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Julie spoils her man with Anal Love

All my friends are sluts.. Or should I say GOOD WOMEN!! they know how to keep their fellas happy. After a Long day at work, you want to come home to a woman who knows and wants to make you relax, wind down and then get hard!
Julie loves to spoil her guy, in every way and I do mean every way!
This is what she told me she did just a few days ago… Lucky fella.

In her words..

You come home after a long day. It’s late and you are tired. The house is dark save the lit candles placed throughout the living room. On the floor an envelope, your name carefully written on it. You pick it up and open it. Inside a note: 

Go to the bathroom, undress yourself
and get into the warm bath
I have prepared for you.
Relax and enjoy it.

You walk to the bathroom and find it lit with candles. A tall chilled glass of Goose is set on a tray for you. The bath is filled with steaming water and billowing bubbles. A soft, fresh scent lingers in the air. You take a deep breath and you begin to relax. You undress yourself in the candle light. Soft music can be heard in the background as you step into the bath. The warm water envelopes you and the days troubles and worries start to slip away. Take a sip of your dink, and let the coolness slides down your throat. Close your eyes and lay there in the warmth and think where is she?

You lay there for a few moments, drifting off , then you feel my hands on your shoulders. I whisper for you to keep your eyes closed. I run my hands across your shoulders, massaging them gently, my nails scraping your flesh. You can feel me leaned against you, my breasts just inches from your face. I lean a little closer and they touch your face. Taking the sponge into my hands, I start to wash you, slowly and gently. The warm water running down your back, your neck, your chest. I wash your belly, my hands traveling lower. My fingers graze your cock, but only for a moment as I kiss you. Licking and nibbling at your lips, sucking on your bottom lip, my tongue playing with yours. I moan softly into your mouth as I pull you closer to me. I whisper, “Come into the bedroom” and then I slip out of the bathroom. Opening your eyes you see that I am gone. You lay there for a moment, then get up and out of the bath. Drying yourself off, you walk naked to the bedroom.

You come into the bedroom and find me laying on the bed. Propped up against the headboard I am wearing a black night gown, pulled up to my thighs. My legs are open widely and you can see I am wearing panties, but they are crotchless, my pink cunt waiting for you. I lay there watching you as I slide my hands down across my belly and down to my pussy. My fingers rub against me, spreading my wetness around. I invite you to our bed. As you sit down I spread my lips and slip a finger into me, slowly fucking myself. Lifting the same finger to your mouth, I ask you to taste me. And then I taste myself, licking my finger, then sliding it into my mouth and sucking it clean. I reach down and run my finger across the head of your cock and take the cum off, then lick it off my finger. I stick two fingers inside me and start to fuck myself again. Using my other hand I start to play with my clit, rubbing slowly at first then faster and harder. I moan louder, and start to pant. Whimpering escapes my lips, as I get closer to cumming. You watch as my fingers become slicker as my pussy juice starts to cover them. My cunt glistens with wetness. You can smell my sex and hear my fingers work in and out of me. I close my eyes and lean back against the headboard. My neck starts to arch, my body starts to tense, my whimpering becomes more urgent as I start to cum. You are intent on watching me cum, watching my face, seeing my body begin to quiver, you never notice that we are not alone in the room.

Her hands start to caress your shoulders, nails digging into your flesh. I open my eyes and watch for a moment, then smile at you.

She drags her nails across your back, then reaches down and grabs your ass. “You’re right Julie, he does have a fuckable ass.” “Yes he does Lisa, but it’s my ass to fuck” as I crawl across the bed towards you. I run my hands across your chest and down your belly, then grabbing your cock, giving it a nice hard squeeze. “Nice and hard, just like we want it.” I tell you to lie down on the bed, making sure you sit up enough to watch. I smile at my friend and we sit on either side of you. “Delicious looking isn’t it?” “Yes, and I want to suck it.” I grab your cock and hold it straight up for her. “Go ahead and suck it, see how he tastes and feels in your mouth.” She lies down next to you, then slowly runs her tongue down your cock. She starts to lick at you faster, broadening her tongue. I watch you for a moment then her. I lean down and begin to lap up the cum from the head, then wrap my mouth around it, sucking you hard, while her tongue travels up and down your cock. I lift my head and she takes you into her mouth, sucking on you. I lean down and start licking your balls. I can’t resist and I take them into my mouth, licking and sucking on them.

