Whats Your Fetish or Fantasy?


Have you ever considered that you have a Fetish? Or did you just write it off as “that’s just what I like”. However, when you find yourself always resorting to a single thought or situation to get you over the edge then perhaps its a Fetish. Nothing wrong with that, we all have things we enjoy, love or obsess about.

As many years as I have performed in Adult films, 22 years to be exact you would think I have seen and done it all and some think I’d be bored but I still love to think of naughty situations to put myself in to spice things up and push the limits. I still get very turned on by dressing up as a Porn Star even in private and acting like a complete slut, even after all these years.

Make-up, dressing up slutty, acting naughty, is kinda my fetish. I rarely get turned on by being just plain, no makeup, no sexy get up, I still Love the sex but dressing up super slutty really puts me in the mood to be totally dirty. And I love Dirty….

Sometimes when things get in a rut you probably find yourself searching for something that will rev your engine. You will search porn sites, think of situations in your life where something or someone just drove you totally wild. You may just reenact it in your head during sex, or if you have a willing partner then you can reenact or live out fantasies for real.

Soooo what’s your Fetish?

What do you find yourself digging up to really get you going. It maybe something that embarrasses you but most of the time you probably keep it in your head anyway.

Do you like anal, huge tits, tiny tits, cheerleaders, nurses, the head mistress, the idea of getting caught, sex toys, oil massages, food sex, foot sex, dressing up as a Fuzzy, latex, leather, the idea of being gang banged, being tied up and left vulnerable, thinking what might happen to you? Oh MY!!!! lol…

All of these situations or fetish’s take us out of the boring, same old, same old, or the mundane repetitiveness of our lives and work.

The Story/The Situation:

So a few years back I was in a relationship and I had been in the same relationship for a while and things had started to become a little stale, he worked so much and had little time for adventure. I loved excitement and adventure. I liked living on the edge….

I had fantasized many times about doing wild and crazy fuck sessions, gang bangs, swinging, anything to keep things exciting but my fella was a straight laced guy. I decided to shake him up without really doing anything that could ruin our wonderful relationship.

One day while he was at work I asked my girl friend to come over and help me set up a situation.
She came over and at my request tied me up and left a note waiting at the door for my guy to find when he got back.

The Note requested he go to the bedroom where he would find me tied up, he was to do things to me without untying me or asking permission. Anything he had every thought of. I was gaged and bound and couldn’t stop him or say anything, so I was at his mercy.

The note also read that the person who did this was watching and possibly dangerous and he had to comply to this demand. The Police were NOT to be contacted…..

I crossed my fingers he wouldn’t freak out and call them. Wouldn’t that be awkward.

He called and said he was on his way home, and I had her tie me up and gag me, and hide somewhere… Just in case things didn’t go well.

I heard the door and must admit I got a little scared too, I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t know what he would do.

It seems to take forever for him to come to the room and then the door opened. He stood there looking at me, just staring. I couldn’t say anything, I could move so I had no way of asking him if everything was ok… I just stared back.

He still stood there for a few moments and then slowly walked over to me and started touching me. He reached down and squeezed on my tits, then pulled them out of the lace blouse that were covering them. He started to unzip his zipper and then pulled out his cock. He began stroking it while still touching my breasts. He pushed me over so I was on my side. Now that I was on my side he pulled my g string away from my pussy and asshole.

He squeezed my ass and slipped his fingers into my pussy. My pussy got wet the minute I heard the front door slam closed. He slipped his fingers in and out of my pussy, getting his fingers wet. Once they were soaking wet, he pulled my ass cheeks apart and pushed his finger into my asshole. I couldn’t see him at all because my head was facing away from him. I could feel his cock now rubbing up against my ass cheeks. He spat on my asshole, and I could hear him stroking his cock. Two fingers pushed deep into my asshole, and he rubbed his hard cock on my wet pussy. Then after a short while he put the head of his cock up against my asshole, rubbing it around and then slowly pushing into my tight little rosebud.. As his cock entered my ass, his fingers rubbed my clit and pussy. His cock felt huge stretching my A hole, it hurt a little and I could barely breathe but it was scary and exciting. His hand roamed around to my tits again and he squeezed them hard, then started gently slapping them. He fucked my ass until I could feel his cum filling me up. As he pulled his cock out, I felt the wet, warm cum spill out also, then his fingers push it back in. His fingers were still covered in the cum, so he started to rub it on my tits and around my mouth, although he did not take out the gag.

