Better Oral Sex…. For everyone…

Who doesn’t want to give better Oral Sex or RECEIVE amazing oral sex?
Worse still, if you have been in a long term relationship and it ends, even though you think you are an expert at Oral Sex the truth is.. You might have gotten great at Oral Sex with THAT PARTNER. You had plenty of time to find out what made them swooooon….

However, with every new partner comes a new experience.
People respond to senses in different ways. One person may like a Blow Job with (OUCH) teeth, but the next person gets a bit upset when your teeth scrap over their sensitive shaft.

You’ve done your A,B,C ‘s on her pussy and its not working! You licked and licked… Nothing…
You tugged on her lips (Labia Minora) with your mouth, she pulled away slightly…
You start to lose confidence thinking you will never know what she really wants.

And women tend to think it’s a no brainer to give a B.J. In fact, Men don’t help by saying their is no such thing as a BAD BLOWJOB…
However, unless you are vocal about what feels good to you, then your partner may feel confused on how to make you cum, worse again, they may get so intimated by not being able to find your arousal soft spot that they start to retreat and oral sex starts to Wane away…. Leaving you wondering why.

Things can go down hill here.
Because your partner has lost confidence in trying to make you cum, but has not told you that they are confused and intimated, you know wonder why they aren’t going down on you….

Worse case scenario is that you start to think they don’t like your package down below… Now you are losing confidence too and so the sex starts its decline into a somewhat OK experience instead of an amazing experience each and every single time!

Unfortunately, Sex really comes down to psychology…
We are all affected by what creeps into our heads during sex.
At a time when you can’t really think clearly because you are aroused can be the most important time you say the right things..

When trying to discover what really turns your partner on, or what feels the best to them, be cautious in how your deliver the questions.
Be sexy (not aggressive), be sweet (they are as vulnerable as you are), be playful (not mocking just lighthearted)..

When asking your partner how something feels, just test it out for a moment and ask in a quiet, sexy way “do you like it if I …… like this?”. Or “Would you like it if I……. to you, I want to make sure it feels good to you”.
Let your lover know that you really want to give them the ultimate pleasure and not just ‘PERFORM’ the task as if you are trying to just get it done.

Sex is the most profound and intimate way to express your love for someone. It can also be fun, a form of play that engages another person and allows you to explore each other and what feels good to both of you.

Take time to get to know the genitals fully. LOL… I know as Adult we think we know what is going on down there but sometimes we don’t really know everything that is going on down there.

Take the time to find out what feels good to your lover, you do not want to waste time doing something to them they are too afraid to tell you they are not enjoying.

For instant, some people feel that if a woman has large Labia Minora (LIPS) that they probably feel good if you tug on them and play with them.

Some women like this, others HATE IT…

The skin and the mucosa of the labia minora (the lips that usually DRAPE the vaginal hole) are rich in sebaceous glands and nerve endings, thus the labia are very sensitive to the touch. These folds of vulvo-vaginal skin have a core of connective, erectile tissue (analogous to the corpus spongiosum penis), and are covered by stratified, squamous epithelium — thus, the labia minora moisten and swell with extracellular fluid during sexual arousal. Furthermore, during urination, the labia minora function to direct the urine stream away from the pudendum femininum.

Thus imagine if you had a foreskin and your partner kept tugging on it and pulling it away from your penis… Some men might enjoy this, but I would imagine on a whole that it would be awkward and uncomfortable.

It is so important to try different methods with your lover and listen very carefully to their breathing and sounds to see which seems to speed their breathing and make their heart race 🙂

No one said it was going to be easy to give GREAT oral sex.
You may have to multi task.
Some men like stroking and sucking at the same time.
Some may enjoy sucking, stroking and a little finger in the ass.
Some May want sucking, stroking and tugging on the nuts.

Same for the ladies.. Not all women are going to enjoy the same thing, so don’t have the attitude that you are a PRO and need no help getting around down there.

Not all lovers enjoy the same sensations!!! Do not forget this.
If one guy loves his nuts sucked and tugged, the next guy may be very turned off by all that ball action.

Remember just because in your head you think “Oh this has got to feel good if I do it like this”, doesn’t mean your lover is thinking it feels good.

Make sure to take it slowly, if you are trying different things down there listen carefully to see what makes your partner breath heavier or deeper.
Try to stimulate more than one area at a time…

So if you are licking her pussy hole, then gently stroke her clit with your finger.
Or if you are licking her clit, then finger her pussy hole…

It always helps to relax your partner before performing oral sex on them, so why not offer a nice slow massage first to get them relaxed and used to your touch.
Or a nice bubble bath, and sud them up and wash them down, paying close attention to washing their naughty parts to get them aroused and stimulated.

Once engaged then take it to the next level….

Don’t forget there is nothing wrong with using power tools.. LOL… Get a little vib that you can put on her clit while licking her pussy hole. If it usually takes too long for her to cum, the vibrator will certainly speed things up.
Or slipping a vibrating dildo in her pussy while licking her clit… But gently, quite often deeper is not better.
Sometimes less is more. which is why you need to pay close attention to how your lover is responding to your touch.

There are also lubes and gels you can put on your lover that will stimulate them while your are performing oral.
PENIS AROUSAL GEL- comes in flavors and tingles on the penis to give extra stimulation.
Clitoral AROUSAL GEL- An arousal gel to heighten female sensitivity and satisfaction.

Pleasing your partner Orally will lay strong foundations for your relationship. Giving oral sex really shows you are INTO your partner. Don’t under-estimate the power of Oral sex and oral orgasms.

Lazy Lovers Make for Unsatisfied partners….
You may think you are getting away with something by by-passing giving your partner an orgasm but you are just heading for disaster. Your lover may not vocalize that they are not satisfied with your love making but they could be thinking it.

Intimacy and sexual gratification is key to a healthy, loving relationship. Good sex is the glue that keeps people together. When the passion is gone, the relationship feels like an empty room with no life, cold and unpleasant to be in.

Make your bedroom the sexiest place to be and never view sex as another chore that has to be done…
Take pleasure always in pleasing your lover, you will be happier at the end of the day from the pleasure you give…


Miss Taylor Wane