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Sexy Get-A-Ways and Dirty Weekends for better health and a happier life.

For most of us, life seems to get in the way of actually living life. Work, family, responsibilities, it sometimes feels like you just don’t have the time to relax or have fun.
However, there is never ever a good enough reason why you aren’t taking time out of your day or week to ‘Stop and smell the roses”.
Sure most people say they just don’t have the time, and I am sure that you feel you don’t have the time but consider this….
Not making time to enjoy your life, your family or your lover is shortening your life span because you probably live in a state of stress.
Stress kills; believe it because it’s true. It weakens your heart, causes depression, loss of libido and ruins your health in numerous ways.
If you want to be happy and live a fuller, happier, more satisfying life then make time to enjoy your life. No matter how you do it, or what you have to switch around.
There is a financial rule in life that you should take 10% off of every single pay check and put it away for a rainy day, of course a lot of us do not do that either and we find ourselves in a pickle when things get tough or a huge expensive happens or even worse… you wont have retirement.
This same rule applies to your happiness, health and life.
If you took at least 10% of your time and dedicated it to doing something that brings you simple joy and pleasure you would have a much more satisfying life.
Is your life killing your love life? Is your schedule killing your relationship because you don’t feel you have the energy or time to share with your partner?
Life is never easy or uncomplicated but can be arranged and time managed better.
Make time to laugh and love….
If you feel its been a while since you had real, passionate sex with your partner maybe you have gotten into a rut because you feel you don’t have time to be creative.
It’s time for a Dirty Weekend…

THE SCENERIO – Seduction
Get out of town and have a hot, steamy ‘FUCKING‘ weekend with your lover/partner. Make it happen.
Find out when you can schedule a weekend without the kids or work, make it work and make it a surprise for your lover.
After you have made the arrangements then send your partner a sexy invite to accompany you on a Getaway.
Pack a bag with oils, lubes, sex toys, lingerie, romantic music; whatever you feel would make your weekend as sexy as possible.
Arrange to have chocolate covered strawberries delivered to the room and possibly some bubbly to get the weekend started right.
As soon as you get in the room or if you can go there before hand, set up the music, candles, strawberries, bubbly on ice.
Lay out some sexy items for your playtime.
Let your lover know how much you want them, kiss them passionately and hold them tight.
Share a glass of bubbly and offer an oil massage.
Help her undress and then ask her to lie down on the bed. Warm the oil in your hands before putting your hands on her body.
Make sure to massage everywhere so she is really relaxed then spend special attention around her hips and thighs. Relaxing the muscles around the hips relaxes the spine and can be very erotic.  Rub the oil slowly between her thighs, not touching her pussy and ass just her thighs, teasing her and making her want you to touch her pussy.
Firmly rub the oil all over her ass cheeks, slightly spreading them as you do. This will be sure to arouse her and make her want you to touch her in the naughty areas.
Then have her turn over and massage her front too maybe sure to pay particular attention to her breasts and thighs and stomach. As you rub her thighs gently spread her legs a little, and start to massage closer to her pussy, all this avoiding touching her will make her so aroused and ready for you to fuck her hard.
After you have teased her enough then start to gently massage her pussy and clit, spreading her legs and thighs wider so you can see her wet pussy hole.
As you penetrate her pussy hole with your fingers, lick her clit and watch it swell.
Spread open her wet juicy hole and sink your tongue deep into that pink twat, tongue fucking her hole making her soaking wet.
When you are ready give her what she has been waiting for. That hard cock! Make sure your cock is nice and hard and slide it into that wet cunt, spreading her legs open as you sink your man meat deep into her hole. Reach over and caress her tits and nipples as you slowly fuck her pussy hole.
Try to hold out as long as you can so you can fuck her juicy pussy hole in many positions, trying slow and deep and then fast and hard. Maybe even be a little rough with her once she is fully aroused and in ecstasy.
Make sure to play with her clit while you fuck her cunt hole, make sure she orgasms all over your cock and as you ready yourself to cum, ask her to spread open her pussy hole so you can shoot your load all over her hole.
Spend the whole weekend enjoying each other, massages, bubble baths, walks, kissing, hugging and lots of sex. Re-ignite those passionate feelings by just enjoying each other fully.
The time you spend doing this will strength your relationship and make your life better in general.
Love, Laugh and Dance Like No one is Watching…









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