Body Language Speaks Louder than Words…

Body Language can speak louder than words.

If you turn the sound off and watch someone on TV, you get a whole different view of the person than if you hear them speak. Humans are a lot more intuitive than they wish to acknowledge.
We mostly want to ignore the signs that someone isn’t into us because of several reasons.
Maybe we think we can “Break down their Walls”, so we forge on even when the body language signs clearly scream STOP. We think we can win them over with our charm and wit or you simply are “tuned out’ and you cannot or do not wish to interpret their obvious body language signals.
In some cases it is true that people can be putting out a different message than what is really going on. Perhaps they are having a bad day, or they are upset about something and they are giving out signals that they aren’t interested. However, if you get the same signals over and over from a person on different occasions, then it may be time to quit chasing. Sometimes, just because of Reverse Psychology acting without us even trying, you may get the same person to now show interest in you. We are a complex, yet simple creature.
We naturally, instinctively know more than we credit ourselves for. Our gut feelings should not always be ignored but at least taking a look at.
If you really have questions as to whether a person is interested in you or not, then read their BODY LANGUAGE when they are around you.
Body Language happens without us putting thought into it. Our bodies react to a situation without us knowing it. So you can read someones thoughts by reading their body…
Have you heard of the line “Learn to be Still” also a Song by The Eagles. It pays to PAY ATTENTION and learn to be still. Listen, Look and you will find your answers.

Taylor Wane

SPICE RADIO – “Where Talk Gets Sexy and Real”.


*Turning her body towards you. 
*Leaning in to talk or whispering
*Frequent eye contact.
*Laughing and smiling.
*She touches / strokes you.
*Grooming herself (touching hair,etc)
*She faces her legs, feet or body in your direction.
*She blushes around you
*She tilts her head when you speak
*She copies your body language.
*The Eyes don’t lie. If she’s into you, her eyes will follow you around the room
* Eyes dilate ( not because of alcohol or drugs)


*Concern about your Well Being
*She spends more time looking and listening to you then looking at her phone
*If you ask to call her or see her again she answers Yes and not ‘maybe’ or ‘we will see’.
*She ignores her Cell phone
*She doesn’t visit the rest room every two minutes or spend excessive time in there rather than sitting with you.
*She isn’t constantly checking the time
*She loses track of time


1. She crosses her arms
Did she assume the angry librarian stance? “When a woman on a date places her hands in front of her body — especially if they are crossed — she is closing herself off from the man. If you get this red flag, you don’t stand a chance… and she wants you to know it. “Men are not nearly as perceptive as women, so even if she’s not consciously aware of it, a woman knows her body language needs to be very loud,”. “In this instance, that body language reads loud and clear.”

2. She places her bag between you two
“When I ask male friends how a blind date went, step-by-step, and they say‘she put her bag on the table,’ I always know that’s a bad sign,” Hartley says. If your date places her purse — a real and physical barrier — between the two of you, she’s showing she wants to create distance, he says. Not a good sign.

3. She speaks faster than an auctioneer
So she seems to love talking to you? Before you start celebrating, note the speed of her small talk. “Romantic conversation does not occur at the same speed as business conversation,” . “Conversation between two people who are attracted typically slows to about three-quarter speed and softens in tone. In fact, most emotional conversation — with the exception of when it is very hostile — is at a slowed cadence.” That said, she may be nervous early in your first date, and her nerves can cause her to spit her sentences out in rapid-fire succession. But if by the end of the evening she’s still going at a rapid rate, consider it a clue that she just wants to be friends at best.

4. She offers you a chin-up smile
Though it’s tempting to interpret any old smile as a sign of interest, all smiles are not created equal. Smiles can say a lot: “I’m polite,” “I’m crazy about you,” and, believe it or not, “I can’t stand you.” The secret to decoding what her smile really means? It’s all in the chin placement. A woman who gives you a relaxed, chin-down “soft smile” is smitten and wants you to dig her back, Hartley explains. A full-on toothpaste grin or stiff and polite smile — both of which generally involve the chin raised up — mean either, “I like you as a friend” or “I wanna get out of here!”

5. She strokes her neck
If your date’s telling you she agrees that you should get together again, that’s a good sign, right? Maybe. “Her body language may be the key to the real truth,” he says. “If a woman is gently stroking her neck when telling you this, it may be a sign that she’s interested, but it is also known to be a sign of lying.” To figure out which message she’s sending, consider the aforementioned “she’s not into you” signals. If she’s also giving you the raised-chin smile and speaking to you over a giant purse, you may want to move on to your next prospect.

6. Constantly checking the time or her phone
If your date is constantly checking the time, looking at her watch or phone then she is eager to leave you or avoid actually having to connect with you.


Signs that say he IS into you…

* He closes the distance (he wants to be close to you)
*He speaks softly (speaking softly sends soothing messages to the brain, creating an intimate connection).
*He rounds his posture (Hyper-masculine body language is standing tall, if a guy is interested in you he will ‘soften’ his body language.
*He talks slowly
*He can’t take his eyes off you (in a good way).. Think “WAYNES WORLD”- Dream Weaver..
*He ignores his Cell phone
*He pays more attention to you than checking his text messages
*He genuinely listens to you when you speak and doesn’t constantly correct you.
*He puts his jacket around you if it is chilly, even if he is freezing.
*He has genuine concern over your well being

And five signs your date IS NOT into you:

1. He’s four feet away- Sting Sang..“Don’t Stand So Close to Me”, if your date is doing the same, he’s not feeling you romantically,
2. He stands at an oblique angle facing you
“Most men do not realize that when talking to another man, we stand at oblique angles, with one shoulder facing the others face, yet when we talk to women — especially ones we’re interested in romantically — we stand face-to-face with them,” . If your guy’s shoulder is pointing in the direction of your face during conversation, he’s subconsciously showing disinterest or is trying to turn you off.
3. He sounds like that guy in accounting
If he pace is quick and the level of his voice is rather strong — “he’s probably just trying to keep it on a friendship level,”
4. He stares at your mouth
When a guy focuses on your lips, what he’s really trying to do is avoid eye contact most of the time (unless he is a complete perv and is just thinking about what he wants to stick in their). Avoiding eye contact means he is either not into you, he is trying to break the intimacy or he is lying.
5. He’s out of sync with your body language
When a guy is romantically interested in you, he will mimic your body language, so if he doesn’t copy you gesture for gesture, odds are he isn’t smitten.
6. He is distracted. He keeps checking his phone or watching the TV while you are talking.
7. He isn’t giving asking you for another date right away. He isn’t making a clear schedule of when he wants to see you again, he is being very vague or tells you his schedule is so busy and he will let you know if some time frees up.


Official Taylor Wane-







By Taylor Wane
Spend less time worrying about orgasms and more time acquiring the knowledge needed to experience the sexual pleasure that most of us desire and need. Orgasms rank top of the list as a Stress Buster and a “feel good’ enhancer, contributing to a ‘sense’ of content.
Knowing your body so well you can make yourself orgasm in seconds is a double edged sword because when you are with a partner and they are having a hard time bringing you to climax you secretly want to push them out of the way to get the job done right! But you could do THAT ALONE!   So, as important as it is to know your own body it’s also just as important to let go of the Reines and let someone else discover your body for a change, you may discover something pleasurable about your body you didn’t know.

Most people find the more orgasms they have, the more easily they orgasm in the future and the more they want. (Hence ‘use it or lose it’, this applies to abstinence, you can become ‘dry’ and not have the desire) The opposite also applies, the more you enjoy healthy, natural orgasms, they more you desire . Whether you’re looking for immediate gratification or long-term payoff, learning more about your orgasmic potential will likely bring satisfaction on several levels.

One big headache and a mood killer is when either partner is having a hard time getting there as quickly as you might hope. It can feel intimidating for both people involved when it seems to be taking forever….

