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Fantasies. The Good, The Bad and the Down right Erotic

Fantasies- The Good, The Bad and the Down right Erotic…

“Sexual Fantasizing” is a natural, universal psychological phenomenon similar to dreaming,”.
“And, like with dreams, some sexual fantasies are fun and satisfy us while some of them trouble us that we even think those thoughts! Some fantasies when looked at in depth tell us a lot about our psyches and ourselves.

“Fantasies that improve self-esteem and intimacy with a partner are usually the most desirable.”
Fantasies, involving everything from sensuous horseback rides to tantalizing chocolate éclairs to erotic encounters with sexy aliens who arrive via spaceship. And women use fantasies in some very clever ways to make themselves feel sexier, reach orgasm, safely satisfy their curiosity, and even relax. “Fantasy is like a relaxing bubble bath,” confided a woman in midlife, “a little something special I do just for myself to help me unwind.”
There are many examples of the healing power of sexual fantasy, in which the fantasies can reignite a waning sex drive, lack of sex confidence or sheer boredom.
Fantasizing anytime, before, during or even after sex can keep our Sexual Fire burning and as long as we are having erotic fantasizes then we are more likely to want to get “close’ to our partner to “feel them” while we close our eyes and venture into an Erotic, desirable place in our thoughts.

A major Mood killer in and out of the bedroom for couples is the need or idea that your partner should always know what’s on your mind. You’ve heard this a thousand times in a relationship, “What are you thinking”. You feel pressured to say but sometimes you don’t want to share all of your inner thoughts. When couples over step the comfort zone of their partner problems will arise. Each person must respect the other persons space so that no one feels suffocated, which is by far one of the major problems in coupling. You wouldn’t force a complete stranger to tell you what was on their mind, they would tell you go jump off a bridge, none of your business. This applies to your partner, whether you have been together 30 years or 3 years or 3months. Let people have space, especially in their minds to create a way to unwind and be at peace, instead of restless. You may find you have a happy union because of this.

If you are concerned about your fantasies, as to whether they are safe or ok to have then asked yourself these questions;

• Does the fantasy lead to risky or dangerous behavior?
• Does the fantasy feel out of control or compulsive?
• Is the content of the fantasy disturbing or repulsive?
• Does the fantasy hinder recovery or personal growth?
• Does the fantasy lower my self-esteem or block self-acceptance?
• Does the fantasy distance me from my real-life partner?
• Does the fantasy harm my intimate partner or anyone else?
• Does the fantasy cause sexual problems?
• Does the fantasy really belong to someone else?

If you answer yes to one or many of these questions it may be the result of sexual abuse or unresolved psychological issues.
When fantasizes risk the well being and safety of you or your family then Professional help may be necessary to address the issues.

Otherwise, fantasy is fun and you should role-play with your partner according to what they enjoy and you enjoy.

Do you fantasize about your Secretary letting loose and taking advantage of you out of the blue? Or do you still think about your schoolteacher and how even though she was a little stern with you and quite often embarrassed you it didn’t change the fact you were aroused by her and she still pops up in your head while you are fantasizing.

Who is in your erotic dreams? Are they made up by a combination of experiences in your life or just images that you saw throughout the years. Is it you and your partner every time but in different scenarios? Or are you watching others do things you wouldn’t dream of doing yourself.

Women also have dark, erotic fantasies about situations or experiences they desire whether they have happened before or they are just excepts of things they have seen or heard. Just as kinky, just as dark sometimes. As a society we tend to, as women hide these thoughts because it is a social standard that we expect men to have fantasies and desires but we do not expect women to have wild thoughts. The human brain is a complex network of thoughts, memories and imagination. Even though we may be turned on by the partner we are engaging with, sometimes we (both men and women) still assemble a scenario in our mind during sex to even elevate our excitement, quite often things we do not want to share with either our partner or anyone else because the erotic thoughts we are thinking are sometimes shocking even to you.
It isn’t necessary to either share or act out these thoughts; fantasy is OK kept as fantasy.
Quite often when you try to act out your fantasy it ruins it because reality cannot compete with the minds creative ability. Some things are better left in our heads.

However, there are many things that you can re-enact safely and probably not be too disappointed.