He turned me back over and untied the leg restraints. My hands were still tied and my mouth still with gag.

He moved me into doggy position and held the ropes that tied my wrists, he forced my legs open and once again began finger fucking my pussy hole. I suddenly felt his mouth on my asshole and pussy, it felt so good as he tongued me and spat on both holes. He got up and left for a minute then came back, and was behind me… I didn’t know what he went for but I felt something big and hard slide into my pussy but it didn’t feel like his cock.
I couldn’t see what it was but it was quite big and stretched my pussy wide open, he kept spitting on my hole then fucking my pussy with something. He went down and slipped his tongue up my asshole while he was fucking my pussy, it felt so good and I came so hard it hurt. As my pussy squeezed out my love juices his tongue licked them up.

He turned me over again, and then removed the gag from my mouth, before I could speak he shoved his cock into my mouth, I could feel something very wet and warm but it didn’t taste like cum. I realized he was peeing in my mouth, and then when he was done he pushed his balls into my mouth and made me suck them while he masturbated his cock.

Then he turned around and squatted on my face, placing his asshole on my mouth, telling me to tongue it. I pushed my tongue deep into his asshole, and he stroked his cock, I liked the taste of his ass on my tongue. It had a sweet but bitter taste.

Once his cock was fully erect again, he untied my hands and lay me down, forced open my legs and slipped his cock up my wet cunt. He fucked me so hard and one hand squeezed my throat, choking me a little. I could feel the cum building up in him, and when he was ready to cum he pulled out and raised up, still holding my throat but told me to open my mouth as he shot his whole load down my throat and all over my face.

I looked like a sweaty, cum stained mess….And then he lay down beside me, chuckled a little and said “You are such a little freak!”..

I guess he knew me too well, that I would organize some weird and wild sex session.
It was quite the ride, at times I was actually unsure and afraid too. You really have to put your trust in your lover sometimes and give up control.

Fetish, Fantasy… It’s all a means to an end. The end being a tremendous orgasm!

Stay Naughty!

Taylor Wane


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13 thoughts on “Whats Your Fetish or Fantasy?

  1. I have a fetish. I hope this fantasy becomes a reality. As you may know I am gay. I love to dress as a sexy, slutty, kinky womyn. I am not afraid anymore and need to break free.
    My dream, my fetish, and my look. I am Tezza. Tezza Raven Blauxsie on the inside of a manshell. The manshell is 5’11” and about 176. Peel me back and I am such a femboi. A kinky woman. My eyes are baby blue. My hair is pink with purple on the side and shoulder length. My eyes are dark with eyeliner and mascara with long luscious eyelashes. I may have a light complexion, but with blush and glitter it is marvelous. My lips are a deep red; licking and so hot. *Wink*.
    My legs are long and strong. I love fishnets and the feel of the nets on my long slender legs. I wear a garter belt, very lacy and black. Or pink. I love the cool hues that make me cum or someone special. Shoes are hot. I love to wear platforms that says fuck me. I like thigh highs in latex in a stiletto too. Or ballets are very hot that make me want to cum and purr. It feels marvelous.
    I love to wear tight corsets and cinchers to have a sexy hourglass shape. It can be many colors; pink is hot. Black too. My breasts are full, round, and ripe. C or D is awesome. It makes me feel so wonderful. Did I tell you I love Latex and Rubber? It is a part of the fetish way and gorgeous.
    My arms are long and slender with long gloves giving me a feel of completeness. The fun begins with many toys to enjoy and feel wonderful and slutty. Gags, beads going in holes that can reach deep down in ecstacy and erotic. I love dildos, buttplugs, vibrators, and a lot more. A collar is cute too. I even fancy frills and babydoll dresses to feel womanly and a sissy.
    Once my look is complete, I am ready. I wonder who would like to play with me? Explore with me. I really need a touch. The want is so amazing. Touching my breasts and arousing my hard and wonderful nipples that need to be pinched and kissed. The smell of my body is sweet; like candy and lavender.I continue to arouse my breasts….such a hot arousal. My fingers move slowly to the crotch and enjoys the play. The arousal. I hope someone puts a toy or better yet, a real touch that…..mmmmm….amazing. that is good I hope….