Quick fix for this problem (if its a problem at all, maybe you love giving Oral Sex and you never tire- You rock by the way!! LOL 🙂 is to have FOREPLAY before FOREPLAY…
Yes, there is FOREPLAY before FOREPLAY… We did it when we were kids before we had ever engaged in getting to 2nd or 3rd base. Remember that feeling when you only got to touch outside the clothes and kiss.  All you could feel was the warmth of the genitals through the clothes, or the nipple becoming erect under the blouse. Well, as aroused as it made you then it still works for both people. Build up to the Foreplay with some slow sexy teasing and rubbing. Slipping your hand up her skirt and rubbing the outside of her panty crotch slowly and gently will get her motor running for sure, and don’t be in a hurry! Once you have both ‘made out’ for a while you will both be very ready for Foreplay and those Orgasms will come much easier.
Instead of using other means to get your lovers mojo running or letting them get going alone, why not put yourself in the picture. These days it seems everyone is in a hurry all the time, instant gratification.. Well, time to SLOW IT DOWN.
Slowly Tease your lover, strut, gyrate, do a little strip, tell them to touch themselves while they watch you put on a slow, seductive show for them.  Maybe find a mirror you can both stand in front of and put on a show for yourself.  Just make sure to slow it all down, and tease, ease into that foreplay, build into the passion, into that foreplay, then eventually into the hot, explosive sex with a huge Orgasm as your reward for your patience.

Types Of Orgasms
There are different types of Orgasms and none more important or dominant than the other. Both of them can satisfy in different ways.
Clitoral versus Vaginal Orgasms
Side Note:
Extensive Studies have been performed over and over by many well known psychologic such as  Sigmund Freud, Sexologist Dr Alfred Kinsey and Anthropologists Dr. Helen Fisher (who was hired by to build as well as many others in the seemly never ending confusion over Human Sexuality, arousal and bonding.  It has yet to be determined as to whether humans are designed to be Monogamous or if Polygamy is really what they want if they could only stop the jealousy and other human emotional feelings pertaining to “sharing’ a lover or partner.  Some believe that Monogamy is taking a partner for LIFE, although LIFE seems a long time when ‘The HoneyMoon’ Stage passes.
This distinction was popularized by Sigmund Freud, who linked orgasm to our psychological development. A clitoral orgasm is brought about by clitoral stimulation and a vaginal one through vaginal penetration. Freud argued that clitoral orgasms were characteristic of the young and immature, and vaginal orgasms represented the healthy Adult female sexual response. This theory Suggested that a woman who could only have orgasms from clitoral stimulation was stuck in her development and was not able to become a Mature Woman and lover. This theory has also been  discounted, although there are still a few curious researchers who still believe in  the idea. An additional problem with this distinction is that it doesn’t describe how the orgasms feel or what their detailed physiological or psychological effects are, it focuses on the method of achieving orgasm only.
Not often discussed it the Anatomical aspects to the different orgasms and the effects that both orgasms has on the subject.

In the Female there are at least 2 Major Orgasms- CLITORIS/VAGINAL (although there are many proven sexual sensations that could be classified as an orgasm).

Clitoris Versus Penis- The formations that happen during the development of the Urinary and reproductive organs make the male and female sex organs generally homologous (different versions of the same structure).
Clitoral (and most common) is equivalent to the type of Orgasm a Male has in the Neuroanatomy aspect of how the Nerve impulses run from the Clitoris as does the Penis, up the spine and to the brain, thus resulting in an Orgasm that leaves us “wiped out”.
The Clitoris is the human females most sensitive Erogenous Zone and primary source of Female Sexual Pleasure.
As with a Penis, the clitoris is a complex structure, and its size and sensitivity can vary. It is said to be roughly the size of a Pea and is estimated to have more sensory nerve endings than any other part of the human body.
Going back to my earlier conversation about teasing and foreplay before foreplay, just a gentle tickle or rub outside the panties on the clitoris can get her motor running in NO time..  Sometimes more than often, less is more when stimulating the clitoris. It’s a delicate little bud, so don’t be so heavy handed!

The Orgasm that is experienced via stimulation of the Clitoris is a powerful, earth moving Orgasm. This orgasm can easily be described as “La Petite Mort” – French for the Little Death. Because in those few moments of incredible pleasure so many things are happening. Because the orgasm that comes from the Clitoris as in the Penis, is controlled by the involuntary or autonomic nervous system, some brain function is inhibited, thoughts are scattered if not silenced, the body is unable to do much until you gather yourself again after the refractory period is over.  The hormones released such as Oxytocin and Prolactin give you a sense of well being and peacefulness.  Having regular full filing sex and orgasm with a partner has proven to  be a ‘stress- buster’ and leads to a general sense of satisfaction.

Studies have shown that women in a relationship with a man who frequently brings her to orgasm is less likely to cheat or became restless in the relationship.

SEXUAL MANIPULATION-Males who withhold giving pleasure to their partner in order to maintain the Dominant or Alpha position in the relationship may be playing with fire. Although by withholding giving Orgasms to their partner they leave their partner in a constant state of ‘wanting’,  thus making their partner more likely to ‘give’ sex when ever it is wanted in hopes that this will be the time he brings her to orgasm, this approach may lead the Female to search for a more ‘giving’ partner.

Other Sexual Sensory Erogenous zones that could bring someone to orgasm are G-Spot, Nipple stimulation, Anal Stimulation and many other highly erotic zones.

The Vagina located in comparison to the Male anatomy is where the Perineum is, although the Female still has a perineum, most of the area is taken up by the Vagina. This highly erogenous zone for both males and females is a diamond shaped area located between the pubic symphysis and coccyx (tale bone).
It has been suggested that the Male Perineum has a noninvasive method to determine male feminization.
In both Males and Females “Orgasm” can be achieved from stimulation in this area, although in the female penetration is possible because of the Vaginal Opening. In both cases there are no Nerves that run from this area to the spine and thus to the brain. This means that an Orgasm achieved from either the Vagina or Perineum does not give you “La Petit Mort”, because the autonomic nervous system has not been involved here. The good news about this orgasm is that People will spinal injuries, even wheel chair confined folk could achieve an orgasm through stimulation in this region as the spine and nerves that run up the spine are not entirely engaged or necessary for this orgasm.
Because of the close proximity of the Anus to the Perineum, stimulation around the Anus can also bring the person to “orgasm’ in a similar manner as the Vaginal or Perineum Orgasm.

However, in the Female when the Vaginal Orgasm is achieved there is a vast amount of Clear Fluid excreted from the vagina.  There is still a little mystery and debate over G-spot, squirting, Vaginal Orgasms.
I do believe that a Vaginal Orgasm is different from G-spot stimulation and squirting and Vaginal Orgasm is achieved from Deep Vaginal Stimulation and thrusting ( note that the G-spot will still be stimulated in this act but not Isolated to that Area where the G-spot is located. While studying and reading other papers and documents pertaining to Orgasm I was alarmed at how some others write about what they feel is the Vaginal or G-spot Orgasm. It seems there is much confusion and mystery about the Female Vaginal Orgasm, some even suggesting it does NOT exist! LMAO!

Squirting suggests ejaculating the fluid from the Vagina, whereas when a Vaginal Orgasm is happening, the woman can excrete fluid for as long as the Sex or deep stimulation is happening. Perhaps even 30 mins or more. The fluid just either flows out, drips out, seeps out, but not necessarily “Squirts” out.
The Vaginal Orgasm is extremely pleasurable but not as intense as a Clitoris but one should not be pitted against the other.

Orgasm can also be achieved from Nipple or Anus stimulation as both are also connected to the Autonomic Nervous System. Nipple stimulation caused the release of Oxytocin (hormone best known for its roles in sexual reproduction, boding, and maternal behaviors) and prolactin (lactating).

Oxytocin is released during such petting motions as Kissing, nipple stimulation, caressing, and sexual engagement. This hormone is the bonding hormone that promotes “tribal” behavior, and also combines trust and empathy. Its our bodies way of giving us “rose-tinted glasses” thus enabling us to “BOND’ with another human.