I push your legs open more so I can get at them better. She and I take turns licking and sucking you, slobbering all over your cock, making it wet and slippery. I whisper something to Lisa and she straddles you, her cunt facing you. “Honey, lick her pussy for her.” I reach back and hold her pink cunt open for you, then push your face into it. Your tongue starts to lick at her pussy, so wet, so pink and right in your face. I lean forward to watch as your tongue slides into her, in and out, your tongue flicking across her clit. Moaning she leans into your mouth, pushing her pussy into you. You grab her hips and pull her to you, shoving your tongue in deeper, her mouth on your cock, sucking and licking. I watch for moment longer, then I slip two fingers into her cunt and start to fuck her. My fingers sliding in and out of her as you lick her. I stick my fingers into your mouth, then into mine sucking the juice off. “Mmmm tastes good huh?” Lisa starts to suck on you harder, as she gets close to cumming. “Come in his mouth Lisa.” She pushes back harder, moaning, forcing your tongue into her. Her body tenses as she grinds into you, her pussy clenching at your tongue as she starts to cum. Her cum fills your mouth, as yours fills hers. Her mouth filled with your cum, she looks up at me. I lean towards her and she kisses me, sharing your cum with me.

We all lay there for a while, just talking and laughing, enjoying ourselves. You watch Lisa and I, looking at her and seeing how similar she is to me. Long blonde hair, a little more petite than I am, very pretty, a little younger than me, very curvaceous. Just my type. I look at you and then at your cock. Mmmm already hard again. What do we want to do now?

I tell you to get on all fours. I look at Lisa as I lick my lips. “Fuckable huh?” She nods her head, then reaches for your ass. She spreads you, pulling you open for us. Your ass just there, waiting to be fucked. I smack your ass once for good measure. Lisa follows my example but smacks you even harder. Your ass already pinkening. We sit on either side of you, both our fingers gently poking at your asshole. Lisa slips her finger into her pussy, then back to you, slipping her finger into you. I watch as your ass opens slightly for her, then clenching at her finger. Lisa starts to moan as she watches her finger fuck you. I lean forward and flick my tongue across your ass.

Poking at you, but waiting. Lisa watches, then pulls you open further, leaning forward she starts to lick you with me. Both our tongues licking at you. Taking turns sticking our tongue into you. Each seeing who can get our tongue in further. Driving our tongues into you, wiggling inside you. Lisa is leaned forward and I can see her pussy is wet. I reach around her and slip my fingers inside her. Fucking her. She leans into my fingers, fucking me back. Wiggling around on them. She reaches over and slowly slides her fingers into me. Fucking each other, we really dive into your ass. Fucking you hard with our tongues. Going deeper and deeper. Opening you, lapping at your ass. Poking our tongues in and out of you.

I lower my head and start to lick at your balls, then taking them into my mouth and sucking them as Lisa slides her tongue in and out. I tell you to start jacking yourself off. I tell Lisa to keep licking your ass as I slide beneath you. My mouth just inches away from your cock. I wait. Waiting for your cum. Flicking my tongue across the head, licking at the cum already there. I watch as your cock thickens more, then open my mouth. Ready for your cum to shoot in my mouth. You moan louder, and start to cum. I lick at your cum, trying to catch it all. Some gets in my mouth, some on my face. You lay down on the bed and Lisa looks at me. Your cum on my face. She leans forward and starts to lick the cum off of me as you watch. When she is done, we kiss sharing the last bit of your cum in my mouth.

I turn to you and ask, “Did you enjoy this honey?”

“Oh yes.”

Taylor Wane

Anal Sex after Dinner.. Yes Please

It hadn’t taken them long to find a dark alley once the left the restaurant. The minute they were out of sight he shoved her against the wall, pushing his knee between her legs and forcing head up as he ravished her mouth. Not satisfied with plundering her mouth his hands slipped down and squeezed her tits hard, causing the women to gasp into his mouth.

