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Sexy Get-A-Ways and Dirty Weekends for better health and a happier life.

For most of us, life seems to get in the way of actually living life. Work, family, responsibilities, it sometimes feels like you just don’t have the time to relax or have fun.
However, there is never ever a good enough reason why you aren’t taking time out of your day or week to ‘Stop and smell the roses”.
Sure most people say they just don’t have the time, and I am sure that you feel you don’t have the time but consider this….
Not making time to enjoy your life, your family or your lover is shortening your life span because you probably live in a state of stress.
Stress kills; believe it because it’s true. It weakens your heart, causes depression, loss of libido and ruins your health in numerous ways.
If you want to be happy and live a fuller, happier, more satisfying life then make time to enjoy your life. No matter how you do it, or what you have to switch around.
There is a financial rule in life that you should take 10% off of every single pay check and put it away for a rainy day, of course a lot of us do not do that either and we find ourselves in a pickle when things get tough or a huge expensive happens or even worse… you wont have retirement.
This same rule applies to your happiness, health and life.
If you took at least 10% of your time and dedicated it to doing something that brings you simple joy and pleasure you would have a much more satisfying life.
Is your life killing your love life? Is your schedule killing your relationship because you don’t feel you have the energy or time to share with your partner?
Life is never easy or uncomplicated but can be arranged and time managed better.
Make time to laugh and love….
If you feel its been a while since you had real, passionate sex with your partner maybe you have gotten into a rut because you feel you don’t have time to be creative.
It’s time for a Dirty Weekend…

THE SCENERIO – Seduction
Get out of town and have a hot, steamy ‘FUCKING‘ weekend with your lover/partner. Make it happen.
Find out when you can schedule a weekend without the kids or work, make it work and make it a surprise for your lover.
After you have made the arrangements then send your partner a sexy invite to accompany you on a Getaway.
Pack a bag with oils, lubes, sex toys, lingerie, romantic music; whatever you feel would make your weekend as sexy as possible.
Arrange to have chocolate covered strawberries delivered to the room and possibly some bubbly to get the weekend started right.
As soon as you get in the room or if you can go there before hand, set up the music, candles, strawberries, bubbly on ice.
Lay out some sexy items for your playtime.
Let your lover know how much you want them, kiss them passionately and hold them tight.
Share a glass of bubbly and offer an oil massage.
Help her undress and then ask her to lie down on the bed. Warm the oil in your hands before putting your hands on her body.
Make sure to massage everywhere so she is really relaxed then spend special attention around her hips and thighs. Relaxing the muscles around the hips relaxes the spine and can be very erotic.  Rub the oil slowly between her thighs, not touching her pussy and ass just her thighs, teasing her and making her want you to touch her pussy.
Firmly rub the oil all over her ass cheeks, slightly spreading them as you do. This will be sure to arouse her and make her want you to touch her in the naughty areas.
Then have her turn over and massage her front too maybe sure to pay particular attention to her breasts and thighs and stomach. As you rub her thighs gently spread her legs a little, and start to massage closer to her pussy, all this avoiding touching her will make her so aroused and ready for you to fuck her hard.
After you have teased her enough then start to gently massage her pussy and clit, spreading her legs and thighs wider so you can see her wet pussy hole.
As you penetrate her pussy hole with your fingers, lick her clit and watch it swell.
Spread open her wet juicy hole and sink your tongue deep into that pink twat, tongue fucking her hole making her soaking wet.
When you are ready give her what she has been waiting for. That hard cock! Make sure your cock is nice and hard and slide it into that wet cunt, spreading her legs open as you sink your man meat deep into her hole. Reach over and caress her tits and nipples as you slowly fuck her pussy hole.
Try to hold out as long as you can so you can fuck her juicy pussy hole in many positions, trying slow and deep and then fast and hard. Maybe even be a little rough with her once she is fully aroused and in ecstasy.
Make sure to play with her clit while you fuck her cunt hole, make sure she orgasms all over your cock and as you ready yourself to cum, ask her to spread open her pussy hole so you can shoot your load all over her hole.
Spend the whole weekend enjoying each other, massages, bubble baths, walks, kissing, hugging and lots of sex. Re-ignite those passionate feelings by just enjoying each other fully.
The time you spend doing this will strength your relationship and make your life better in general.
Love, Laugh and Dance Like No one is Watching…









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“Milf Mania”- Live

AVN review;

AVN – MILF Mania (Live Gonzo).