Because of social issues, views and behaviors over time we know much more about the Male orgasm and how to achieve it because it has long been acceptable for Males to receive pleasure and give themselves pleasure unlike females who culturally though out the ages were expected to not do such things or want such things.

The male species as the female also has different types of Orgasms.
The most common being from THE PENIS and then a Prostate/G-Spot orgasm
Depending on the male there are many ways to stimulate this area. Some men like it rougher whereas others want you to Handle with care. There is also the Foreskin factor. Males WITH a foreskin have much more sensitivity and feeling because the foreskin is a mass of Nerve Receptors. Many sexologists view the foreskin as “a complex, erotogenic structure that plays an important role ‘in the mechanical function of the penis during sexual acts, such as penetrative intercourse and masturbation. Some view the circumcision as Male Mutilation .
There are many variants as male preference differs. Some men find it hard to reach orgasm via ORAL SEX, and need intercourse to finish. This of course can be either physical or psychological.
Either way, it is wise to pay attention to how your lover responds to different approaches when stimulating them.
The G-Spot or Sacred Spot of a man is his prostate gland.
Why is prostate massage pleasurable?  There are number of reasons:
No matter which method is used it is not possible to touch the prostate directly. The nearest indirect access is through the rectal wall, which means that there is still a membrane in the way. This is somewhat akin to the inhibiting sensitivity a glove. Despite this restriction the lobes of the prostrate are highly sensitive to pressure. An array of sensations may be produced by pressing, rubbing or by means of stroking the gland through the rectal wall. The most profound of these feelings is similar to that sublime sensation which is normally felt during ejaculation, as the prostate begins pumping semen.
Anal sensitivity
Along with the genital areas, the anus is connected to and interwoven with millions of delicately sensitive nerve endings, which can yield most pleasurable sensations.
Hidden penis
Unknown to most, over one third of the penis is buried inside the body. It is the base of the (hidden) penis which may be pressured in a similar manner as the prostate. The effect of stimulating all three can be awesome, if done in concert with genital stimulation. Still more overwhelming than the physiological effects is the psychological aspect of prostate massage, due to the unaccustomed nature of penetration of the receiver.
Remarkably, when the moment comes the giver will notice that the finger will seem to be drawn into the anus. Once the finger has been allowed to enter it is best to be still allowing the anal sphincters the chance to become accustomed to the intrusion. It will not be a good idea for the giver to move their finger in and out of the anus. There should only be one reason for the giver to remove the finger, and this would be to add more lubrication.

The giver is now ready to seek out the prostate.
this can easily accomplished by crooking the inserted finger upwards, and feeling for a “roundish” to oblong protrusion about 2 inches inside the rectum. Applying pressure to the prostate will provide a variety of sensations, the most desirable of which is the feeling of impending ejaculation. By applying more or less pressure to the gland, the giver will be able to control these sensations; even to the point of inhibiting the receiver from ejaculating. The ability to control ejaculation through prostate massage, allows for nearly unending stimulation of the receiver’s genitals. The penis may be massaged by the giver, or by receiver himself, to a point of near ejaculation. Only to be kept on the brink by varying pressure on the prostate.

If the giver is very giving, they can continue to stimulate the penis by either hand masturbation or mouth stimulation while also stimulating the prostate and rectal area. This should give the receiver the ultimate pleasure by having all of these erogenous zones stimulated simultaneously.

No  matter how you achieve your Orgasm make sure having them is part of your daily or at best Weekly agenda.  Orgasm are a necessary part of the Human being. Don’t neglect to take care of your emotional and sexual psychological well being. And if you have a loving partner to join on this Erotic Journey… Even better 🙂


Miss Taylor Wane









Sexy Get-A-Ways and Dirty Weekends for better health and a happier life.

For most of us, life seems to get in the way of actually living life. Work, family, responsibilities, it sometimes feels like you just don’t have the time to relax or have fun.
However, there is never ever a good enough reason why you aren’t taking time out of your day or week to ‘Stop and smell the roses”.
Sure most people say they just don’t have the time, and I am sure that you feel you don’t have the time but consider this….
Not making time to enjoy your life, your family or your lover is shortening your life span because you probably live in a state of stress.
Stress kills; believe it because it’s true. It weakens your heart, causes depression, loss of libido and ruins your health in numerous ways.
If you want to be happy and live a fuller, happier, more satisfying life then make time to enjoy your life. No matter how you do it, or what you have to switch around.
There is a financial rule in life that you should take 10% off of every single pay check and put it away for a rainy day, of course a lot of us do not do that either and we find ourselves in a pickle when things get tough or a huge expensive happens or even worse… you wont have retirement.
This same rule applies to your happiness, health and life.
If you took at least 10% of your time and dedicated it to doing something that brings you simple joy and pleasure you would have a much more satisfying life.
Is your life killing your love life? Is your schedule killing your relationship because you don’t feel you have the energy or time to share with your partner?
Life is never easy or uncomplicated but can be arranged and time managed better.
Make time to laugh and love….
If you feel its been a while since you had real, passionate sex with your partner maybe you have gotten into a rut because you feel you don’t have time to be creative.
It’s time for a Dirty Weekend…

THE SCENERIO – Seduction
Get out of town and have a hot, steamy ‘FUCKING‘ weekend with your lover/partner. Make it happen.
Find out when you can schedule a weekend without the kids or work, make it work and make it a surprise for your lover.
After you have made the arrangements then send your partner a sexy invite to accompany you on a Getaway.
Pack a bag with oils, lubes, sex toys, lingerie, romantic music; whatever you feel would make your weekend as sexy as possible.
Arrange to have chocolate covered strawberries delivered to the room and possibly some bubbly to get the weekend started right.
As soon as you get in the room or if you can go there before hand, set up the music, candles, strawberries, bubbly on ice.
Lay out some sexy items for your playtime.
Let your lover know how much you want them, kiss them passionately and hold them tight.
Share a glass of bubbly and offer an oil massage.
Help her undress and then ask her to lie down on the bed. Warm the oil in your hands before putting your hands on her body.
Make sure to massage everywhere so she is really relaxed then spend special attention around her hips and thighs. Relaxing the muscles around the hips relaxes the spine and can be very erotic.  Rub the oil slowly between her thighs, not touching her pussy and ass just her thighs, teasing her and making her want you to touch her pussy.
Firmly rub the oil all over her ass cheeks, slightly spreading them as you do. This will be sure to arouse her and make her want you to touch her in the naughty areas.
Then have her turn over and massage her front too maybe sure to pay particular attention to her breasts and thighs and stomach. As you rub her thighs gently spread her legs a little, and start to massage closer to her pussy, all this avoiding touching her will make her so aroused and ready for you to fuck her hard.
After you have teased her enough then start to gently massage her pussy and clit, spreading her legs and thighs wider so you can see her wet pussy hole.
As you penetrate her pussy hole with your fingers, lick her clit and watch it swell.
Spread open her wet juicy hole and sink your tongue deep into that pink twat, tongue fucking her hole making her soaking wet.
When you are ready give her what she has been waiting for. That hard cock! Make sure your cock is nice and hard and slide it into that wet cunt, spreading her legs open as you sink your man meat deep into her hole. Reach over and caress her tits and nipples as you slowly fuck her pussy hole.
Try to hold out as long as you can so you can fuck her juicy pussy hole in many positions, trying slow and deep and then fast and hard. Maybe even be a little rough with her once she is fully aroused and in ecstasy.
Make sure to play with her clit while you fuck her cunt hole, make sure she orgasms all over your cock and as you ready yourself to cum, ask her to spread open her pussy hole so you can shoot your load all over her hole.
Spend the whole weekend enjoying each other, massages, bubble baths, walks, kissing, hugging and lots of sex. Re-ignite those passionate feelings by just enjoying each other fully.
The time you spend doing this will strength your relationship and make your life better in general.
Love, Laugh and Dance Like No one is Watching…









LIVE!!! Call in and talk dirty with me, or share a story.