  2. continuing on….Then I heard a faint knock on the door.
    Someone comes in the dark candlelit room; caressing my sexy back. That someone is a gorgeous woman. Domme type. More of a Mistress that was getting hungry and that gleam. A gleam of naughtiness and needed to please her. I see in the dim candlelight, the curves; the perky breast, and the scent of lavender consumes the bedroom. She has bought gifts of the arousing kind and kinky too.
    “Here you go, ” she whispered softly and smiling. I opened the first gift and was so surprised. I giggled. It is a neck corset. She begins to put it on me, as I am getting wet…a little. The neck corset fits perfectly. The corset has a bar that keeps my head erect and not bowing. After the neck corset was secured, I noticed Mistress has a chastisty device. Mistress puts the device on this slut sheclit. Mistress continued to work on this sluts back with an expanding vibrating buttplug.
    “You are mine, slut” she said.
    “Yes Mistress Taylor,” this slut said.
    “Does slut has a name?”
    “Well Tezza, you are now named Slut, Sextoy, or Fucktoy. Understand?”
    “Yes Mistress Taylor.” Slut loves her new Mistress. Her breasts. She is such a Goddess.
    She then puts on another sexy and lovely item. Its a gag, with a long black cock that doubled both ways. This cock also fills its Mistress needs and wants. Mistress puts the double cockgag on my mouth. So tight and fits perfectly. This sluts mouth felt the cock around and grasp by the lovely lips. She smiled. The hot sexy Mistress with gorgeous breasts takes me my hot sexy latex hand to the queensized bed. “Come my slut”. I lay on the bed very comfortable and waiting what is next. She then bounded me on the bed. I felt, no, I am a sexy slut toy with a cock gag and in hot latex. I lay down, with my naked breasts and aroused nipples getting harder in the warm lavender air. I feel her body come on gently as this sub, gets her facefucked. She lowers herself on the cock gently and begins to go up and down slowly. Mistress takes the pump and expands my ass; with the chastised device working, balls split and cock staying small.
    “You will not cum my fucktoy. Slut will enjoy the facefucking.” As Mistress Taylor goes deeper and deeper on the long black cock, slut is mesmerized by the movement rhytmically. Up. Down. Deeper and deeper…..Slowly. I felt mesmerized and hypnotized by the wonderful feeling. My mind is wiped from everything as the arousal and ecstacy has taken over. Yet this slut is not cumming until Mistress commands so. I need and must please Mistress.
    “You are my slut. My sextoy. My fucktoy. You will be more of a lovely girl than ever. In latex and highheels, my beautiful doll. My beautiful slut,” Mistress Taylor said. The words echoed in sluts brain. I nodded yes to my Mistress. I am a slut. Slut is a sextoy to Mistress. Slut is a fucktoy to Mistress. I never felt so wonderful. Slut remembers a mantra somehow in a reading; “arousal leads to pleasure. pleasure leads to obedience. Pleasure must be obeyed.”
    A gorgeous slut I am. Mistress continues to facefuck me and begins to play with this sluts breasts. Mistress begins to arouse my nipples, making it deeper and fuller. Pointy. Mistress begins to put clamps and a chain on my nipples. She reclines on sluts breasts, full and bouncy as the facefucking continue. This goes beyond hours of pure enjoyment. Slut begins to hear Mistress sexy and erotic moans, fucking her sextoy. Her fucktoy. Slut begins to see Mistress sweet juices and begins to cum on Fucktoy over and over. Sluts cockgag is so lubed, Mistress begins to take her breasts between the long black cock and rubs gently of the sweet juices which slut is happy to obey her beloved Mistress. Mistress kissed Sluts forehead and smiled.
    “I will have you completely dolled up as a slut(Tezza); serving me….”

  3. Mistress Taylor, our fetish is quite simple. We would like to have you in bondage and cum all over you. We would also be happy to create cumpics of you in your most exciting bondage poses. Say the word are we are ready to spurt for and with you!

  4. Fetishes are definitely a way to bring intense creativity into the bedroom. There’s always a place for vanilla sex, but fetish play turns it into an art form. You toy with and seduce the very nature of the psychology of arousal, and explore new territory to learn more about yourself.

    One fetish in particular that I absolutely love is Hypnosis. I consider it a very exciting hybrid between Domination and Bondage in that your mind is essentially tied up and made the toy of another individual. It’s a softer, more glamorous side of domination that subverts the common humiliation aspects in favor of raw, powerful seduction. The vivid trips that your mind goes on while in a trance can be strong enough to trigger heavy arousal and sometimes even mental orgasms without even requiring physical stimulation. Very fun.

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