Critical Rating: AAAA 1/2

Five fine-ass, top-shelf cougars give stunning performances in what we hope is the first entry in a new MILF series from The performances are truly great, even if the camerawork by veteran shooter Chris Streams could use a touch more consistency. We do know, though, that much like Beatlemania, MILF Mania is a thing that love, love we do.

Brandi Love is a MILF with a sparkle in her eye and a vibrant, constant love of sex; her pairing with four-time AVN Male Performer of the Year Manuel Ferrara is a truly great thing. Ferrara loves to pleasure her in every sense and she keeps her hands on him, touching him whenever possible.

Puma Swede acts like a madwoman before her scene, declaring men her bitches and proudly displaying her fat labia before getting with Ferrara; she tells the French stud that he will have to buy her new implants if he breaks them when he’s rough with her tits before their fuck.

Veronica Avluv squirts six times when Ferrara fingers her; she deep throats his cock and their fuck is frantic and fabulous. She looks at him and tells him that she will be a good girl, and he looks into her eyes and tries to find the best way to blow her mind. It’s one of the best fucks this reviewer has seen in a while. Her orgasm is so intense at one point that she squeezes Ferrara’s erect dick out of her. The stellar mind games between the two involve her calling him “sir” and “daddy” and him telling her “I want you there” when she begs for a spanking and he declines giving it to her in favor of ramming her cunt hard, hard, harder.

Lisa Ann gives her standard best here with Erik Everhard. Everhard also delivers a painful-sounding at first but ultimately satisfying vag fuck to a gorgeous redheaded Taylor Wane, who’s seriously at her most beautiful here. Seeing this strong woman nearly overwhelmed at the cock inside her is lust-inspiring stuff.

Taylor Wane
Lisa Ann –
Puma Swede

AVN - MILF Mania (Live Gonzo)

Brandi Love
Veronica Avluv
Erik Everhard
Manuel Ferrara

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Taylor Wane

Soccer Moms… Horny Milfs and Young cock…

The Horny Milf and the Young Soccer Coach

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Mom knows Best!

I’ve lived in California for over 20 years and I love it here. The Weather, the people, the lifestyle… Just so perfect for me. My son was born here in the US so he is officially an American although Mommy is British/American. As much as I love it here there are still things about my own country I miss, one of them is Football or as you call it here in the US- Soccer.
Soccer Players in the UK are like Rock stars, they make Bank and they get all the pussy they want. They get a pass into anywhere or anything they want, it is quite the life for a British Soccer player. My son has shown a very keen interest in the sport, which makes me very happy. However, he isn’t really very good at it, his coach doesn’t have a lot of interest in teaching my son because he feels he just isn’t cut out to be a football player.
The coach by the way, well what can I say about the coach? Oh, I get wet just bringing up the coach. Young, I mean young, like at least 20 years younger than me and so hot. Tall, blond, HUNG, fit, English boy… I mean young man. The first time I saw The Coach I thought that he couldn’t possibly be THE Coach but he was. My son was getting NO better at Soccer and I was getting more and more frustrated that the coach was not giving my son the attention I thought he needed and deserved. One very hot day I decided to go see the coach and have a word with him about taking a little extra time to tutor my son and help him become a better soccer player.

