on even more, as she felt the cum pulsating through his cock, it made her cum …… As he unloaded his whole wad into her wet throbbing pussy, he came closer to her, holding her tight. Exhausted and satisfied they went to the bed and fell into a very relaxing snooze. Well, this was gonna be a long, sexy night as she knew she was gonna want some more of that High rolling, deep penetrating action all night long until morning….. This was one of those times that what happens in Vegas, she was hoping didn’t stay in Vegas… How fun if it were to continue in LA…

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