Fantasies. The Good, The Bad and the Down right Erotic

Fantasies- The Good, The Bad and the Down right Erotic…

“Sexual Fantasizing” is a natural, universal psychological phenomenon similar to dreaming,”.
“And, like with dreams, some sexual fantasies are fun and satisfy us while some of them trouble us that we even think those thoughts! Some fantasies when looked at in depth tell us a lot about our psyches and ourselves.

“Fantasies that improve self-esteem and intimacy with a partner are usually the most desirable.”
Fantasies, involving everything from sensuous horseback rides to tantalizing chocolate éclairs to erotic encounters with sexy aliens who arrive via spaceship. And women use fantasies in some very clever ways to make themselves feel sexier, reach orgasm, safely satisfy their curiosity, and even relax. “Fantasy is like a relaxing bubble bath,” confided a woman in midlife, “a little something special I do just for myself to help me unwind.”
There are many examples of the healing power of sexual fantasy, in which the fantasies can reignite a waning sex drive, lack of sex confidence or sheer boredom.
Fantasizing anytime, before, during or even after sex can keep our Sexual Fire burning and as long as we are having erotic fantasizes then we are more likely to want to get “close’ to our partner to “feel them” while we close our eyes and venture into an Erotic, desirable place in our thoughts.

A major Mood killer in and out of the bedroom for couples is the need or idea that your partner should always know what’s on your mind. You’ve heard this a thousand times in a relationship, “What are you thinking”. You feel pressured to say but sometimes you don’t want to share all of your inner thoughts. When couples over step the comfort zone of their partner problems will arise. Each person must respect the other persons space so that no one feels suffocated, which is by far one of the major problems in coupling. You wouldn’t force a complete stranger to tell you what was on their mind, they would tell you go jump off a bridge, none of your business. This applies to your partner, whether you have been together 30 years or 3 years or 3months. Let people have space, especially in their minds to create a way to unwind and be at peace, instead of restless. You may find you have a happy union because of this.

If you are concerned about your fantasies, as to whether they are safe or ok to have then asked yourself these questions;

• Does the fantasy lead to risky or dangerous behavior?
• Does the fantasy feel out of control or compulsive?
• Is the content of the fantasy disturbing or repulsive?
• Does the fantasy hinder recovery or personal growth?
• Does the fantasy lower my self-esteem or block self-acceptance?
• Does the fantasy distance me from my real-life partner?
• Does the fantasy harm my intimate partner or anyone else?
• Does the fantasy cause sexual problems?
• Does the fantasy really belong to someone else?

If you answer yes to one or many of these questions it may be the result of sexual abuse or unresolved psychological issues.
When fantasizes risk the well being and safety of you or your family then Professional help may be necessary to address the issues.

Otherwise, fantasy is fun and you should role-play with your partner according to what they enjoy and you enjoy.

Do you fantasize about your Secretary letting loose and taking advantage of you out of the blue? Or do you still think about your schoolteacher and how even though she was a little stern with you and quite often embarrassed you it didn’t change the fact you were aroused by her and she still pops up in your head while you are fantasizing.

Who is in your erotic dreams? Are they made up by a combination of experiences in your life or just images that you saw throughout the years. Is it you and your partner every time but in different scenarios? Or are you watching others do things you wouldn’t dream of doing yourself.

Women also have dark, erotic fantasies about situations or experiences they desire whether they have happened before or they are just excepts of things they have seen or heard. Just as kinky, just as dark sometimes. As a society we tend to, as women hide these thoughts because it is a social standard that we expect men to have fantasies and desires but we do not expect women to have wild thoughts. The human brain is a complex network of thoughts, memories and imagination. Even though we may be turned on by the partner we are engaging with, sometimes we (both men and women) still assemble a scenario in our mind during sex to even elevate our excitement, quite often things we do not want to share with either our partner or anyone else because the erotic thoughts we are thinking are sometimes shocking even to you.
It isn’t necessary to either share or act out these thoughts; fantasy is OK kept as fantasy.
Quite often when you try to act out your fantasy it ruins it because reality cannot compete with the minds creative ability. Some things are better left in our heads.

However, there are many things that you can re-enact safely and probably not be too disappointed.

Dressing up- it can definitely add to the situation. Whether you like girls in Bikini’s or a Librarian, or perhaps the ladies like Firemen or police officers. Dressing up and playing is fun, easy and safe.

The Scene-
My lover had mentioned a few times in conversation that he had a schoolmistress that was quite stern with him but she had long legs and huge breasts so instead of being burnt by her sharp tongue, he was quite aroused by her.

Many nights he had gone home after school and masturbated thinking about his School Mistress and the things she would make him do.

I must admit I got aroused hearing my lover tell me about the story and have re-enacted it in my mind and in real life several times with him.

He had not been doing his class work to her satisfaction and she found his work and appearance tardy. One day she told him he must stay after class to do extra work to make up for his tardiness.
It was a Friday afternoon and everyone seems to rush out as quickly as possible for the weekend, including the other teachers. The school was unusually quiet and felt strange.
He went to her classroom as requested and once inside she locked the door and pulled down the door blind. He was instructed to take a seat in the front of the class, right in front of her desk.
She wore a white button down blouse and tight pencil skirt. She was one of the only teachers to wear stockings and pantyhose’s to school. Today she wore Lilac. She sat on the front lip of the desk and began to talk to him. She expressed how if he didn’t pick things up that he would fail this semester and may be held back a year. No one wants that!
She proceeded to explain to him how he could make up for the lack of effort in class by taking extra study time with her after class.
He didn’t really want to do extra time at school but he certainly didn’t want to be kept behind a whole year so he asked what he had to do.
No sooner had he asked as she started to pull up her skirt at the front revealing her naked pussy right between her stocking top legs.
She had a small patch of reddish blond hair above her clit, and her pussy was shaved around the lips and oh so pink.
Her hands slowly made their way to her pussy and she rubbed it a little asking if he liked her pussy.
He nodded but said nothing, eyes wide as quarters.
She put a finger to her mouth, wet it and then rubbed the wet finger on her big clit. She then spread her thighs a little wider so he could see her pink pussy hole. She rubbed and spread her pussy and asked him if he would like to come see it close up.
He nodded his head again, but said nothing.
She told him to come closer and kneel in front of her, which he did. She spreads open her lips and told him to put his mouth on her pussy. She was already so wet, and then she told him to slip his tongue into her pussy hole and move it in and out of her open hole.
She moaned as he tongue fucked her hole and then she demanded he take his clothes off but without removing his tongue from her twat.
He wiggles and squirmed as he awkwardly undressed. Now fully undressed she told him to masturbate it cock while licking her clit and pussy hole.
She told him how seeing his naked ass turned her one, and how aroused it made her seeing him stroke his cock while eating her cunt.
His cock got hard very quickly, and little drops of pre-cum dripped out of the it.
She asked him “Would it feel good to slide that hard cock of yours into this wet, tight hole?”
Without removing his mouth from her, he nodded yes.
She stood up and turned around and told him to spread her ass cheeks and lick her asshole as well as her pussy and clit.
Now she was really wet and told him that she wanted to feel his young, hard cock spreading her holes.
She lay back on her desk, pulled out her huge tits from the shirt and bra and spread open her legs. “Fuck me”, she demanded. “I want that hard cock inside of me, now fuck my hole”.
He grabbed his cock and pushed it into her open wet cunt hole, and watched as she moaned and squirmed with pleasure.
He was so super excited about this happening that he couldn’t last very long, he pumped his hard cock in and out of the wet pussy, fucking her as best he could.
He let her know that he couldn’t go on and that he was going to come. She told him to go ahead and squirt his cum up inside of her pussy hole. He let go and all of his jizz filled her up.
He just stared at her pussy as he pulled out his cock and watched his own cum dripping out of her hole. “Now clean that up immediately”, she said “With your mouth”!
He looked at her with surprise, and then she snapped. “Clean my cunt hole with your mouth”!
He leaned over and started to lick her pussy hole clean and then she told him to come to her and kiss her so she could taste his young cum.

