Greek for the First time…

Going Greek for the First time….

It seems like such a long time ago, but when I lived in England, there was nothing I liked better than traveling. I went everywhere – Spain, Italy, France and even Greece. The summers were the best time to go and I always went with one of my girlfriends.

One time we stayed in a small villa in Greece where the rules were very strict – no guests allowed or you’d be thrown out. The beach was beautiful and it always made my temperature rise if you know what I mean. The environment was full of half-naked people – literally! The beaches in Europe are topless. The nights were filled with drinking and dancing and we always dressed very provocatively to reveal our well-tanned bodies.

One night a particular guy caught my eye. He was tall and broad with black hair and dark brown eyes. His smile slightly curled on his lips and he was really checking me out, staring like an obsessed fan. He eventually approached me and introduced himself as Nikos. I knew the moment he spoke that he was a Greek God for sure and from that second on he didn’t leave my side, fighting off all contenders.

The first night Nikos walked me back to my villa he politely kissed my hand and turned to leave. He was a true gentleman. My heart sank as I wished for more, but then he suddenly turned back and asked me if I’d like to go to dinner the following night. Of course I said yes and he kissed my hand again and we made plans for eight o’clock.

The vision of Nikos stayed with me until I awoke the next morning. I jumped out of bed, showered, and got ready for my tour of the island. I couldn’t wait to tell my friend about Nikos and how sexy he was.

Eight o’clock finally came and he was right on time. Wearing a white, cotton shirt with the front left open, he looked like dinner himself. The nights are very hot in Greece so you wear as little as possible. We went to dinner and the only thing on my mind was his cock. I wanted his hard dick so bad.

Nikos walked me to my room again that night and before he had a chance to kiss my hand, I leaned into him and pressed my lips against his. He responded very passionately and led me off to a back alley. The kissing was very passionate and his lips were so soft I felt I was sinking into them. As the kisses got even more passionate, his hands began to wander all over my body. First he slipped his hand down my top to fondle my breasts, my nipples were so hard from the kissing. He placed his mouth on my nipple and sucked it as if he was trying to feed from me. Then his other hand went up my skirt and his fingers rubbed the outside of my cotton panties. As his fingers rubbed back and forth against the outside of my panties, my pussy got so wet and my juices started to make the cotton sticky and wet. My clit swelled and was pushing through the fabric. I let my hand move down to his pants and his hard cock was so swollen and forced up against his zipper. I slipped his zipper down and put my hand on his cock and started to stroke it. His cock was throbbing and he obviously wanted to fuck me. Nikos quickly pulled my skirt up and yanked my panties to one side as he whipped his cock out and slammed it into my cunt. He pressed me up against the wall while he stretched my tight twat penetrating me deeper than ever before. I was so excited I couldn’t breathe. I felt like I would collapse before him, but he had me pinned to the wall, fucking the shit out of me and sucking on my face like he was trying to eat me. Nikos fucked me with everything he had and I let out a scream, after which he pushed me down to my knees and shoved his pussy-wet dick into my mouth. With one big jolt, he shot the biggest wad of jizz down my throat. I swallowed it quickly and pulled down my skirt. Nikos pulled me up to him and cradled me in his arms, kissing me tenderly. I told him to meet me again tomorrow night at eight.

My girlfriend and I spent most of the next day shopping, but all I could really concentrate on was the events that were sure to unfold that evening.
The clock struck eight and Nikos knocked on my door. I appeared wearing a see-through, flowing dress that buttoned up the front. I had no bra or panties on, in preparation for what would surely take place later that night.

