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Open Relationships & Swinging- Big Tits at Work with Taylor Wane

How do we have them and still enjoy our sexual fantasies?
Whether it is religion or family/Social standard that teaches us that Monogamy or Marriage is the correct way for us to live, it is however an obvious fact that some people just cannot or do not wish to live their lives this way.

Some religions do promote and allow “The Man” to have more than one wife (islam, Muslim, mormons, etc) or have Mistresses but few religions promote women having the same ‘open’ choices.

Both sexes have the same insecurities when it comes to their partners desiring another person or enjoying another person more than they enjoy their partner but some people have a desire to see their loved one have sex with another person (voyeurism) or to be watched having sex with another person (exhibitionism), as long as they follow the rules and even more so than that, some people don’t have any rules.

If you are one of the millions who have been raised to believe in marriage and monogamy, you are probably either thinking “Lucky bastards to get to have that freedom with no drama”, or how can a marriage or relationship survive like that?

There are many discussions about what is right or wrong or will work, however, we simply do not really know what will make us great partners or have a happy, long relationship where we are fully satisfied. We can do all the ‘right things’ and be committed but sometimes in our lives we feel a sting of boredom or curiosity.

Some people can ignore these curiosities and others have to act on them.
There are many ways people act this out…
1. Married single (people who are married but act single and ‘date”.)
2. Cheating (not actually dating people or building outside relationships, just having casual sex)
3. Swinging
4. Polygamy (more than one spouse)
5. Hiring escorts (some don’t consider it cheating as no relationship is built, although sometimes there is)
6. Porn/Web Cam Chats/ Strippers

One thing is probably certain is that No-one likes to be lied to or cheated on.
So the safest, most mature way to handle the change in your desires is to have honest, open dialogue with your partner about experimenting.

Many couples have agreed upon swinging because there are so many degrees of how far you can go or need to go, according to your own comfort level.

Perhaps only one partner wants to “taste’ the fruits of others, or maybe having sex with each other but in a room full of people would be enough to Quench your desires.

Having an open honest discussion is the most mature thing to do. Most people feel their partner will leave, or get really angry if they bring this up but you have to really take a long look at your relationship if you are not able to talk to your partner about things that you feel you need in your life.

Healthy relationships, successful relationships are those that are built on trust and honesty. You may be surprised that your partner might need a little ‘SPICE’ also but was also afraid to say anything.

YOLO- You only live Once! this is a such a true statement in regards to living a fulfilled life without being dishonest.
Discuss with your partner ways to spice things up, and if that is just ‘CHECKING OUT’ a Swing club and seeing how you both feel, then go ahead and do it. LIVE A LITTLE. You may find that the plain honesty brings you closer together because you are both going on an exciting adventure TOGETHER!!!

Imagine the excitement of looking for the right club to visit.
Now (and the ladies will love it) you have to find the right, sexy clothes to wear.
Even the planning of going to the club may excite you both so much you start to have more vibrant sex in the anticipation of the event.
The night comes and you both head to the Swing club, you find the bar inside right away to have a drink to relax.
At first you both sit back in the corner and watch what is going on. The energy in the room is enough to make your hair stand on end, you both get a little excited already and start to make out. Hands are wandering, and now you both find yourselves starting to grope and paw at each other. His fingers move down to your pussy, you wore a very short, sexy dress with Crotchless panties.
His fingers find your wet, hot hole and start to finger you. You move your hand to his cock, surprised its already hard, you shouldn’t be. .
You are so wet and horny and he is rock hard, maybe harder than he’s been in a while. You get up unzip his pants and straddle his lap, slipping his cock into your pussy hole, while you still wear your crotchless, lace panties, which are now pretty wet from your pussy juice dripping on them.
He cock just slides in your cunt, and you slowly move up and down while he squeezes your tits, your nipples are so hard and you are breathing even harder from the excitement of how bad you are both being…

You kiss more passionately than you have in years, so aroused by each other as if you had just met.
You both finish rather quickly as you can’t contain the excitement of the situation.
He blows his wad up inside your tat…
You ease yourself off him and go to the bathroom to clean up.

As you are walking back you see your man talking to a couple. As you approach they introduce themselves to you and ask if its ok if they sit and have a drink with you both.

A drink seems just fine, but as the conversation flows and they praise you both on how attractive and sexy they think you are, you are now flattered and slightly aroused.

They tell you both how turned on they were watching you fuck and how hot it would be if the ladies put on a little show for the fellows while you watch.

The woman you just met, pauses, looks at you, waits for a single if its NOT ok, which you don’t give, so she moves in and starts to kiss you. Her lips are full and soft, she is gentle and it feels so different than a man. You like it and let her take the lead.
Her lips move from your mouth to your breasts, sucking and licking your nipples. Her hand slides up your skirt and fingers easily slip into your already gooey pussy hole.
She slowly moves you over to the couch and lays you down, pushes up your skirt, pulls your panties over to the side and plants her face in-between your thighs, licking and tonguing your wet honey pot.
You are too scared to open your eyes… Are people watching? Is your husband mad? It feels sooooo good.
She keeps licking and fingering your pussy and you have an amazingly big orgasm….
You are laying there, legs wide open, pussy dipping of juice, tits exposed, almost numb from the two amazing orgasms you have just had, then you feel more stimulation… As you peek out of your eyes, you see that the hands now touching your pussy are not your husbands but the other man. You look up and your husband is rubbing his cock on your mouth, while sucking the other womans tits.
He other man is now rubbing his cock on your dripping wet slit and slowly eases it into your hole. You grab your husbands cock and start to suck it, he’s rock hard again.
The woman now moves over your face so you can lick her pussy, she is bend over in doggy position and your husband is behind her sliding his cock into her asshole. You had never imagined that you would see or be ok with your husband putting his cock into another woman, let alone in her asshole AND while you are licking her pussy!
However, this strangers cock fucking your cunt, while You lick a wet pussy is so arousing and hot.
Things heat up quickly, and just as you feel the man pulling out to come, you also feel the woman jump off you and then your husband jerk his cock off into your mouth while the other man jerks off onto your pussy.

The woman, obviously very experienced at this, firstly licks her husbands cum off your pussy and then comes up to your mouth and french kisses you while helping you eat your husbands cum..

This is the most outrageous you could have ever imagined you and your husband would or could be. But your loved it, and it was such a turn on…

In fact, even though you didn’t visit there again for a while, you both talked about it and fucked like teenagers for months to come..

Then it all starts again.. The discussion of where and when next 🙂

Don’t let silence and the fear of talking to your partner about your sexual desires ruin your relationship.
Discuss what your needs are and what their needs are.. find a beautiful, sexual harmony between the both of you.

Good luck.
Taylor Wane

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