As the weeks passed he became very good at his after class study and pleased she gave him an A.

Needless to say, I rushed out to buy a white blouse and skirt after this story, as I wanted the same enthusiasm as he had in his fantasy.

Stay horny and aroused.
Taylor Wane


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Breaking the Boredom- Intimacy wtih your lover should never be anything but #1

There is no doubt SEX/INTIMACY is by far one of the most wonderful, incredible, endorphin providing, emotional and psychological feel good activities of our lives.
In the biological make-up of every human being, Intimacy/Sex is one of the Basic Functions of the human existence. Not only for procreation but also for feeling a sense of security and well being. We not only need to nourish our bodies with food and water, we need to sleep, exercise and to have companionship and love. Many studies have shown that couples who are married or co-habitating are much healthier and happier than their single friends (no matter how much the single folk boast it is soooo great to be single).
Even in our most difficult times we can feel a little better with some intimacy and orgasms, especially with someone we love.

Personally I think the better we know someone and the closer we are with that person the better the sex gets. You know each other, you are comfortable to do and say things that you want (Or hopefully you are!!!). You can explore each others bodies without guilt because this is your partner and your friend.

However, even the closest of people get a sticking point some where along the line. Maybe too many every day problems get their minds all clouded. Even the best of us have to make an effort sometimes to dig ourselves out of the sexual block we can fall into.

I’ve spoken before about how in general people feel that relationships once they are established can go onto auto pilot. This is not true and if you choose to believe that once you are in an established union you don’t have to try anymore or still “court’ your partner then you may run into some intimacy problems or a feeling of dis-connect later in the union.

Everyone desires passion and the feeling of being desired. Even more so by the person they love. It is all too important to express yourself to your partner at all times. Don’t assume that ‘ Well, you know how I feel”. Ok great, maybe they do, but they still want to hear it. They still want to see you make an effort.

So, this brings us to ‘Breaking the Boredom”.
Don’t let the title mis-lead you, I am not suggesting that for one minute that even if you do Missionary every night that you don’t both orgasm and enjoy the sex and I applaud any couple that is having a continuous fulfilling playtime with their lovers.

Don’t forget that every now and then you should mix it up, surprise your lover, do something a little special every now and then, so that you both still get that Adrenaline rush when you know sex is gonna happen 🙂

Sex should never be a chore or a part of the relationship you know you have to do it, so lets get it done and get on with more pressing things like doing the dishes or laundry.

WTF!!! There are other things more important in your relationship than making sure the connection between you are your lover is always #1 on the list!
If you have a strong bond and connection with your partner, then everything else in life will be easier to deal with. It’s when you put that emotional security on the bottom of the things that need to be done in the day that everything else seems harder.

Let’s get to work at making your intimacy #1 on the list.

Ask yourself if you really want your relationship to start to crumble and fall apart. If the answer is NO, then its time to take care of business and ‘court’ your lover continuously throughout the relationship.

It’s so simple….
It takes a little effort and thought. Every now and then a nice dinner somewhere different or special. Flowers or chocolates for NO reason. Buying some lingerie or other sexy items you know he would like and just wearing it out of the blue when he comes home to get his motor running. A trip out of town or stay in a hotel for a night or weekend away from your family so you can really re-connect and be super naughty.


You know your lover well, you know what they like and don’t like (if this is not true, then its time for you to start to get to know your lover!).
So, on the down low, you find out their schedule and then you aline it with yours. You want to be totally alone with them and do Oh so Naughty things 😉
Time is a problem, you both have jobs, kids, and other obligations but you find a weekend that you both have a day/night off and then you go about arranging someone to take care of the kids.

After a little research on the internet you find a cozy little hotel not too far of a drive from home but far enough away that you can’t be tempted to go check on things.
It’s been a while since you dressed up in a sexy outfit for him and remember how hot he would get on your honey moon when you wore bikini’s for the beach.

You find a little Sex store that carries lingerie and swimsuits, Yeah, the kind STRIPPERS WEAR!! Not the full back boring family friendly stuff that ‘Wal-Whateva’ carries. You pick a color you know he will like and find some super sexy heels that might just make this bikini look even better on you!
Then you book the hotel room and tell your man that you have some things you need fixing at the home and to make sure he keeps “that day/night’ free because you really need for him to help you.
On that day you pop out for ‘groceries’ but really drive to the hotel to set the mood and pre-check in.
You make sure you have the right music, booze, candles, massage oil, toys, the bikini and the slutty heels you are going to be wearing.

Once everything is in place in the hotel then you grab the kids and take them to the in-laws or whomever.
It’s now late afternoon and you tell your man that you need help picking things up and he needs to come with you, and you are driving.
BE CREATIVE… Even if you don’t tell lies, use your imagination to get him out of the house, into the car and off to your destination..

Once you arrive outside the hotel you some how get him to go in with you, even at this point you tell him you have a surprise for him.
Once inside, he will get the point. Booze, candles, music…. You tell him to relax on the bed, while you get comfortable. You slip into your bikini and slutty heels and doll up your hair and makeup..

You slink into the room, all sexy and feeling naughty and offer him a drink. You slowly pour the drink, bending over and teasing him in your outfit.
You occasionally give him a little look back while pouring the drink and tell him to get undressed.
With two drinks in hand you slowly walk over to him, using your sexiest, super vixen look you can muster up.
You hand him the drink and ask if he would like a nice massage to loosen him up.
He is laying on the bed, face down and you warm the oil in your hand first then place your hand on his body. Slowly but firmly rubbing his body, his shoulders and back, not speaking, just the music playing softly in the background.
You get into the rhythm of the massage, breathing and stroking him being as sensual as you can.
Every now and then you let your breasts rub up against his back and down to his ass.
Your hands run down his spine, and to his ass cheeks, firmly kneading and massaging them.
Every now and then you plant little kisses on his skin, in between stroking and rubbing him everywhere. You ask if he would like to turn over, and of course he would.
As he lays in front of you and you rub his chest and stomach for a while, you stop to rub some oil slowly on yourself, giving him a little show. Your breasts fall out of the bikini top… OOOPs.. and then you start to use your boobs to rub him all over. As your nipples harden, you run them over his cock, letting him know you are turned on.
You pull your bikini bottom to one side to reveal your pussy. Your oily hands rub your pussy and clit and he is visually aroused. Seeing his hard cock in front of you just makes you want to lick it and suck it. So, you take hold of his cock and start to stroke it with one hand and fondle his balls with the other. His veins swell and his cock is engorged and ready for some action. You run your wet tongue up and down his cock and balls, and then slip it into your warm, wet mouth. As you suck his cock your hands continue to fondle and caress his balls and cock. Your pussy is so wet from seeing how aroused your lover is. You reach down and touch your pussy to find she is dripping. You climb on top of him and slowly lower your cunt onto his hard man meat. Your tits are still out of the top and bobbing back and forth over his face as your pussy masturbates his dick. He grabs your tits and starts to squeeze and suck on them, making your pussy even more wet from the extra stimulation. His cock is penetrating you so deep you start to ooze and squirt all over it, moaning and quivering. You want more, hard, deeper, faster…
So you raise up and then bend over with your ass high in the air, reach back and spread your ass cheeks to let him know you want him to fuck you. “I want your hard fucking cock deep in my wet pussy hole baby”, you tell him…
He grabs your ass cheeks and spreads them wide, aiming his cock for your pink, wet twat hole. As it sinks into your hole, you moan and groan with such pleasure. “Fuck your cock feels so good”, I want it deep baby, fuck me hard, make me scream”.
He sinks that hard man meat into your sopping wet twat, pounding you and fucking you like you both just met.
“Oh, I want it harder, give me every inch of that fucking cock”, you scream…
You reach under neath and start to rub your swollen clit, as he pounds your cunt. You can feel his cock swell as his nuts fill with cum, ready to explode wherever he wants. You rub your clit as hard as you can, wanting to cum as he orgasms.
You can feel it building in his cock as his meat throbs and pulsates. “Yes, fuck me hard baby, fuck that fucking cunt”! You tell him. “I want you to fuck that cunt hole until you squirt every drop of your jizz in your cunt, on my cunt, wherever you want it baby”.
You reach back again spreading your asshole and pussy, so he knows that when he is ready to cum he can just unload that hot, sticky cum all over your pussy hole and asshole. He lets out a deep groan as he pulls it from you and starts to shoot his load on your open wet holes.
You both collapse in a heap of sweat and body fluids….
“Well, we have the hotel and I’ve cleared our schedule so we can do this all night long”, you gush with excitement.