Pulling back he took in the red bruised lips before turning his attention to her tits, rubbing the nips through the black dress. Grabbing the straps he yanked them down along with the upper part of the dress, exposing the white mounds to the brisk air.

Satisfied that he now had full access he returned to kneading the woman’s tits, occasionally twisting a nipple hard enough to get a hiss of pleasured pain from the women.

“Such pretty swollen tits,” the man murmured, “they just begging to be abused and marked.”

He leaned down and bit hard on the upper part of the left mound, causing the women to jerk against him. He pulled back slightly to admire the mark that immediately began to form, before he proceeded to start on the other tit. It wasn’t long before both tits were covered in saliva and bite marks that wouldn’t completely be hidden in the dress and the women was panting heavily.

Smirking the man forced her legs farther a part and slid a hand under the skirt of the dress. Yanking hard he tore the silky undies and tossed them to the side, before pressing a finger roughly into her pussy.

“You’re dripping wet,” he said, before withdrawing his finger. Ignoring her protest he brought the finger to her mouth, pressing it against her lips until she parted them, letting him slide it into her mouth, giving her a taste of her own juice. He leaned forward, while pushing her dress up, pressing he pants covered knee against her exposed pussy.

“If you want me to fill that greedy little pussy you are going to have to earn it slut,” he murmured against her ear. Pulling back he moved until there was a few steps between them.

“I suggest you start put that mouth to good use and start sucking slut,” he told her gesturing crudely to his cock.

Hesitantly she dropped down in front of him, her knees scrapping against the cement, her tits still completely exposed. In a few seconds he had the zipper down and the button undone, he pulled the pants open just enough to let his cock spring free.

“Suck,” he commanded, dragging her down on hard length, hands entangled in her hair. Reaching up she wrapped her fingers around it, pressing her tongue to the tip of the jutting penis, before wrapping her lips around the head. With one hand she started to massage the balls at the base, Hollowing her mouth she slide as much of the thick piece of meat as she could into her mouth, using her other hand to grip the base.

After a few minutes hands tightened in her hair and her head was forced down and he shoved his cock all the way down her throat, causing her to gag around the length. The tightening of her throat seemed to only encourage him as he proceeded to fuck her mouth hard, balls slapping her face as she was forced to take him all the way down.

Finally satisfied that he had completely raped her mouth he pulled back, leaving the women on her knees panting hard, her throat sore and her body shaking.

“As much as I enjoyed your mouth, I have no attention of Cumming until I’ve fucked you properly,” told her, before dragging her to her feet. He looked around for a second, before his eyes caught sight of a waist high metal dumpster a few yards away. Pulling her over he pushed her up onto the lid, until she lay on her back, her legs spread wide on either side of his body.

Pushing the dress up he pushed his cock into the wet folds of her pussy with one quick thrust. Not bothering to give the women time to adjust to the intrusion he repeatedly buried himself inside her, fucking her hard as she gasped and moaned beneath him.

“Such an eager slut,” the man hissed as he pounded into the wet heat. His words caused the woman to shudder, pussy tightening for a second as she rode out an orgasm.

“I’m not done with you yet,” he told her before he pulled out with a wet pop. Forcing her legs up higher he held open exposing her dripping pussy and her pink ass hole.

He pressed a finger against the pink bud, sliding it in with some work.

“So fucking tight, you’re going to feel so good around my cock.” he muttered as he positioned his length against the hole. Pushing the head into the ring of muscles he thrust into her, driving his cock deeper and deeper in her ass with each one. She whimpered slightly as she was stretched painfully as he fucked her open.

It wasn’t long before he was sliding all the way in, his balls slapping against her ass, before pulling back out, only to slam back in again. The tight walls of her ass clenching around him as she rode her second orgasm was too much for him and he came shooting his load deep into her hole.

Spent he stepped back to view his work, he took in the slut spread out on the dumpster, dress hiked up to reveal her pussy and dripping ass, tits covered in marks, jiggling as she panted. Catching sight of the torn panties he reached down and picked them up to use them to clean himself off. Tossing them on her face, wet with his cum and her pussy juices, he proceeded to tuck himself back in.