When I arrived at the football field he was tiding up the balls and getting ready for the game later that afternoon. I asked him about my son and maybe this is coz he is English but he pulled no punches in telling me that my son SUCKED! I was horrified that he would say that and asked him very nicely if he would help. He just wouldn’t budge; he had no interest in helping this kid catch on to what this amazing sport is all about. If coach wanted to play that game, then it was time for me to bring out my big guns…. Or should I say Tits! I leaned into him and got very close, “Are you sure there isn’t a way I can persuade you to tutor my son a little extra?”, I purred. “Why should I do that?”, he snapped back. “My son means a lot to me Coach and I am willing to do ANYTHING it takes to make that boy good at this sport and make his British Grandpa proud”. I leaned in closer and pushed my huge boobs up against him, while my other hand grabbed his ass and pulled him into me, my mouth met his mouth and I started to kiss him. “What are you doing?”, he said with surprise in his voice, pulling back a little shocked. “Come on coach, you may be young but you are not green, you know what I want. I want you to pull out that young, hot cock of yours and let me take care of it for you”. Without further dilly-dallying, I kneeled down in front of him and pulled down his pants. His huge cock popped out, already stiff as a board. Oh young meat, it’s always ready even if the young man is not. I slipped that swollen cock into my mouth and started to suck it, one of my hands was fondling his balls while the other hand stroking his cock into my wet mouth. I loved how his young hard cock felt in my mouth, so thick and juicy. I could feel my pussy getting Oh so wet as I stroke and sucked that man meat. I grabbed both ass cheeks and pulled him into me so his massive cock choked me and filled my mouth. Oh, I was so aroused by his meat in my mouth; I reached down and started to finger my cunt hole. She was so wet already, and I let my fingers slip in and out of the hole and then slide up to my swollen clit and rub it. My clit swelled up and my labia too, ready to be penetrated I stood up and started to deep kiss him, while still masturbating his meat with my hand. “Fuck me Coach, give me that young cock of yours”, I begged. I bent over with my ass high in the air; my legs spread open and my little pink pussy exposed and ready for penetration. He wanted to taste it first so he flipped me over and put his face between my thighs and his tongue slipped into my wet pussy hole. I squeezed my big tits while he tongue fucked me, making my twat even wetter than it already was. His hand spread my labia’s wide, and he slipped his tongue in and out and then rolled it up to my clit, licking and sucking making me dizzy with excitement and arousal. “Give me that cock”, I pleaded. He pushed my legs open wider as he positioned his body between my legs, and slowly started to push his massive cock into my wet hole. His thick, hard dick felt so good stretching open my pussy; I reached down and rubbed my clit while his Man Meat fucked me. I wanted to see him beneath me as I rode him, so next he lay down on the grass and I stood over him, spreading open my pussy so he could see it very clearly. Pink and very wet, I squatted down onto him, letting his cock spread and penetrate my cunt hole, then I began to ride him very hard and fast, as I did I could feel his cock hitting the bottom of my pussy and making me squirt all over him. His cock was soaking wet, covered in pussy juice and squirt. He really seemed to like that and it kind of brought out the beast in him, he grabbed me and threw me over pulling my ass up into the air towards him. His hand stretched open my ass cheeks and he rubbed my ass hole as he fucked my cunt. I could feel myself coming on his cock over and over again; it felt so incredible inside of me I could barely breathe. This young man was just the kind of young pup that made me dizzy. So much energy, so eager and so HARD. He fucked me so hard and deep, I screamed and screamed for more. He could last no longer and told me he wanted to shoot his hot, huge load all over my tits and face. I love cum, so I flipped around and got on my knees waiting patiently as he masturbated onto my face. As his cum shot out of his big cock, he sprayed it on my mouth, tongue and on my huge tits, covering me in cum. His young cum was sweet and I licked every last drop of it off me and swallowed it all.
After we cleaned up a little I asked him once again about the private tutoring for my son. He had no problem telling me that if I was to give him private SEX tutoring every week then he would give my son private Soccer Tutoring. I didn’t have to think about that deal for very long. It’s a win win!!!

Wow, that meeting with the coach definitely turned out for the best and on top of everything I will get to play with that young meat of his every week. Soccer just got even better.

Taylor Wane.