Now, just taking the time to arrange a surprise SEXY ENCOUNTER with your lover, wasn’t that worth it and gives you both something to think about for some time until the next little Intimate Encounter you or he arranges.

Break The Boredom, Keep the Intimacy alive by never putting your relationship on Auto- pilot.

Kisses and Spanks,

Miss Taylor Wane

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Sexual Attraction and How to HAVE BETTER SEX

Miss Taylor Wane


These Big TITS are at WORK!!!

Taylor Wane Soapy Pussy

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If you have ever wondered why your SEX life has gone to the Dogs or you just can’t get that “loving Feeling” back perhaps you need to do your homework a little more.
Even the act of attempting to find out how to have better sex will create better Sex. One of the Main Methods of having and attaining Better SEX is MORE SEX!
The More SEX you have with your ‘WILLING’ partner, the more all those ‘FEEL GOOD’ Hormones and endorphins release into your brain giving you a sense of well being and happiness. Well yes, those NATURAL, ORGANIC ‘HIGHS’ are Addictive because we want to feel good again. So the more you have SEX with your lover, the more connected and intimate you become with your lover. Just do not forget to be an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY LOVER. ‘GIVE AND TAKE’ is the name of the game to have the best possible love making ever. Be prepared to satisfy your lover and they will want to satisfy you in return. However, there are other problems that can occur. Perhaps your partner has ANORGASMIA -which is the Inability to reach orgasm. There are exercises and techniques to over come this. (listed below).
This article will let you know how to reach your SEXUAL GOALS and heighten the ability to reach the Ultimate Orgasms.
Further Articles will also be posted soon.

If YOU want to have amazing SEX, be educated and prepared to give as much as you take. Don’t forget just because you are a giver and will spend hours GIVING PLEASURE that doesn’t mean your lover is just a TAKER. They may get frustrated if you do not allow them to give back and although you can’t understand why they don’t think you are the greatest lover ever, it might be because it also SELFISH to not allow your partner to LOVE you back and explore your body as they wish.

Psychology is everything when you are dealing with people, so THINK because you STINK (being a bad lover)!
Taylor & Tiffany Share a Cock

GOOD LUCK and feel free to ASK advice.
Taylor Wane
Wed 9-11pm pst.


There are three distinct types or stages of “love”:
1-Lust, or erotic passion
2-Attraction, or romantic passion
3-Attachment, or commitment (OXYTOCIN-BONDING, The more Sex with that partner the more you bond, VASOPRESSIN – An antiduretic Hormone along with OXYTOCIN interfere with Dopamine and Norepinephrine, which is why passionate love fades as attachment grows).
Endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, also play a key role in long-term relationships. They produce a general sense of well-being, including feeling soothed, peaceful and secure. Like dopamine and norepinephrine, endorphins are released during sex; and induce a “drug-like dependency.”

*Sexologist John Money draws the line between love and lust in this way: “Love exists above the belt, lust below. Love is lyrical. Lust is lewd.”
Pheromones, looks and our own learned predispositions for what we look for in a mate play an important role in whom we lust after, as well. Without lust, we might never find that special someone. But, while lust keeps us “looking around,” it is our desire for romance that leads us to attraction.


*ROMANTIC PASSION- overwhelming preoccupation and drive is part of our biology. Researchers say this is due to the dopamine, norepinephrine and phenylethylamine we’re releasing. Dopamine is thought to be the “pleasure chemical,” producing a feeling of bliss. Norepinephrine is similar to adrenaline and produces the racing heart and excitement.
functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) Scans showed increased BLOOD flow in areas of the brain with high concentrations of receptors for dopamine — associated with states of euphoria, craving and addiction. People in this love stage are noted to have lower levels of Serotonin which is found in people with OCD, explaining why they OBSESS about their partner and involve themselves in little else.

*Studies have shown that passionate love fades quickly and is nearly gone after two or three years. The chemicals responsible for “that loving’ feeling” (adrenaline, dopamine, norepinephrine, phenylethylamine, etc.) dwindle.

*YOU MAY WONDER- Why has he or she changed. Actually, your partner probably hasn’t changed at all; it’s just that you’re now able to see him or her rationally, rather than through the blinding HORMONES of infatuation and passionate love. At this stage, the relationship is either strong enough to endure, or the relationship ends.

*If the relationship can ENDURE, other chemicals kick in. Endorphins still provide a sense of well being and security. Additionally, OXYTOCIN is still released during sex and produce feelings of Satisfaction. Vasopressin also continues to play a role in attachment.

Ways to create more INTIMACY!



The Romans even came up with three different categories for kissing:
• Osculum was a kiss on the cheek
• Basium was a kiss on the lips
• Savolium was a deep kiss
• Oxytocin, which helps people develop feelings of attachment, devotion and affection for one another
• Dopamine, which plays a role in the brain’s processing of emotions, pleasure and pain
• Serotonin, which affects a person’s mood and feelings
• Adrenaline, which increases HEART Rate and plays a role in your body’s fight-or-flight response








The nerves that are involved in the two different pelvic areas send different responses to the Brain..

• hypogastric nerve – transmits from the Uterus and CERVIX in women and from the PROSTATE in men
• pelvic nerve – transmits from the VAGINA and cervix in women and from the rectum in both sexes
• pudendal nerve – transmits from the clitoris in women and from the scrotum and penis in men
• vagus nerve – transmits from the cervix, uterus and vagina



VAGUS nerve in women BYPASSES THE SPINAL CORD, therefore, with DEEP VAGINAL or Cervical STIMULATION, a women could reach orgasm, just not a CLITORAL ORGASM.


Some of the brain areas impacted by pleasure include:
• amygdala – regulates emotions
• nucleus accumbens – controls the release of dopamine
• ventral tegmental area (VTA) – actually releases the dopamine
• cerebellum – controls MUSCLE Function
• pituitary gland – releases beta-endorphins, which decrease PAIN oxytocin, which increases feelings of trust; and vasopressin, which increases bonding

***DURING AN ORGASM In both sexes, the brain region behind the left eye, called the lateral orbitofrontal cortex, shuts down during orgasm. “It’s the seat of reason and behavioral control. But when you have an orgasm, you lose control” Dr. Gert Holstege stated that the brain during an orgasm looks much like the brain of a person taking heroin.

***ALL OF THIS EXPLAINS WHY SOME PEOPLE ARE SEX ADDICTS. These feelings are replicating feelings of EUPHORIA (feeling of happiness or pleasure and well being) similar to Drugs.

When a woman has sex, a part of the brain stem called the periaqueductal gray (PAG) is activated. The PAG controls the “flight or fight” response. Women’s brains also showed decreased activity in the amygdala and hippocampus, which deal with Fear & anxiety. The team theorized that these differences existed because women have more of a need to feel safe and relaxed in order to enjoy sex. In addition, the area of the CORTEX associated with pain was activated to show the difference between pain and pleasure.

ANORGASMIA (the inability to reach orgasm)

SSRIs, or selective seratonin reuptake inhibitors- zoloft, pail, celexa, anxiety drugs. DECREASE THE PRODUCTION OF DOPAMINE. the neurotransmitter that provides pleasurable feelings.