“Thanks for the ride slut. I’ll be sure to call you next time I need to get off and require a tight hole to cum in.” He told her smirking, before turning to leave.
Taylor Wane

Anal Sex and My friend Carmen

Carmen is my friend. She’s hot and she is horny! she comes over for a cup of coffee and loves to tell me all about her and her husbands sex life, I can’t say that I mind listening to her. Her stories always get me hot and wet so when I see my lover later, I like to play out whatever Carmen has been up to… One of these days I will tell her 🙂
Her is her story….
Carmen and her husband’s cousin, Jeff, were watching a movie on a rainy Tuesday afternoon. Jeff moved in with Carmen and her husband, Phil, a few months ago. Phil was away at work so Jeff’s only goal was to get Carmen out of her clothes. She is 23 years old 5’7” with 32 DD tits, light skin, a beautiful chubby ass, dark hair and of Mexican descent.

“I’ll eat you out if you suck my dick,” Jeff propositioned.

“Last time you said that I got a mouthful of cum and you fell asleep,” Carmen replied.

“I won’t this time. Come on, what’s the big deal, you like sucking dick anyway.”

“Yeah well maybe later,” Carmen said with a yawn.

“But I got a boner now bitch!” Jeff said as he unzipped his jeans and pulled his dick out. He stood up and put the head of his cock by Carmen’s mouth.

“Alright fine, your such a baby.” Carmen got on her knees in front of Jeff and put her mouth around his dick.

“Hold on, let me take my pants off so you can lick my balls.” Jeff took his pants and boxers off and sat on the couch. Carmen grabbed his dick and held it up so she could get her mouth to Jeff’s nuts. Jeff felt Carmen’s warm tongue lick his balls and he almost came on Carmen’s face. Suddenly Carmen stopped and stood up. She reached into her pocket and pulled her phone out.

“Oh hey what’s up Juan… Oh really?… Yeah I’ll come over… No, I’m not doing shit. I’ll be there in a little bit.” Carmen hung up the phone and started to walk out of the room.


“Suck your own dick, Juan has some coke and there’s no customers at the taco truck he’s working at,” Carmen explained.

“He works at a fucking roach coach now? Bring me back some tacos,” Jeff said as Carmen changed into a sweatshirt and walked out the door. Fifteen minutes later Carmen arrived at the Tacos Garcia Brothers taco truck. It was raining pretty hard so Carmen ran to the door of the truck and knocked. Juan opened the door and gestured for Carmen to hurry and get in. Juan grabbed a dry wash cloth and padded down Carmen to help dry her off. He seemed to make sure her ass and tits were especially dry.

“Thanks Juan, it really started to pour.”

“It really raining hard, you get very wet,” Juan said in heavily accented English. Carmen and Juan chatted for a few minutes and snorted some lines. They got high and talked for a while. Carmen was getting hot inside the truck so she decided to take her sweatshirt off. She forgot that she did not put anything on underneath and her big beautiful breasts were in full view. Juan reached around Carmen’s waist and pulled her close to his body. He was shorter than her so her nipples were about at his shoulders.

“Damn, you don’t mess around, let me do a bump off your nipples?”

“Let me have a bump first,” Carmen negotiated.

“Okay,” Juan agreed. Juan let Carmen have some more coke then he poured some on her nipples and snorted it off. He then reached up to grab her tits and sucked her nipple into his mouth. Carmen’s nipples got really hard and she began to moan. Juan slid his hand down her back and inside the waist of her sweatpants. He slid his hand down further and grabbed between her ass crack and rubbed her butthole. He took his mouth off her nipple and turned her around. He pulled her pants and thong down to her knees and spread her ass cheeks.

“You have big nice ass. You suck my dick now okay.” Juan pulled his pants down and started to stroke his cock. Carmen turned around with her pants still around her knees and bent over to get her mouth around Juan’s dick. Juan grabbed the back of Carmen’s head and pushed her down on his dick. She held on to Juan’s thighs as he fucked her mouth. Juan moved Carmen’s head so fast her ass was clapping open and closed. Carmen tightened her lips around the base of Juan’s shaft and sucked hard. Juan stopped moving and let Carmen suck. She sucked hard without moving much as if Juan’s dick was a thick fleshy straw. Juan reached down to grab Carmen’s tits and nipples while she continued to enjoy his cock. Juan felt like he was going to cum so he pulled his dick out and turned Carmen around.