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Asia Adult Expo
Aug 17 – Aug 19
Macau, China
Asia Adult Expo is recognized as the premier international adult expo and it has set an international standard for adult expo in Asia, attracting global participants and record attendance. AAE is a truly international trade expo in Asia with a range of diversified and comprehensive contents. It is an Asia showcase combining trade and entertainment oriented towards Greater China and Asia. Gathering San Francisco
Aug 17
San Francisco, CA
Gamelink hosts the latest edition of San Francisco’s Gathering. Now in its second year, the San Francisco Gathering is expected to attract Internet business execs from adult and mainstream with an intimate professional networking event set in a relaxing, casual atmosphere.
International Lingerie Show
Sep 10 – Sep 12
Las Vegas, Nevada
ILS, a leading lingerie show, is held at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and is free to attend for qualified buyers. Attendees can visit free seminars hosted by industry experts that will discuss maximizing holiday sales and web techniques for independent retailers.
XBIZ EU 2012
Sep 17 – Sep 19
London, U.K.
XBIZ EU returns to the stylish Radisson Edwardian Bloomsbury Hotel in central London, where the international 3-day digital media conference debuted last year with smashing success.
Webmaster Access Amsterdam
Sep 21 – Sep 24
Amsterdam, Holland
Designed to bring together top traffic players, programs and affiliates alike, Webmaster Access has successfully created top industry forums around the world, creating elite business opportunities and learning opportunities for everyone from newbie to veteran. More Info »
WebX Day & Night
Sep 22
D’Aix-en-Provence, FRANCE
For the second consecutive year, WebXFrance presents the Day & Night gathering for webmasters. WebX Day & Night is composed of educational events, as well as networking in a relaxed and festive atmosphere. With an expected attendance of between 150-200 adult industry professionals, WebX Day & Night draws inspiration from mainstream trade events for its format. More Info »
The European Summit
Sep 24 – Sep 27
Prague, Czech Republic
The European Summit plans to bring together high level participants from the online adult entertainment industry. Representing 30+ countries and an expected 275 companies will once again set out to further maximize their traffic and expand their intra-European “online” reach. Focused on quality online traffic, the summit management team attracts peripheral markets that share common goals and interests that will assist you in improving your bottom line.
Sep 27 – Sep 30
Joburg, South Africa
Sexpo is a sexuality and adult lifestyle exhibition that is among the largest in the world. Sexpo features international performers from all genres of adult entertainment. The aim of the exhibition is to provide a fun vibrant atmosphere where like-minded people can enjoy and find information on all things adult. More Info »
Sex On The Beach Adult Expo
Sep 28 – Sep 30
South Beach, FL.
From Sept. 28-30, in South Beach, Fla., Sex On The Beach Adult Expo & Music Fest powered by .XXX/ICM Registry combines fashion, art, talent searches, entertainment, clothing, smoke accessories, and adult fun. SOTB Expo also infuses a major music factor with a VIP area that’s open and serving liquor until 4 a.m., a skateboard half pipe and tattoo stations. The event will attract thousands of people on both a wholesale and retail capacity. SOTB will feature private B2B networking events and a 100,000 square foot wholesale area for buyers from the smoke, head shop, adult stores, and hookah markets. More Info »
Oktoberfest Gathering
Sep 30 – Oct 2
Munich, Germany
Every year 6 million visitors make their way to the largest beer festival in the world. The Oktoberfest Gathering brings together the major players in the business for networking. The Oktoberfest in Munich is well known for the beer, food and incredible atmosphere created by a range of huge beer tents and exciting roller coasters.
World Telemedia
Oct 17 – Oct 19
Marbella, Spain
World Telemedia is about connecting and commercializing the way consumers interact with TV, print, advertised media content, digital brands and social networks – while using their telephones, smartphones, tablets and other “online” mobile devices. The annual event is attended by providers that link network delivery, micro billing technologies and other interactive functionality to an ever expanding range of content and media distribution channels.
FSC Summit Conference & Awards
Nov 8
Los Angeles, CA
The FSC Summit will be a one-day conference for industry executives, lobbyists, business and legal experts who will provide information and insights on topics most pertinent to the initiatives of the industry trade association. The event is free to attend for FSC members and qualified industry professionals. The FSC Awards presentation, honoring industry leaders, will round out the day’s events at Sofitel Hotel’s stylish Stone Rose Lounge.
Exxxotica New Jersey
Nov 9 – Nov 11
Edison, NJ
The Exxxotica Expo is one of the largest adult events in the USA dedicated to love and sex. Held in Miami Beach, Chicago and New Jersey, Exxxotica features non-stop entertainment, hundreds of adult stars and hours of educational seminars.
The EROS Shine Awards
Nov 28
Melbourne, Australia
The EROS Shine Awards celebrate the erotic arts and adult business, as well as mainstream erotic fashion, music, performance and politics. Adult businesses will be awarded for or professionalism, innovation, leadership, integrity, imagination, creativity and for promoting positive role models. More Info »
Nov 29 – Dec 2
Melbourne, Australia
Sexpo is a sexuality and adult lifestyle exhibition that is among the largest in the world. Sexpo features international performers from all genres of adult entertainment. The aim of the exhibition is to provide a fun vibrant atmosphere where like-minded people can enjoy and find information on all things adult. More Info »
Sexpo B2B
Nov 29 – Nov 30
Melbourne, Australia
The Melbourne B2B Show brings together the best brands in front of key Australian buyers. The sales and educational event will be attended by qualified buyers, retail owners and sales staff. More Info »
Adultcon Los Angeles
Mar 22 – Mar 24
Los Angeles, CA
Since 2001, the world-famous Adultcon has been America’s sexy adult entertainment fan-fair and lifestyle expo filled with naughty and provocative entertainment. Adultcon offers the ultimate erotic experience, dedicated to connecting fans with over 69 of their favorite adult entertainers and is the perfect place to exhibit for branding and sales.
The MileHighClub Expo
May 3 – May 4
Denver, CO.
The MileHighClub Expo is a three-night, two-day weekend event that will feature educational seminars, clothing-optional pool parties, networking meet-and-greets, live demonstrations and more. Seminars offered at the expo will cover a wide variety of topics including BDSM: Bondage for Beginners, Pole Dancing, Moving from Conversation to Playtime, Creating a Successful Adult Website, and more.


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