Dressing up- it can definitely add to the situation. Whether you like girls in Bikini’s or a Librarian, or perhaps the ladies like Firemen or police officers. Dressing up and playing is fun, easy and safe.

The Scene-
My lover had mentioned a few times in conversation that he had a schoolmistress that was quite stern with him but she had long legs and huge breasts so instead of being burnt by her sharp tongue, he was quite aroused by her.

Many nights he had gone home after school and masturbated thinking about his School Mistress and the things she would make him do.

I must admit I got aroused hearing my lover tell me about the story and have re-enacted it in my mind and in real life several times with him.

He had not been doing his class work to her satisfaction and she found his work and appearance tardy. One day she told him he must stay after class to do extra work to make up for his tardiness.
It was a Friday afternoon and everyone seems to rush out as quickly as possible for the weekend, including the other teachers. The school was unusually quiet and felt strange.
He went to her classroom as requested and once inside she locked the door and pulled down the door blind. He was instructed to take a seat in the front of the class, right in front of her desk.
She wore a white button down blouse and tight pencil skirt. She was one of the only teachers to wear stockings and pantyhose’s to school. Today she wore Lilac. She sat on the front lip of the desk and began to talk to him. She expressed how if he didn’t pick things up that he would fail this semester and may be held back a year. No one wants that!
She proceeded to explain to him how he could make up for the lack of effort in class by taking extra study time with her after class.
He didn’t really want to do extra time at school but he certainly didn’t want to be kept behind a whole year so he asked what he had to do.
No sooner had he asked as she started to pull up her skirt at the front revealing her naked pussy right between her stocking top legs.
She had a small patch of reddish blond hair above her clit, and her pussy was shaved around the lips and oh so pink.
Her hands slowly made their way to her pussy and she rubbed it a little asking if he liked her pussy.
He nodded but said nothing, eyes wide as quarters.
She put a finger to her mouth, wet it and then rubbed the wet finger on her big clit. She then spread her thighs a little wider so he could see her pink pussy hole. She rubbed and spread her pussy and asked him if he would like to come see it close up.
He nodded his head again, but said nothing.
She told him to come closer and kneel in front of her, which he did. She spreads open her lips and told him to put his mouth on her pussy. She was already so wet, and then she told him to slip his tongue into her pussy hole and move it in and out of her open hole.
She moaned as he tongue fucked her hole and then she demanded he take his clothes off but without removing his tongue from her twat.
He wiggles and squirmed as he awkwardly undressed. Now fully undressed she told him to masturbate it cock while licking her clit and pussy hole.
She told him how seeing his naked ass turned her one, and how aroused it made her seeing him stroke his cock while eating her cunt.
His cock got hard very quickly, and little drops of pre-cum dripped out of the it.
She asked him “Would it feel good to slide that hard cock of yours into this wet, tight hole?”
Without removing his mouth from her, he nodded yes.
She stood up and turned around and told him to spread her ass cheeks and lick her asshole as well as her pussy and clit.
Now she was really wet and told him that she wanted to feel his young, hard cock spreading her holes.
She lay back on her desk, pulled out her huge tits from the shirt and bra and spread open her legs. “Fuck me”, she demanded. “I want that hard cock inside of me, now fuck my hole”.
He grabbed his cock and pushed it into her open wet cunt hole, and watched as she moaned and squirmed with pleasure.
He was so super excited about this happening that he couldn’t last very long, he pumped his hard cock in and out of the wet pussy, fucking her as best he could.
He let her know that he couldn’t go on and that he was going to come. She told him to go ahead and squirt his cum up inside of her pussy hole. He let go and all of his jizz filled her up.
He just stared at her pussy as he pulled out his cock and watched his own cum dripping out of her hole. “Now clean that up immediately”, she said “With your mouth”!
He looked at her with surprise, and then she snapped. “Clean my cunt hole with your mouth”!
He leaned over and started to lick her pussy hole clean and then she told him to come to her and kiss her so she could taste his young cum.

As the weeks passed he became very good at his after class study and pleased she gave him an A.

Needless to say, I rushed out to buy a white blouse and skirt after this story, as I wanted the same enthusiasm as he had in his fantasy.

Stay horny and aroused.
Taylor Wane


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