Some studies show that women with ANORGASMIA when giving an MRI of the Brain, showed that the brain actually thinks it is constantly receiving pleasure therefore she cannot reach a state of being that will in fact give her an Orgasm… READING EROTICA can exercise the brain to calm down and act to activity in a different way.

RESEARCH shows that people can infect have Orgasms from being touched in other area’s of the body.

Touching the nipples sends the same messages to the brain as being touched on the genitals. Sometimes also in hands and feet.
HENSE FOOT FETISH and other ‘fetishes’ which are actually completely normal nerve responses but less talked about or even examined or incorporated into sex play…

APHRODISIACS- elements that evoke or stimulate sexual desire.
Foods, drugs (viagra) , scents

TESTOSTERONE in both men and women.

Women (and men) with a higher sex drive have more TESTOSTERONE than a woman or man with Low sex drive.

How it works
A chain reaction begins when something external that we encounter that stimulates us.
A signal is sent from the LIMBIC LOBE of the BRAIN, via the Nervous system to the PELVIC REGION.
These signals tell the blood vessels to dilate. This creates and ERECTION, in both men and women. Penis for a man and clitoris and vaginal region.

Once the ERECTION is produced then the VESSELS CLOSE to maintain the BLOOD in that region. the Erection is accompanied by rapid heart rate. The brain released NOREPINEPHRINE, DOPAMINE, NEUROTRANSMITTERS to tell our bodies this is GOOD!

Alcohol and MARIJUANA also create or allow the desire to have sex.


ANISEED- has ESTROGENIC COMPOUNDS (female hormones) which induce similar effects to testosterone.

ASPARAGUS- high in VITAMIN B known as folate that aids in increasing production of HISTAMINE. Histamine is important for healthy sex drive. Histamine is an organic compound that acts as a NEUROTRANSMITTER. Histamine allows the flow of fluids in the capillaries.

BASIL- known to stimulate sex drive and fertility and a sense of well being. The Scent of Basil is said to drive men wild.

CARDAMOM- Aromatic Spice. Its a powerful Aphrodisiac and can be beneficial in treating IMPOTENCE. Its high in Cineole, which can increase BLOOD FLOW in area’s that it is applied.

CHOCOLATE- Cacao tree is called the FOOD OF THE GODS. Chocolate phenylethylamine and serotonin, which are both “feel good” chemicals. chocolate may also contain substances that have the same effect on the brain as marijuana. The substance is a neurotransmitter called anandamide. The amount of anandamide in chocolate is not enough to get a person “high” like marijuana, but it could be enough to contribute to the good feelings that serotonin and phenylethylamine produce.

CHILI PEPPERS- Eating chili peppers generates physiological responses in our bodies (e.g., sweating, increased heart rate and circulation) that are similar to those experienced when having sex.

Long ago, Tibetan monks were not allowed to enter the monastery if they had been eating garlic because of its reputation for stirring up passions. Garlic increases circulation.

LICORICE- was found that the smell of black licorice increased the blood flow to the penis by 13 percent. When combined with the smell of doughnuts, that percentage jumped to 32.

In ancient China, women prized nutmeg an aphrodisiac, and researchers have found it to increase mating behaviors in mice. There is no evidence to prove the same happens in humans. In quantity, nutmeg can produce a hallucinogenic effect.
MACA. Known as Peru’s Natural VIAGRA. Natural root that enhances strength, stamina, energy, fertility and libido.
­Romans documented oysters as aphrodisiacs in the second century A.D. They are known to be high in zinc, which has been associated with improving sexual potency in men. (An additional hypothesis is that the oyster resembles the female genitals.) Recently, mussels, clams and oysters have been found to contain D-aspartic acid and NMDA (N-methyl-D-aspartate) compounds may be effective in releasing sex hormones like testosterone and estrogen.
Papaya (like aniseed) is estrogenic, meaning it has compounds that act as the female hormone estrogen. It has been used as a folk remedy in promoting menstruation and milk production, facilitating childbirth and increasing the female libido.
Pine nuts
People have been using pine nuts to stimulate the libido since Medieval times. Like oysters, they too are high in zinc. Pine nuts have been used for centuries to make up love potions. The Arabian medical scholar Galen recommended eating one hundred pine nuts before going to bed.
PUMPKIN SEEDS- High in ZINC essential for sperm production and testosterone in men. Loaded with libido Vitamins an dmin
Water Melon-
can have a Viagra effect on blood vessels throughout the body and may increase libido. contains citrulline amino acid. Citruline is good for the cardiovascular system and helps relax the blood vessels that increase sex drive.

Aphrodisiac Supplements
Arginine is an amino acid found in meat, nuts, eggs, coconut milk and cheese. It forms nitric oxide in the body, which increases blood flow to the genitals. Arginine, when combined with other supplements, is said to enhance sexual desire in women.
According to pharmacognosist Albert Leung, Ph.D., and Arkansas herbalist Steven Foster, the epimedium herb has been proven to improve the sexual function of male animals in experiments. It acts somewhat as an androgen (sex hormone) and might stimulate sexual desire in women who are androgen-deficient.
Fennel is reported to increase the libido of both male and female rats. Fennel has compounds that mimic the female hormone estrogen. However, in doses greater than about a teaspoon, it can be toxic!
Ginseng is another long-touted aphrodisiac. Recently, the Journal of Urology reported, “the Mean International Index of Erectile Function scores were significantly higher in patients treated with Korean red ginseng than in those who received placebo.” In animal studies, ingesting ginseng doesn’t appear to have an immediate effect on testosterone levels, but the ginseng may trigger other mechanisms that lead to increased performance and libido.
Rhino horn
Rhino horn is primarily fibrous tissue with fairly large amounts of calcium and phosphorus. Since low levels of these minerals can lead to weakness and general fatigue, taking large doses of these elements could increase stamina if levels were low to begin with. It’s understandable, then, how it could have historically appeared to be an aphrodisiac (in addition to its resemblance to an erect penis). People who didn’t have deficiencies of those minerals wouldn’t have seen the same affect.
Spanish fly
Probably one of the most famous aphrodisiacs is Spanish fly. It is made from a beetle that secretes an acid-like juice, called cantharidin, from its leg joints when threatened. Because it would be more difficult to remove just the juice, the entire beetle is dried and crushed to produce the powder. When Spanish fly powder is ingested, the body excretes the cantharidin in the urine. This causes intense irritation and burning in the urogenital tract, which then leads to itching and swelling of the genitals. This swelling and burning was once assumed to be sexual arousal and led to the belief that Spanish fly had aphrodisiac qualities. But cantharidin is highly toxic. The kidneys suffer inflammation as well and can be permanently damaged. Spanish fly can cause severe gastrointestinal disturbances, convulsions and even death.
Yohimbe is used both as an herbal aphrodisiac and in a prescription drug used for erectile dysfunction in men. It comes from bark stripped from a West African evergreen tree. Yohimbine, the primary active ingredient of yohimbe, blocks alpha-2 adrenergic receptors and increases dilation of blood vessels, which are both involved in achieving and maintaining an erection. The herbal form of yohimbe can be dangerous if taken in the wrong quantities.


Scents have a powerful affect when it comes to romance. The memory of a scent of a romantic partner can stay with us long after the romance is gone — so much so that when we run across the scent years later, we’re immediately taken back with a flood of feelings and memories. Does that mean that scent is an aphrodisiac?
STUDIES show that the smell of Lavender and Pumpkin Pie increased blood flow by 40 %. And the smell of Licorce combined with the scent of CUCUMBER created the greatest increase in blood flow to the vagina.

MUSIC- Music can set the mood or destroy the mood. The effective element of music is the memory we associate with it. It is wise to find out what music your sexual partner has a fondness for in a romantic/sensual/stimulating way.

EXERCISE- Not only is it good for your health but its GREAT for your sex life. . According to Discovery Health, the aphrodisiac qualities of exercise are associated with the endorphins that are released in the brain with vigorous activity — like the runner’s high. Endorphins are those “feel good” chemicals. Other aphrodisiac affects of exercise come from exercises that increase blood flow to the genitals. These exercises position the body in various ways that stimulate blood flow and can improve sexual abilities and desire.
EXERCISE AND BUILDING MUSCLE usually increases TESTOSTERONE levels. which means higher sex drive!