“Can I fuck you in you big ass?”

“You want to fuck my ass Juan?”

“Yes I want you ass,” Juan said as he licked his thumb and pushed it into Carmen’s butthole.

“OH FUCK!” Carmen jumped when she felt her asshole open up to take Juan’s thumb. Juan pushed his thumb all the way in and started to work it in and out. Carmen relaxed her asshole a bit to let Juan know she was ready. Juan grabbed a bottle of cooking oil and squirted a small amount on his dick. He grabbed Carmen’s hip with his left hand and his cock with his right. He lined up his dick with her bootyhole and shoved it in.

“OOOWW FUCK!” Carmen yelled.

“Oh yes, you so fucking tight,” Juan said as he grabbed Carmen’s hips and shoved his dick all the way in. Juan then abruptly pulled his cock all the way out with a pop.

“HOLY SHIT!” Carmen screamed.

“You ready bitch?” Juan asked with his dick right at Carmen’s butthole.

“Yes, give it to me Juan!” Juan rammed his dick back up Carmen’s ass and started to fuck her hard. Carmen’s tits and ass were bouncing with each thrust. Carmen reached back and placed her hands on her ass cheeks. She moved them a little closer to her hole and spread her ass so Juan could go deeper. Juan thrust forward hard making Carmen inhale deeply and open her eyes wide with pain and pleasure.

“Fuck that ass Juan, oh fuck, oh shit Juan,” Carmen moaned. Carmen’s ass slapped loudly on Juan’s thighs as he rammed his cock deep up her butt. Carmen could feel Juan’s dick opening her ass up each time he rammed it in. Juan slapped Carmen’s ass and pulled her hair in rhythm with his thrusts.

“You like it bitch? You want me cum in you mouth put a?”

“Yes, cum in my mouth Juan.”

“Pinche Puta!” Juan laughed.

Juan pulled his cock out and turned Carmen around. He pulled her to her knees and shoved his cock in her mouth. Carmen felt Juan’s dick throb and begin to shoot cum. Carmen swallowed as Juan’s dick continued to fill her mouth. Juan finished and Carmen sucked until she couldn’t taste cum anymore.

“Thanks for coming over Carmen. I have to work now, it don’t raining anymore,” Juan said as he pulled his pants up.

“Alright i’ll get going but can I have four carne asada tacos before I go?” Carmen asked.

“Okay, you want a soda with that?”

Taylor Wane

A wild Anal Vacation…

Oh I just love vacations. Getting away from all the crap at home to any place where you don’t have to work, or do washes, or clean the house. The best thing about vacations is the sex. At home, I could have sex every day but something always gets in the way. It’s more about him not wanting to have sex than it is about me. He needs to be ready for it, but me, I’m ready to go at any time.

The sex we’ve been having on vacation has been unbelievable. Morning, noon, and night! We both definitely lose our inhibitions. My lover will usually buy me some things to wear while we’re away. He likes the tiniest little panties, g-strings, and thongs. He doesn’t really care about anything on top. He would rather have me go bra-less. It’s not something I “love” to do, but if it makes him happy then I know he’ll make me happy. He prefers to go “commando”, no underwear with his penis hanging down one leg or the other.

We both keep our private areas shaved smooth. He absolutely loves to eat me out. It seems he could spend hours with his face in my crotch, sucking on my inner labia, which are pretty big to begin with, but get even bigger when I’m excited. I have a clit that’s always visible, excited or not. Guys don’t always get it right when they’re sucking on a clit. I like to let him eat my pussy while I play with my clit. It’s certainly the best of both worlds. My labia and clit rub up against my panties all day, so I’m always aware of my sexuality. I’ve taken to wearing the smallest thongs that barely hold everything in. When I look in the mirror, I can always see a nice “camel-toe.” His lack of pubic hair in no way minimizes his manhood. I love the look of his hardened penis, especially when he’s wearing a cock ring.

My tits are plump 34DD’s with good-sized nipples. My aureoles are very light in color so during foreplay he likes to suck on them so they become very pink and swollen. I enjoy the attention that he gives to my nipples which, when excited, will get so hard and that just makes him even more turned on.