Nikos took me to the island of Mikonos – a very romantic, quiet setting where we had dinner and conversation ’till about ten. After that, my Greek stud took me back to his little apartment on the other side of the island. We entered the bedroom first and he told me to lay down on my stomach. He licked the back of my neck and bit very gently, while sliding my new dress up above my hips. His fingers quickly fucked me before he slid his cock into me from behind. He made me scream with intoxicating pleasure as he slapped my ass while slamming into my pussy over and over again. Nikos slowed down for a moment and spread my ass cheeks wide and before I knew it, I found out exactly what doing it “Greek” was. My ass was being penetrated in a soothing rhythm, his fingers massaging my butt hole until I came. He then worked his thick cock up my ass, stretching my brown dot to the max. Feeding my ass every inch of his meat. Nikos finally pulled out and came all over my cheeks.

Our little affair lasted for two weeks, and he asked me to stay longer or at least come back soon and visit. I knew I couldn’t stay, but maybe one day I would return. The time I spent with Nikos was great, both physically and mentally and how can I ever forget my first experienced having Greek… Literally.
Horny and wet for you,
Taylor Wane

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Greek in Greece

Greek in Greece

Sex On the Beach

I recently attended Sex on the Beach Convention.
Miami is always fun but even more fun this time as I got to hang out with my girl pal Lola Bastinado @LolaHedoOnline on Twitter.

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Taylor Traveling during the Holidays and getting Naughty

It’s been very hectic over the holidays. First I left for Jolly Ole England, where I visited friends in London and then took the train up to Newcastle to visit my family. The weather was freezing, but I was having an amazing time. If only I could catch all the naughty things I get up to on camera!
While I was in London I bumped into an old lover. Of course he wasn’t expecting me to be in London for christmas knowing I lived in California. As we met in the street that same old chemistry we used to have was obviously still there. I almost felt like a teenager again as I realized I was blushing. He asked if I had time to grab a drink. Of course I did, I was on vacation and it just so happened outside my hotel. We bustled out of the cold and into the hotel bar. It seemed time slipped away as we laughed, drank and talked about old time. We had both got quite tipsy so I suggested we go to my room and have one more drink there before he leaves.

No sooner did we enter the room that he grabbed me and started to kiss me passionately. I remember those kisses, firm, passionate but at the same  time so erotic and sweet. As his lips pressed against mine, he started to pull off my clothes and I his.   We wrestled to the bed and started to explore each others bodies and Oh how I loved his body. Firm, hard and his tight ass made me want to eat it.

He slid down mine to my pussy and spread open my thighs, his fingers gently spread my pussy lips and his tongue wiggled it way inside my pussy hole. I squirmed with pleasure as his tongue explored my pussy and asshole. I was soaking wet and I caressed my breasts as his fingers penetrated my hole. As he fingered my twat his tongue caressed my clit, making it swollen and hard, then he took his soaking wet fingers from my honey pot and slipped them in my ass. I felt dizzy from excitement as he finger fucked my asshole and tongued out my cunt.

Now that I was wet and ready, my holes prepared for cock, he raised up and slowly pushed the head of his cock inside my tight little asshole, I reached down and rubbed my clit and pussy as he penetrated me all the way to his balls.  He pumped my asshole every so slowly at first, spreading it open, taking it easy, making sure he eased every inch of his thick cock up inside of me. My pussy was dripping with twat juice, feeling it cock fuck my ass hole. Once he felt he had stretched me enough then he started to fuck my ass long and hard, sliding his big cock in and out of that ever so tight little asshole. I screamed out with passion and he fucked me harder the more I screamed.  Even though he fucked that hole for quite some time, the time slipped away so fast, and he let out a yell as he shot his hot cum up inside my ass. I could feel the warmth of his cum deep  inside, and as he pulled out his cock, the cum drizzled out of me, mixing with my cunt juice and dripping off of me. I demanded he get down and lick me clean, a little hesitant he looked at me but complied. His tongue, just like a wash cloth cleaned the juices and cum out of my cunt and asshole making me cum right in his mouth. He raised himself up to me and kissed me deeply, our tongues searching each others mouths.

As he left my room, I felt a little sad but oh so happy that I had gotten to revisit a lover that I had enjoyed so many


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