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Why you should VOTE NO ON B

This is why…

They make it sound like they are protecting us. Like they have OUR best interest at heart. That WE are a public threat to health.
Really, think about it. How many porn stars do you know running around your community, fucking your friends and giving them Deadly infectious diseases?

Hmmmm, I ask you, really… How many?
I doubt ANY.

Lets bust a few myths about Porn and Porn stars.

1. Adult performers take their jobs seriously. They test every 30 days, sometimes less. Most Adult sets do not accept a TEST that is handed to them from the performers hand. THEY DOWNLOAD IT FROM THE TESTING CLINIC WEBSITE ( A professional medical facility). That way no one can fudge their test. MOST of professional studios in San Fernando Valley do this to protect themselves and the Talent that is working for them. If the Producer see’s that the Talent HAS in fact got an STD listed on their test, they would be sent home IMMEDIATELY!!! And their agent informed of the situation. NO member of Talent would knowingly work with another member of Talent who was positive for ANY STD! Why would they risk themselves and their partners at home and put themselves out of work.

2. Most performers are in relationships, as long as I’ve been in Porn most women in this business have partners. Performing in Adult films really kinda makes you crave intimacy with someone special. It doesn’t make you a Sex Fiend who runs around the city fucking and sucking everything that moves without protecting. It does the opposite. In fact Professional Performers are more cautious of having unprotected sex, because they know that they have to get tested every 30 days and they will be out of work if they catch something. Everyone has bills to pay no matter what you do for a living. Adult performers are just the same, we need our health in check even more so, because our health is what is the biggest concern on the porn set.

3. Adult performers are much more educated about STD’S than most of the public, because it serves us to be in the know. The government would serve us as a nation better to give out free education and protection so that every day people could protect themselves and know what to look for.

4. Do you really want the government to jump into your personal life every time they have an agenda and tell you what you can do with your own body and personal life. NO! You don’t need the government giving you permission for your every move. Well, by VOTING yes on B you are telling the government that it is OK for them to dictate your every move, your choices. This is dangerous, do you really want to live in a Communist country where you have to do everything the government tells you and you do not have FREEDOM OF CHOICE. We live in a FREE society, we enjoy FREEDOM but we are losing it and by thinking these things don’t concern you then you are wrong. It’s a slippery slope that we are walking.

DO YOU WANT YOUR FREEDOM OF CHOICE??? then please vote NO on Measure B ( if you vote in Los Angeles county).
Measure B is funded by the Aids Healthcare Foundation and if it passes everyone who shoots porn in Los Angeles will be required to wear condoms, dental dams, gloves and a whole bunch of shit that is NOT necessary on our sets. It doesn’t protect us, it will put us out of work and drive the money that is generated in LA COUNTY, out of LA COUNTY.
The economy is already bad, and California broke. LET’S NOT SEND THIS MONEY out of LA COUNTY.
If the law passes, government officials are going to scour Los Angeles and go to every porn set they find and hand out outrageous fines and possibly 6 months imprisonment to anyone on set. It’s quite scary, not to mention a huge waste of tax payer money and resources.

I’ve been in porn for almost 22 years and feel 100% safe with the testing procedures and standards the adult industry holds itself to. It’ safer than most of the promiscuous sex that goes on in this world. How many times do you think people ask to see someones test when they are going to engage in SEX. Probably never. And of top of us seeing each others bill of health now we are suppose to be covered in Latex to protect our mouths, hands, and holes! In addition to that, adult companies and performers deserve a choice to shoot condom only and /or work for condom only companies. This choice should not be made by a bunch of people who aren’t in porn. It’s unjust to be threatened with jail time unless I follow a bogus health code set by someone who has never been on a porn set.
To make a long story short, Measure B isn’t going to help anyone in the porn industry;  it’s going to cost taxpayers a lot of money and waste a lot of time!

What’s next, MAINSTREAM actors should have to wear dental dams and show proof they don’t have Hepatitis when kissing and doing love scenes in mainstream TV and MOVIES. Where does it end?

Even couples doing WEB CAMS shows in their own homes will be required to follow these same laws, even if they are husband and wife and only performing with each other. They will have to be tested and wear all the latex protection to ensure they are not infecting the viewers watching the web can show. LMAO.. I mean really, they will be required to follow the same laws and if found not doing so, may serve 6 months in jail and fines!!!

ITS OUTRAGEOUS, UNNECESSARY AND TOTALLY A WASTE OF TIME and it’s all misleading and blown out of proportion.

*200,000 people a year DIE due to Pharmaceutical drugs, unrelated to overdose!
*People die in MASS NUMBERS in hospitals due to infection unrelated to why they are in hospital.
*The most amount of people contracting HIV and dying from HIV is not in the Adult Industry. It’s on the streets with drug users sharing needles.
Contrary to belief most porn stars are NOT drug addicts/users. They don’t shoot drugs and don’t share needles. There AREN’T any drugs on set being handed out.
Drugs and alcohol are NOT ALLOWED ON PORN SETS. Producers do NOT condone this kind of behavior. Our industry works on insured sets and cannot afford to be put out of business by turning a blind eye to this kind of behavior.
Producers and Crew members are hard working individuals who are there to produce the best product they can, with performers that care about what they do. Not underground hoodlums who are shooting NON professional adult movies. That is not the business under attack from the LAW. They are going after a very strict, regulated business that follows the codes and laws giving to us. But this law is unnecessary and will put us out of business.

There is NO other choice, unless you really just don’t want to enjoy Porn anymore and you want to drive the $$$ generated by Porn out of LA County.
It starts in LA and then if it passes, it may spread across our nation and you will be ruled by religious rite and not have the luxury of watching porn, going to strip clubs, etc…
Don’t see this as one small issue, its the beginning of something bigger, we need to stop now!



Taylor Wane