My Man became a Cuckold!

Some things you just don’t forget, or should I say experiences. I’ve dated a lot of different types of guys in my life, some of them very vanilla and some extremely wild!

At the time this was very new to me and I really hadn’t even heard of a cuckold. I was young, yes experienced but not worldly yet, it was before my days of Porn even.

I had this one particular boyfriend who was very curious and quite the kinky one between the sheets. He will always be one of them I will have in my erotic memories. Here is what happened….

Me and my guy had been dating for quite some time, and even though we had great sex all the time, we needed to knock it up a notch or two. I asked him if there was anything he really wanted to do or experience sexually.
He’d been thinking about cuckolding for a while, and one night while we were fooling around he told me that I should really glam myself up the next time I go out with the girls. He explained he liked it when I dressed up a little bit slutty and go out without him; that he liked to imagine all the other guys checking me out while he’s not there.
I was a little bit surprised, but asked him how he would feel if someone hit on me. He told me he’d know what to do if it happened, and that as long as I was honest and told him that he wouldn’t mind. We fucked like rabbits talking about the outfits I could wear, fell asleep and thought no more about it.

A few weeks later I was going out with the girls, and he was eating dinner downstairs while I got ready upstairs. I came downstairs as the taxi arrived. Normally when I go out these days I wears jeans, boots and a top, but tonight was different. I was wearing the dress he bought me a few years back to wear on his birthday; the low-cut one that was just a bit too short and extremely slutty. Tonight I was wearing the dress with a tiny G string underneath and a garter belt and stockings with sky high heels. The Stockings were the ones with the seam detail all the way up the back. I was wearing her fuck-me platform shoes. I had my hair curled and big, smokey eyes. He told me I looked stunning.

I had listened to him. His mind was now racing this is I for sure, because I know how he thinks. By the time I came downstairs I had a text. “what kind of outfit is that you are wearing?” I replied that I felt like dressing like a huge slut tonight and I was in the mood to have guys just Leer at me. He was probably thinking “What had I started”? and he probably wanted to beg me to come home knew but I couldn’t. He wanted this, now he has to see what happens.

A while later my phone beeped. “Did you mean what you said about guys hitting on you?” I replied I did, that as long as I was honest with him he didn’t mind and I could do what I wanted. I waited. I sent a text back to say I loved you. I know he wanted to know what I was doing, but knew he couldn’t ask, not just yet. He had to leave me alone to do my thing so that something actually did develop and I’d have a story to tell.

I began my night of slitting around town, enjoying all the men hitting on me, rubbing up against me and leering at my slut outfit. I didn’t text him, I wanted him to sit there wondering what I was doing, getting angry, the anger making him somewhere between aroused and confused. Thinking My girlfriends is on the town doing God knows what to God knows who and I’m pissed, while his dick kept getting hard.

Later that night, after quite a fun night I got a ride home. The car pulled up outside my house and I lingered in there for a while, continuing the torturous tease. I eventually got out and The car drove off and walked slowly to the front door. I was tipsy, but not drunk. I sat on the bed next to him.

He asked if I had a good night. I told him it had been amazing. He asked id got up to and i told me him that me and the girls had been to a few bars, then come home. I also told him there were a few guys at the bar who were looking at me and talking amongst themselves, and when the other girls got up to go home she told them she felt like staying for one more.

He asked me what happened and I said the other girls put their coats on, told me to ‘have a good night’ and left me alone in the booth. I told him almost as soon as the girls left one of the guys came over and asked if he could join me. I said he could. He sat next to me and ordered another round of drinks, then another, then another. We chatted, joked and we having a really good time, his hand was on my knee but as time passed it got further and further up my leg, eventually it was under my skirt. I didn’t say anything to him, so he continued, his fingers pulled my panties to one side and then he rubbed my pussy hole. I got wet right away, simply because this total stranger was fingering my pussy hole and that was hot! He slipped his finger inside of me and finger fucked me right there under the table, my cunt hole was dripping wet. One of his friends walked over to see how we were and asked if he could join us. I just nodded yes and he sat down and ordered even more drinks. He noticed that something was going on under the table and started to widen his eyes excited. His hand reached for mine and then placed my hand on his crotch, i unzipped his pants and slipped my hand inside and started to jerk him off. His cock was rock hard and I was so fucking wet. We decided to take this to the mens bathroom. They left first then I followed and quickly jetted into the bathroom. Luckily, there was a disabled unit in there which are much larger than a normal cubicle. I went in there with both guys, but as soon as we got in there, a couple of the other guys knocked on the toilet door and asked if they could join. They let them in and then the guys pulled up my skirt and pulled out my tits. One of them just ripped off my tiny panty and sniffed it. By now all their cocks were out and hard as a rock. One of the picked me up and planted me right on his cock standing. His buddy came in from behind and found the other hole, my asshole. Both their huge hard cocks were stretching my cunt hole and my asshole, and the other girls stroked their cock and squeezed a tit.
All the guys took turns switching out so each and every one of them could take turns penetrating my cunt hole then my asshole, leaving my twat dripping wet. They all fucked those holes until they exploded inside of me, leaving my cunt and asshole dripping their cock cum. Once they had finished fucking my holes, they put me on my knees and made me suck their cocks clean, then lick their balls and assholes so there was no smell of sex on them at all, explaining they were all married and I had to clean the sex right off of them so their wives couldn’t smell it. I sucked and licked until their cock, balls and assholes were very clean. They left me in there with cum dripping out of my holes, I locked the door behind them and could help but masturbate thinking about what a dirty fucking whore slut I was and how I had to go home with other mens cum in all of my holes.

He sat there with the widest eyes I have ever seen after listening to my story, not speaking at all. I was a little worried, maybe I had gone too far (do you think?). I asked him what he was thinking or was he angry that I had gone that far. He grabbed my hand and placed it on top of the comforter where his cock was. It was rock hard under the comforter. He said he wanted me to lay down next to him and lift my dress up which I did.
He then told me to spread my legs open and show him where these other men had fucked me and cum. I reached down and spread open my pussy hole and ass hole and said “look, the cum is still inside of me. Their cum!”.
He looked at me, paused and told me to finger my pussy hole, then finger my ass hole. He stroked his cock while watching me fingering my holes, the cum spitting out a little and getting on my thighs.
He told me that my pussy looked so juicy and edible. Then he asked if any of these men had given me pleasure with their tongues. I told him they had not, they were selfish beasts who had just used my holes for their own enjoyment.

He lay down on his back, still stroking his cock and asked me to squat over his face and spread open my holes so he could look properly.
As I spread my holes some of the cum from the men dripped out and hit his lip. At first he didn’t do anything, but then he licked his lips and asked me to sit on his face so he could clean my holes and pleasure me.
His tongue sank deep into both my asshole and pussy hole and he licked those holes like he was eating an ice-cream, his cock still in hand, was hard as a rock. As I orgasmed on his face, it pushed out all of the mens cum and his face was covered in both my cum and all the mens cum. He looked like he had been bukkaked.

The I heard him moan and he came a huge load all over himself. We were both drained for the night and he told me before we went to sleep that next time he wanted to be there, while other men fuck my holes, so he could see my pussy and ass close up with another man cock.
I said I was totally game for it. I mean, I get to have lots of cock! Why would I complain.

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Taylor Wane

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