Whether they work or not, even if the effects of these aphrodisiacs are a PLACEBO EFFECT. Studies show that just by THINKING about these things and ways to enhance sex WORK! Just the effort you are putting in to make your sex life better means it will be better.

“Planting a seed” or “Power of Suggestion” comes to mind here. If you gently but repetitively ‘suggest’ something over time it may become so. However, the most effective way of getting what you want is to make someone believe it was their idea all along. REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY works, along with reinforcement and praise. For example you could say
” when I spoke to you a while back and you mentioned _____________, I was just flooded at what an amazing,or exciting idea that was. How do you come up with these brilliant idea’s”. I wish i could think of things like that!.

When you force YOUR idea on someone, it never seems to go over as well as you telling them how AMAZING THEY ARE FOR THINKING OF IT. People LOVE to feel adequate and smart. FEED THEIR EGO’S and you will get what you desire.

so, it is important to FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF, however, it is just as IMPORTANT to make your lover feel ‘special and unique”.

Feed your lovers ego and they will love how SPECIAL they feel with you, this in itself is an APHRODISIAC

Open Relationships & Swinging- Big Tits at Work with Taylor Wane

How do we have them and still enjoy our sexual fantasies?
Whether it is religion or family/Social standard that teaches us that Monogamy or Marriage is the correct way for us to live, it is however an obvious fact that some people just cannot or do not wish to live their lives this way.

Some religions do promote and allow “The Man” to have more than one wife (islam, Muslim, mormons, etc) or have Mistresses but few religions promote women having the same ‘open’ choices.

Both sexes have the same insecurities when it comes to their partners desiring another person or enjoying another person more than they enjoy their partner but some people have a desire to see their loved one have sex with another person (voyeurism) or to be watched having sex with another person (exhibitionism), as long as they follow the rules and even more so than that, some people don’t have any rules.

If you are one of the millions who have been raised to believe in marriage and monogamy, you are probably either thinking “Lucky bastards to get to have that freedom with no drama”, or how can a marriage or relationship survive like that?

There are many discussions about what is right or wrong or will work, however, we simply do not really know what will make us great partners or have a happy, long relationship where we are fully satisfied. We can do all the ‘right things’ and be committed but sometimes in our lives we feel a sting of boredom or curiosity.

Some people can ignore these curiosities and others have to act on them.
There are many ways people act this out…
1. Married single (people who are married but act single and ‘date”.)
2. Cheating (not actually dating people or building outside relationships, just having casual sex)
3. Swinging
4. Polygamy (more than one spouse)
5. Hiring escorts (some don’t consider it cheating as no relationship is built, although sometimes there is)
6. Porn/Web Cam Chats/ Strippers

One thing is probably certain is that No-one likes to be lied to or cheated on.
So the safest, most mature way to handle the change in your desires is to have honest, open dialogue with your partner about experimenting.

Many couples have agreed upon swinging because there are so many degrees of how far you can go or need to go, according to your own comfort level.

Perhaps only one partner wants to “taste’ the fruits of others, or maybe having sex with each other but in a room full of people would be enough to Quench your desires.

Having an open honest discussion is the most mature thing to do. Most people feel their partner will leave, or get really angry if they bring this up but you have to really take a long look at your relationship if you are not able to talk to your partner about things that you feel you need in your life.

Healthy relationships, successful relationships are those that are built on trust and honesty. You may be surprised that your partner might need a little ‘SPICE’ also but was also afraid to say anything.

YOLO- You only live Once! this is a such a true statement in regards to living a fulfilled life without being dishonest.
Discuss with your partner ways to spice things up, and if that is just ‘CHECKING OUT’ a Swing club and seeing how you both feel, then go ahead and do it. LIVE A LITTLE. You may find that the plain honesty brings you closer together because you are both going on an exciting adventure TOGETHER!!!

Imagine the excitement of looking for the right club to visit.
Now (and the ladies will love it) you have to find the right, sexy clothes to wear.
Even the planning of going to the club may excite you both so much you start to have more vibrant sex in the anticipation of the event.
The night comes and you both head to the Swing club, you find the bar inside right away to have a drink to relax.
At first you both sit back in the corner and watch what is going on. The energy in the room is enough to make your hair stand on end, you both get a little excited already and start to make out. Hands are wandering, and now you both find yourselves starting to grope and paw at each other. His fingers move down to your pussy, you wore a very short, sexy dress with Crotchless panties.
His fingers find your wet, hot hole and start to finger you. You move your hand to his cock, surprised its already hard, you shouldn’t be. .
You are so wet and horny and he is rock hard, maybe harder than he’s been in a while. You get up unzip his pants and straddle his lap, slipping his cock into your pussy hole, while you still wear your crotchless, lace panties, which are now pretty wet from your pussy juice dripping on them.
He cock just slides in your cunt, and you slowly move up and down while he squeezes your tits, your nipples are so hard and you are breathing even harder from the excitement of how bad you are both being…

You kiss more passionately than you have in years, so aroused by each other as if you had just met.
You both finish rather quickly as you can’t contain the excitement of the situation.
He blows his wad up inside your tat…
You ease yourself off him and go to the bathroom to clean up.

As you are walking back you see your man talking to a couple. As you approach they introduce themselves to you and ask if its ok if they sit and have a drink with you both.

A drink seems just fine, but as the conversation flows and they praise you both on how attractive and sexy they think you are, you are now flattered and slightly aroused.

They tell you both how turned on they were watching you fuck and how hot it would be if the ladies put on a little show for the fellows while you watch.

The woman you just met, pauses, looks at you, waits for a single if its NOT ok, which you don’t give, so she moves in and starts to kiss you. Her lips are full and soft, she is gentle and it feels so different than a man. You like it and let her take the lead.
Her lips move from your mouth to your breasts, sucking and licking your nipples. Her hand slides up your skirt and fingers easily slip into your already gooey pussy hole.
She slowly moves you over to the couch and lays you down, pushes up your skirt, pulls your panties over to the side and plants her face in-between your thighs, licking and tonguing your wet honey pot.
You are too scared to open your eyes… Are people watching? Is your husband mad? It feels sooooo good.
She keeps licking and fingering your pussy and you have an amazingly big orgasm….
You are laying there, legs wide open, pussy dipping of juice, tits exposed, almost numb from the two amazing orgasms you have just had, then you feel more stimulation… As you peek out of your eyes, you see that the hands now touching your pussy are not your husbands but the other man. You look up and your husband is rubbing his cock on your mouth, while sucking the other womans tits.
He other man is now rubbing his cock on your dripping wet slit and slowly eases it into your hole. You grab your husbands cock and start to suck it, he’s rock hard again.
The woman now moves over your face so you can lick her pussy, she is bend over in doggy position and your husband is behind her sliding his cock into her asshole. You had never imagined that you would see or be ok with your husband putting his cock into another woman, let alone in her asshole AND while you are licking her pussy!
However, this strangers cock fucking your cunt, while You lick a wet pussy is so arousing and hot.
Things heat up quickly, and just as you feel the man pulling out to come, you also feel the woman jump off you and then your husband jerk his cock off into your mouth while the other man jerks off onto your pussy.

The woman, obviously very experienced at this, firstly licks her husbands cum off your pussy and then comes up to your mouth and french kisses you while helping you eat your husbands cum..

This is the most outrageous you could have ever imagined you and your husband would or could be. But your loved it, and it was such a turn on…

In fact, even though you didn’t visit there again for a while, you both talked about it and fucked like teenagers for months to come..

Then it all starts again.. The discussion of where and when next 🙂

Don’t let silence and the fear of talking to your partner about your sexual desires ruin your relationship.
Discuss what your needs are and what their needs are.. find a beautiful, sexual harmony between the both of you.

Good luck.
Taylor Wane

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