Taylor & The Plumber. “In The Heat Of the Moment”.

Taylor and The Plumber
“In the Heat of the Moment”.

It was an unusually hot day in California and the heat appeared to be making everyone a little more stressed or tired than normal. The thermometer read 98 degrees and the air conditioner sounded like it was ready to bust. I had a busy day ahead with work deadlines and other every daily chores that had to be attended to, but that didn’t stop me from feeling the drain of the heat and the overwhelming feeling I needed to take a quick nap. Knowing I had a lot to do and I really needed to be peppy I decided it might be best for me to take a half an hour rest. I slipped out of my clothes and climbed on the bed with only my panties and bra on. It didn’t take long for me to drift to sleep and my mind wondered to a common past time for me- SEX! I was imaging that I was on some beautiful island, close to the beach, the wind blowing passed me softly as I watched the tanned, surfer boys roam around the beach. I was really getting into my dream, feeling the heat of the beach, and getting turned on by those hard bodied surfer boys when a loud banging at the door rudely awaked me. I jumped up dazed and very confused and ran to the door, opening it without even thinking that I wasn’t properly dressed. It seems I had forgotten an appointment with the plumber and there he stood at the door, shocked by my appearance. Embarrassed I invited him in so I could close the door, and lead him to the bathroom in question. I excused myself to put on some clothes and left him with wrench in hand. As I slipped on a pair of jeans I could see in one of my bedroom mirrors that he was watching me, now more awake than I was a few moments ago I noticed that he was not my regular plumber but a really hot, hard bodied guy I’d never seen before. I turned around and asked what his name was. He explained that he was new to the company and new to California. I had to giggle when he said he preferred how liberal the ladies were here, opening the door in their undies, that is. I couldn’t help thinking he looked more like a Chippendale dancer than a plumber and wandered over to talk to him some more. Still aroused from my saucy dream, I was feeling very flirtatious and he didn’t seem to mind one bit. I guess I must have still been a little dazed, as I had totally forgotten I was still standing there in my bra and my nipples were hard, poking through the sheer lacy fabric. I looked down at his crotch and noticed that he seemed aroused by me too. Somehow we began to kiss and I reached down to touch his bulging cock, it felt hard underneath those plumbers’ pants and I couldn’t wait to take a look at it. While I fumbled with his zipper he pulled off my bra and grabbed a handful of tit. His eyes grew wide as he saw how big they looked fully unveiled, and plastered his mouth around one of my erect nipples. I had managed to get his cock out and take a look. It was gorgeous, hard, long and blood engorged and I couldn’t wait to get my mouth around it. I slipped down in front of him and slide his manhood into my wet mouth, taking long, slow strokes I masturbated his cock with my lips and felt it grow even bigger. My pussy was wet just sucking his cock, this was even better than being on that beach watching the surfer dudes. He moaned and groaned as I slipped his cock deep down my throat, massaging it with my throat muscles and tongue. I stroked his balls and fondled them as I sucked his cock harder. I heard him mutter that he wanted some pussy, so I stood up and straddled the toilet. He pulled down my jeans and panties and spread my ass cheeks so he could see my pussy and asshole. I reached underneath and rubbed my clit, waiting in anticipation for his manhood to enter me. He knelt down first and licked my pussy hole to make sure it was juicy and wet before pushing that monster cock deep inside of me, all the way to the balls. I let out a yelp as it hit bottom, but sighed with pleasure as he slide it out and began slowly pumping my wet hole. I could feel every inch of meat slipping in and out of my hot cunt, I rubbed my clit faster and faster and he fucked me harder and harder. I begged for more, and he gave it to me, fucking me while he slapped my ass quite hard leaving my ass cheeks stinging and burning a little. I didn’t mind the stringing pain on my buttock, as I was in an erotic state from his thick, fat, swollen dick spreading my pussy hole. He reached around me and grabbed my tits, squeezing them and kneading them whilst plugging my pussy. I couldn’t help but want to cum all over his cock and cover him in my love juice. “Fuck me harder” I screamed, as I began to climax. As his cock sunk in to me, time and time again, I could feel my cum squirt out of my pussy and down the shaft of his cock. I knew that he would cum soon but I wanted to taste him in my mouth. I got down in front of him and asked if he would give me his cum, I wanted to have his hot jizz in my mouth. He began fucking my mouth, building into his own orgasm. I could hardly breath but I wanted his cum so much. He let out a yell as he exploded onto my tongue, I took every drop of his seed and swallowed it, licking my lips and smiling. At that moment it felt awkward, as I realized I still needed my toilet fixed, so I left the room to let him get on with his job, although it was a nice break to my day and definitely woke me up.





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I will be LIVE ON AIR.


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