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Johnny Castle Hot cock Deep in my Wet Twat.

I was feeling so horny and a little bored this one afternoon. As I flipped through an Industry Magazine I saw lots of Hot photos that made me even more aroused. I picked up my Phone and took a quick look through the address book. Well it didn’t take long to reach C… for Castle. My pussy got a little moister thinking about Johnny. I hadn’t seen him in a while but he always looks so sexy. I sent him a text asking if he was available to shoot and I got a quick response with a yes. “Is this afternoon too soon?”, I asked. The response was “Not too soon at all, what time do you want me there?”. Oh! as quick as possible I thought but I didn’t want to seem too eager.
We set a time and I went to my room to shower and get ready for the shoot. The warm wet water felt good splashing on my skin and I rubbed soap all over my huge boobs and bare pussy. I wanted to masturbate so bad but thought I should save it for Johnny. Johnny always goes down and eats pussy really well, so I def want to save myself for his tongue.
I was a little excited when the door bell rang, and as I opened it there he was, Sexy as ever and a cute little smirk on his face.
The camera guy was ready and we got straight to work, snapping shots and getting up real close. I could feel his hard cock pushing through his pants trying to get to me. I kneeled down in front of him and unzipped his pants, his hard cock popped out and slapped my face. 🙂 I grabbed that swollen piece of meat and slipped it in my mouth, sucking and licking it til it grew even more. Johnny asked if I wanted to 69 and of course that’s an offer I can’t refuse so I planted my pussy on his face and enjoyed his super tongue action. It didn’t take me long to build to an orgasm and squirt all over his face. I wanted his cock inside of me sooooo bad. I turned around in doggie position and pushed my ass up in the air inviting his cock to enter my soaking wet pussy.
He slowly slide that hard meat into my twat and started to fuck me nice and slow. We made several position changes for the camera and each and every time his hard cock pounding my cunt was making me breathless for more.
Finally as I felt his balls swell I got down in front of him and opened my mouth while I squeezed my tits. He shot his hot, sticky load all over my mouth and face and I licked it up, enjoying every drop of it.
Hmmmm, Johnny was one hot stud and always a great fuck!
Miss Taylor Wane








Taylor Takes on the Hot young cock of Johnny Castle

Taylor Takes on the Hot young cock of Johnny Castle