We usually start our bedroom sex with a porn DVD. My Lover always makes the selections since he’s the one who buys it. For the last few years, the focus of the porn has been anal sex and blow-jobs, which is obviously the direction he wants to go in. I was always into giving blow-jobs although I think I could do it better. I love to swallow his cum so that’s not the problem. I wish I could take his cock deeper in my mouth, like the “deep-throat” that we always see in the movies. I just can’t seem to force myself to do it. A lot of times, I’ll be giving him a blow-job, usually after I’ve had an orgasm, and he’ll be playing with his nipples, which really excites him. I just can’t seem to get him to cum and my mouth starts to hurt. He’ll push my head away and start to masturbate. I’ll take over playing with his nipples and watch him stroke himself. The whole scene is very hot. I’ll sit next to him, with my hands draped over his shoulders, caressing his nipples while he’s beating his meat. I know he’s about to cum by the speed of his strokes. Just as he cums, I’ll put my mouth on the head of his cock so I can receive his ejaculate. He’ll cum in my mouth and then he’ll pull my face to his and give me a long deep kiss. When he did this the first time, I thought his own cum would repulse him, but it was just the opposite. Whenever he cums in my mouth, we’ll kiss and snowball his load. It turns me on that he would share this most intimate experience with me.

As I said before, he loves to eat me and I love being eaten. He’ll have his head stuck between my legs, eating me voraciously, and he’ll start massaging the inside of my thighs, working his hands up to my pussy. He likes rimming my asshole. I use to have some difficulty accepting his tongue on and in my ass, primarily because of my hang-ups about what an asshole is for. I’m as clean as a whistle, actually probably cleaner, so it wasn’t about whether he was going to run into anything he shouldn’t back there. It was just a hang-up. I was going to tell him I was not thrilled by the idea of him licking my asshole until I felt how good it was to have my asshole licked. Now, wherever he wants to put his tongue is fine with me.

During these extended sessions of cunnilingus and rimming, his fingers would ultimately end up playing with my pussy and clit. I would have my legs spread to make it easier for him to reach his target. One time, he ran a finger around the rim of my rectum and I felt a new excitement and stimulation. Instead of my ass tightening up as you might think would happen, I felt my asshole relax. This gentle massage of my asshole became pretty much his standard operating procedure. If I wanted him to do it, I would spread my legs even farther apart than usual, like I was inviting him to touch my anus. Then it happened. He was eating me out and rimming me and I was particularly wet. The mixture of his saliva and my juices trickled down from my pussy onto my asshole. He began his circular dance on my sphincter, pushing it in.

I don’t think it was an accident when his finger entered my ass. He was in, up to the first knuckle, and I responded by raising my hips, silently begging him to stick his finger in deeper. My hips started to rotate almost involuntarily. I pushed his head down onto my pussy and told him to suck on my clit. I heard a muffled response. I don’t know what he said, nor did I care. All I know is that I was being finger-fucked in my ass and had a mouth sucking furiously on my clitoris. I played with my tits, pinching and squeezing my nipples, inflicting pain on myself that mixed with the intense pleasure I was feeling. My orgasm nearly blew the top of my head off. I knew right then and there that anal play was going to be an important part of our sexual activity. My Lover asked me if everything was OK to which I could only respond with a very satisfied grin on my face.

I told him to fuck me. He climbed on top of me and stuck his very hard dick into my pussy. I was very wet from the eating and sucking that he gave me so his cock had no trouble slipping between my swollen labia and finding its home, deep in my canal. I really wanted him to come in my mouth, something that I think is just about the most intimate sex act. I pushed him off of me and told him to get comfortable. He sat up on the bed and I went down on him. Part of the intensity of a really good blow-job is when he’s just taken his cock out of my pussy and it’s covered with my internal juices. I love the taste of my own cunt. Many’s the time that I have fingered myself and licked my fingers clean. The two stages of a great blow-job are first licking my sex fluid fresh from my pussy off his dick and then having him shoot his cum into my mouth. It’s sweet and then salt. The piece de resistance is snowballing his cum mixed with my juice. The intensity of the tongue kiss that follows a blow-job is almost enough to give me another orgasm.

