Anal Sex and My friend Carmen

Carmen is my friend. She’s hot and she is horny! she comes over for a cup of coffee and loves to tell me all about her and her husbands sex life, I can’t say that I mind listening to her. Her stories always get me hot and wet so when I see my lover later, I like to play out whatever Carmen has been up to… One of these days I will tell her πŸ™‚
Her is her story….
Carmen and her husband’s cousin, Jeff, were watching a movie on a rainy Tuesday afternoon. Jeff moved in with Carmen and her husband, Phil, a few months ago. Phil was away at work so Jeff’s only goal was to get Carmen out of her clothes. She is 23 years old 5’7” with 32 DD tits, light skin, a beautiful chubby ass, dark hair and of Mexican descent.

“I’ll eat you out if you suck my dick,” Jeff propositioned.

“Last time you said that I got a mouthful of cum and you fell asleep,” Carmen replied.

“I won’t this time. Come on, what’s the big deal, you like sucking dick anyway.”

“Yeah well maybe later,” Carmen said with a yawn.

“But I got a boner now bitch!” Jeff said as he unzipped his jeans and pulled his dick out. He stood up and put the head of his cock by Carmen’s mouth.

“Alright fine, your such a baby.” Carmen got on her knees in front of Jeff and put her mouth around his dick.

“Hold on, let me take my pants off so you can lick my balls.” Jeff took his pants and boxers off and sat on the couch. Carmen grabbed his dick and held it up so she could get her mouth to Jeff’s nuts. Jeff felt Carmen’s warm tongue lick his balls and he almost came on Carmen’s face. Suddenly Carmen stopped and stood up. She reached into her pocket and pulled her phone out.

“Oh hey what’s up Juan… Oh really?… Yeah I’ll come over… No, I’m not doing shit. I’ll be there in a little bit.” Carmen hung up the phone and started to walk out of the room.


“Suck your own dick, Juan has some coke and there’s no customers at the taco truck he’s working at,” Carmen explained.

“He works at a fucking roach coach now? Bring me back some tacos,” Jeff said as Carmen changed into a sweatshirt and walked out the door. Fifteen minutes later Carmen arrived at the Tacos Garcia Brothers taco truck. It was raining pretty hard so Carmen ran to the door of the truck and knocked. Juan opened the door and gestured for Carmen to hurry and get in. Juan grabbed a dry wash cloth and padded down Carmen to help dry her off. He seemed to make sure her ass and tits were especially dry.

“Thanks Juan, it really started to pour.”

“It really raining hard, you get very wet,” Juan said in heavily accented English. Carmen and Juan chatted for a few minutes and snorted some lines. They got high and talked for a while. Carmen was getting hot inside the truck so she decided to take her sweatshirt off. She forgot that she did not put anything on underneath and her big beautiful breasts were in full view. Juan reached around Carmen’s waist and pulled her close to his body. He was shorter than her so her nipples were about at his shoulders.

“Damn, you don’t mess around, let me do a bump off your nipples?”

“Let me have a bump first,” Carmen negotiated.

“Okay,” Juan agreed. Juan let Carmen have some more coke then he poured some on her nipples and snorted it off. He then reached up to grab her tits and sucked her nipple into his mouth. Carmen’s nipples got really hard and she began to moan. Juan slid his hand down her back and inside the waist of her sweatpants. He slid his hand down further and grabbed between her ass crack and rubbed her butthole. He took his mouth off her nipple and turned her around. He pulled her pants and thong down to her knees and spread her ass cheeks.

“You have big nice ass. You suck my dick now okay.” Juan pulled his pants down and started to stroke his cock. Carmen turned around with her pants still around her knees and bent over to get her mouth around Juan’s dick. Juan grabbed the back of Carmen’s head and pushed her down on his dick. She held on to Juan’s thighs as he fucked her mouth. Juan moved Carmen’s head so fast her ass was clapping open and closed. Carmen tightened her lips around the base of Juan’s shaft and sucked hard. Juan stopped moving and let Carmen suck. She sucked hard without moving much as if Juan’s dick was a thick fleshy straw. Juan reached down to grab Carmen’s tits and nipples while she continued to enjoy his cock. Juan felt like he was going to cum so he pulled his dick out and turned Carmen around.

“Can I fuck you in you big ass?”

“You want to fuck my ass Juan?”

“Yes I want you ass,” Juan said as he licked his thumb and pushed it into Carmen’s butthole.

“OH FUCK!” Carmen jumped when she felt her asshole open up to take Juan’s thumb. Juan pushed his thumb all the way in and started to work it in and out. Carmen relaxed her asshole a bit to let Juan know she was ready. Juan grabbed a bottle of cooking oil and squirted a small amount on his dick. He grabbed Carmen’s hip with his left hand and his cock with his right. He lined up his dick with her bootyhole and shoved it in.

“OOOWW FUCK!” Carmen yelled.

“Oh yes, you so fucking tight,” Juan said as he grabbed Carmen’s hips and shoved his dick all the way in. Juan then abruptly pulled his cock all the way out with a pop.

“HOLY SHIT!” Carmen screamed.

“You ready bitch?” Juan asked with his dick right at Carmen’s butthole.

“Yes, give it to me Juan!” Juan rammed his dick back up Carmen’s ass and started to fuck her hard. Carmen’s tits and ass were bouncing with each thrust. Carmen reached back and placed her hands on her ass cheeks. She moved them a little closer to her hole and spread her ass so Juan could go deeper. Juan thrust forward hard making Carmen inhale deeply and open her eyes wide with pain and pleasure.

“Fuck that ass Juan, oh fuck, oh shit Juan,” Carmen moaned. Carmen’s ass slapped loudly on Juan’s thighs as he rammed his cock deep up her butt. Carmen could feel Juan’s dick opening her ass up each time he rammed it in. Juan slapped Carmen’s ass and pulled her hair in rhythm with his thrusts.

“You like it bitch? You want me cum in you mouth put a?”

“Yes, cum in my mouth Juan.”

“Pinche Puta!” Juan laughed.

Juan pulled his cock out and turned Carmen around. He pulled her to her knees and shoved his cock in her mouth. Carmen felt Juan’s dick throb and begin to shoot cum. Carmen swallowed as Juan’s dick continued to fill her mouth. Juan finished and Carmen sucked until she couldn’t taste cum anymore.

“Thanks for coming over Carmen. I have to work now, it don’t raining anymore,” Juan said as he pulled his pants up.

“Alright i’ll get going but can I have four carne asada tacos before I go?” Carmen asked.

“Okay, you want a soda with that?”

Taylor Wane

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