When we go on vacation, we always rent a house that offers us a lot of privacy. We like to lie out nude in the sun. Being outdoors without any clothes on is animalistic, primitive, and just plain exciting and certainly not something we get to do at home. We are too inhibited to become nudists and walk around in front of other people but when we are alone together we become allergic to clothing.

On one vacation a few years ago, we were lying out in the sun, enjoying the warmth of a nice summer afternoon. I had a glass of wine and a joint. My Lover, who stopped smoking many years ago, helped himself to a couple of shots of scotch so we would be on the same level. Baby oil was the tanning lotion of choice so I asked my Lover to apply it to my back. There was no way that he was just going to do my back, especially since I was completely naked. He told me to lie on my stomach so he could do the job properly. I felt a squirt of the oil on my back and then I felt his hands rubbing it in. I was enjoying the back massage when he dropped another big squirt on my buttocks and thighs. His hands spread the oil on my ass. As he kneaded my cheeks, he subtly pulled them apart and let the oil drip down over my asshole. His hands dipped down into my crack and spread my legs apart, exposing my asshole. I felt his finger circle my rectum and coat my outer sphincter with the oil.

His hands rubbed more oil on my inner thighs and the rest of my legs. My clitoris was pounding from the blood surging into it. I think I know what it’s like for a man when he gets an erection. Done with my back, he told me to turn over. Since he ended my back with my legs, he started from the bottom and worked his way up. I was lying on my back, basking in the warmth of the hot summer sun. My Lover took the baby oil and squeezed out a line of it on each leg and then put a generous amount right down the center of my chest. With his slippery hands he began a slow journey up my legs. He spent considerable time rubbing the oil into my thighs while his hands would come teasingly close to my crotch. With every stroke he got closer and closer to my swollen labia, my throbbing clitoris, and my tunnel of love.

Because the day was still young, he kept away from any kind of penetration. Instead with an open palm, he rubbed the oil on my shaved pubic mound, applying just enough pressure to heighten my excitement. With his other hand, he applied the oil to my tits. He made sure to pinch my nipples firmly as he rubbed in the oil. When he was finished with me, it was my turn to oil him up. Now a guy usually has only one center of attention. In this situation it would be his prick. But my lover is a little different than most men. I spread the baby oil on his chest and made sure that his nipples got the attention they deserved. I worked my way down to his cock, applying a liberal amount to his completely shaved crotch. The oil let me stroke his cock with only the friction I wanted to create. I could grab his prick tightly and have him shoot his load or just give him a soft rub. The day was young. I went for the soft approach.

Then it was my turn to tell him to roll over. I did his back as he did mine. I worked my way down to his ass and put some oil on his ass cheeks. He spread his legs apart and waited to see what I was going to do. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander! I let some oil drip down to his asshole. I knew by how his legs were splayed what he wanted. I took the middle finger on my right hand (it’s the one without the long nail) and rubbed his asshole. He raised his ass in a way that told me he wanted me to stick my finger in his hole. My finger was well-greased as was his rectum. I slipped my finger in as far as it would go and whispered in his ear that he had better not cum. I sat there next to him with my finger up his ass enjoying the warm sun. Both our bodies were glistening from the baby oil. The sun was hot and so were we. He rolled over onto his back, pulling away from the finger in his ass.

He wanted to slow things down a bit. We had a little more to drink to keep the great buzz going. We were enjoying our vacation and wanted to make every minute count. I would look over at him to see what state of excitement he was in. I don’t think his dick ever went completely flaccid. It wasn’t hard but it wasn’t soft either. It kind of hung across his leg, its length almost as long as when it was erect, which was a good firm six inches. The sunlight shining off the baby oil emphasized the swollen veins that ran the length of his cock. It looked very impressive, like the cock on a body builder. It wouldn’t take much to get him fully aroused.

I couldn’t wait any more. We were lying side by side. He was on his back and I was lying on my stomach. I reached over and started to rub his chest with my slippery hand. I quickly concentrated on his nipples which I have come to believe are the most erogenous area of his body. His nipples immediately hardened to erect little buds. I looked down at his penis and saw it start to twitch. His cock began its journey from flaccid to erect and I knew it was going to be a short trip. Within a minute, his prick was fully erect, resting against his stomach. I moved my hand from his chest and wrapped it around his stiffened greasy rod. I thought that if I squeezed it, it would slip right out of my grip, so instead I began to stroke him with hardly any pressure at all.

He responded by grabbing my ass and squeezing my cheeks. I began to grind my pubic mound against the mat we were lying on. Unconsciously, I spread my legs apart. I could feel the hot sun warming my asshole. We were turned on to the point where slow and subtle foreplay was unnecessary and ineffective. With my legs spread apart and my anus completely exposed, my lover ran a finger down the crack of my ass. That finger came to rest on my outer sphincter and began a circular massage on my anal ring. Being where we were, completely alone, lying outside in the hot sun, removed any tension that my body might have had. My mind focused on allowing my asshole to open up on its own so that his finger would have no doubts about what it was supposed to do. I felt a very slight pressure against my anus from his finger and I was determined to offer no resistance.

My lover pushed his finger into my anus and aggressively began finger-fucking me. I asked him to put another finger in. On the next inward stroke, I felt a larger presence. Now there were two fingers going in and out of my ass. I was still slowly stroking his dick with only the slightest pressure. I didn’t want him to cum yet. I wasn’t ready. I whispered to him that I wanted him to fuck me. I rolled over onto my back and told him to fuck me. He got on his knees between my spread legs and played with my clit. I told him that I wanted to be fucked! Leaning on one arm, he took his penis in his free hand and rubbed my swollen labia working his way into my cunt. We were both coated with baby oil from head to toe so his penis went in effortlessly.

A lot of lube can reduce the friction that can bring on an orgasm. You know it’s coming but it’s going to take a little longer. Believe me, I’m not complaining. I think you know that you’re eventually going to get there but there’s nothing wrong if the ride is a little longer. His dick felt incredibly large inside me. His sweat was dripping on my face and I could taste its salty tang. It was like an aphrodisiac. My head was spinning from the wine and weed and the heat of the sun. My mind was thinking of all the ways he could make me cum and that’s when I told him that he could put his cock “in the back” if he wanted to, but it had to be very slowly.

I saw the look on his face and I knew that this was something he wishing for quite a while. He pulled his cock out of my pussy and my legs as far apart as he could. He lifted himself onto his knees and rested the head of his prick against my asshole. I was physically and mentally prepared for what was about to happen. The head of his penis was able to slip into my anus until it met the barrier created by my inner sphincter. I knew from what I’ve read that they key was getting past this inside gate. I was prepared from whatever discomfort or pain it might take to get his dick inside me. It was going to be mind over matter.

I concentrated on relaxing my anus completely. He gripped his cock and fed it into my rectum a very little bit at a time. Within seconds the head had passed the second barrier. His cock was half way in. He started to pull out and push back in but I told him he had to put it all the way in before he could do anything else. The pain from the insertion of his penis went through my body like a hot flash and then was gone, followed by waves of pleasure that were coming from all the rich nerve endings in my anus. I was full of his cock. I could feel his pubic mound pressing against my labia.

I reached down and began playing with my clit. Within a minute, I was slapping at like it was a bad little girl. My lover was playing with my tits, trying to pinch my nipples which kept slipping out of his grip because of the baby oil. He pulled his dick almost all the way out of my ass, and then with one smooth motion, put it all the way in. His pace was very even, in and out, in and out. My orgasm was building and I knew that its arrival was momentary. I kept slapping my clit and told him I was going to cum. He picked up his pace and began fucking my ass like there was no tomorrow. I was squeezing his cock with my rectum as he fucked me but then my orgasm took over and the pulsations became involuntary. With one last thrust, he came deep in my ass and almost fell on top of me, his cock still in me.

We rested for a few seconds. He lifted himself off of me. His penis gently came out of my ass. What was once hard and swollen, was now empty, totally spent. We looked at each other with a look of discovery, as if we had just invented the light bulb. To date, it had to be one of my “top ten” orgasms. For my lover, he finally had the “forbidden fruit.” And, I can tell you for sure, he would be having it again…


Taylor Wane